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Polaris 3900 Sport

Polaris 3900 Sport

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This possibly the worst pool cleaner ever !! this is the second one I brought 1st one last 3 years then the wheel bearing decided to go cost of repairs $500 + because my pool plumbing was designed to use the Polaris thought try the new model 3900 Sports $850+ later I have a cleaner that continually goes to the same corner and just sits there :( I have had it serviced by the local pool company twice without any success. I am completely and utterly frustrated. I rang Polaris last year yep someone was going to inspect still waiting for that visit so my advise based on my experience over 5 years is stay away.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Well thought of con.

The 3900 could be such a great cleaner, except that it's made to fail. The first year it worked great, then the problems started. The nylon bag is not designed for treated water (my pool is magnesium) and the bags don't last. The tyres wore out in a couple of years and the next year the flimsy plastic gearbox wore out. I had one carefree summer with this cleaner that's it. It's a spare parts goldmine for the manufacturer.
Never again...

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Not worth it

We refurbished our pool in 2012 and as part of that we ended up with a Polaris 3900 'sport'.
Now, 4 years later it's been serviced twice (stripped gears) and the hose hose gone hard rendering it useless.
Like Josie, it was Ok when new, but once it has a problem ....
It simply isn't cost effective

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Works well until it doesn't

At $899, you would expect this pool cleaner to last much longer than it does. It's certainly zips around when new, and is really good at cleaning the pool ... until it isn't. We replaced the one that came with the property, as it failed not long after we bought. The newer one is now 15 months old and we've replaced the back-off valve twice. Two weeks ago I noticed it was getting stuck in corners, on the side of the pool, just about everywhere, and not cleaning up the leaves as a result. When my husband checked it he found that both the (plastic) gears and axles have 'gone', meaning the whole thing needs replacing yet again. I cannot believe a product that is relatively simple, and costs as much as this one does, would fail so quickly. We look after what we buy, so it's nothing to do with carelessness or rough handling. It's extremely disappointing. My advice is look for something better built and more durable, even if it costs more.

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Perhaps I should have added that this cleaner worked well for us, in that we have a large pool with a really big tree (with big round leaves) overhanging it. Also, I just rang around local pool shops to see what the Polaris 3900S costs in-store rather than online, and the quote was almost double: i.e. $899 online (no longer available) or $1670 in-store. Given that it was warranted for two years and it lasted barely that long – I checked the invoice and realised I made a mistake in saying it's only 15 months old (see above) – this cleaner is even less of an economic proposition than I originally thought, especially at double the price we paid.

Pool has never been cleaner!

Had the Polaris 3900 Sport for four years and love it! Can't fault the machine or the service. Had a suction cleaner for 25 years and was continually frustrated by its inability to pick up leaves and getting stuck in corners. The 3900 Sport picks up everything and never gets stuck. Highly recommend it!

Date PurchasedNov 2013

I agree

In the first year it worked well, but after about 15 months (out of warranty by the way) I started having problems; plus an $80 fee just to diagnose the problem! Got it fixed, but back to poor performance. Definitely stay clear of this product.

Breakdowns and Problems

I have had this pool cleaner for 2 years, and after going well for the first 12 months, it now continually breaks down. It has been back to the shop for repair 3 times, and I have just gone outside and it is not working properly again. The cleaner has slowed down, goes around in circles, gets stuck in corners and doesn't clean the steps / benches.

It is simply not good enough to sell a product for such an expensive amount of money, and have it continually break down.

I would certainly never recommend people buy a Polaris Pool cleaner.

Longevity a problem

Bought the Polaris 3900 sports plus the whole set up of ZODIAC products including the Tri pro chlorinator. Zodiac after sales service very poor. Only 3 technicians in Queensland and refused to allow a contract be given to another pool service so that my 9 month old pump could be fixed. All up 10 days before it can be looked at.
Not Good enough Zodiac. Warranty back up very poor.
Cleans well , easy to empty.
2 back wheels have snapped off and have been replaced. Less than 9 months old.


The zodiac grub said it is out of warranty because i pulled it apart. I am an electrician by trade and it is a fairly simple diagnosis. If the [censored word removed] wasnt broken in the first place i would not pull apart. idiot!!!!
does clean ok
just out of warranty gearbox stripped some gears $129 for a new gearbox.
Zodiac staff very unhelpful. would not buy zodiac again.

Questions & Answers

Keeps going in the far left corner - deep end How can I fix this?
1 answer
Hi Fran, Mine keeps ending up in the far left shallow!! What I've found is that when the water is cooler, the hose becomes less flexible and the Polaris tends to be less "random" in the way that it moves. I've been trying for 5 years to get it to behave otherwise: changing the pressure-reg, changing the rear jet, changing the whip-tail - nothing has worked. I've put it down to design. Do you have the "relocator jet" in the hose and is it working? At least this will relocate the cleaner every 5-6minutes to somewhere else.... AB

How hard is it to get to the drive chain? The vacuum seems to be working with the trailing hose swishing around but the wheels no longer turn. This only occurred after I replaced all three tyres a couple of days ago. When I hold the cleaner in may hands and turn one wheel the others all turn so I would have thought the chain is still engaged correctly but they just do not turn when the cleaner is operating.
1 answer
Hi Ray, It's not hard to get to the chain - there's about 5 screws you need to undo and the unit's shell comes off exposing the insides. We had the chain in our original unit (purchased 2012) shortened by a few links thanks to a pool-service guy but I think he went a little too far and we ended up with missing teeth on some of the cogs. The upshot of that was to buy a "tune up kit" like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Zodiac-R0543200-Polaris-3900-Tune-Up-Kit-Shipping-is-Free-/182675063434 The one that I bought had about 20 revised parts in it (maybe there were some v1.0 issues ... perhaps?) It also came with an instruction booklet that gave really detailed steps on how to disassemble and reassemble the unit. It was interesting because the kit came with basically an new "middle" in which we only kept the hose, wheels and the top cover. The unit has worked much better than before.... AB

Chain came off - I put back on -Will it happen again?
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Yes, it will come off every few days. Its a fault I have had for a year now. Polaris rebuilt the inside at my expense but it still does it and it is continually going back to the shop for repairs which do nothing. They just put the chain back on and send it back after 10 days and it throws the chain again. Turn it upside down, spin the wheels and shake it until the chain goes on again and hope it lasts a week.. Good luck with your lemon... I haven't had any with mine.Hi Rick, Similar to the post above, it appears that once the chain starts jumping off you can try shortening it (which causes other breakages) or looking in eBay for a "tune-up kit" which replaces the chain and most of the pieces inside the unit.


Polaris 3900 Sport
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