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ZuZu Luna

ZuZu Luna

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Absolute rubbish highchair. Can’t get my kids in it because the waist bar hits their shins and they scream! Brand new highchair, threw it to the tip! Maybe the part that goes across and between the legs should be able to be removed! Most cafes and restaurants around my area have the same rubbish high chairs. Heard so many parents complain about the same problem.

Practical chair and affordable

I bought this chair for my third child after having an expensive inglesina zuma chair which was a nightmare to clean and heavy. So I looked for an easy to clean lightweight chair. And that's exactly what this chair is. I put my baby in it from about 4 months. It has adjustable 5 point harness straps and easy to take out tray. The legs are easy enough to take off if you want to change the height of the chair. I am much happier with this chair than an expensive bulky chair with Velcro pads that gets food stuck in it.
About $40 at bigw. Go for it!

Easy to clean with 5 point harness

I wanted a basic high hair that was easy to clean with a 5 point harness. This ticks those boxes. My child has used it since he could sit up unassisted (he is now 14 months old) and he seems to find it comfortable enough. It is lightweight and easy to move around the house and easy to take the legs off to put it in the car if we need to take it somewhere. There are only a few down sides: legs stick out a bit and can be a tripping hazard, cup holder is too small for cups with handles.

Good priced simple high chair.

I wanted an easy clean high chair with a five point harness.
I found this high chair was easy to assemble and overall it has been easy to use.
I have found that my baby needs to bend his legs to get in and out of the chair. Sometimes he needs help with this.
I did find this difficult at first but both baby and I have now mostly mastered the art of getting in and out of the high chair.
The chair is also very light so that it can be moved easily.
Easy to clean, tray can be removed/ adjusted easily.harness is easy to buckle up/ undo.
My baby sometimes needs help to get his legs out of the chair.

A simple, well priced chair

We didn't want to pay a fortune for a chair and wanted something that would be easy to clean and this chair ticks both of those boxes. It was SIMPLE to put together, the tray slides on and off with ease and it's easy and quick to wipe down. It also doesn't take up too much room and is light to pick up and move around.
We do put a rolled up towel behind bub as she's still a bit too small to fully reach the tray but that doesn't bother us at all.
So far, so good -- No hassles, would recommend.
Price, Easy to clean and put together
Would like it to fold flat

You get what you pay for

We purchased the ZuZu chair because I wanted something easy to clean but it was way too simple - no wheels, tray didn't slide towards child and was too far away from baby, no height adjustment to pull it up to the dinning table etc. - and to top it off my baby just did not look at all comfortable.
Ended up at the other end of the price scale paying $370 for a Boon which I don't regret it one bit. 100 times better than the ZuZu but I guess you do get what you pay for.
I think the ZuZu would be ok if you where purchasing for an older child (ie 12+ months) that didn't require any padding and was big enough to lean towards the tray table, or as an occasional use highchair (ie at grandparents).
Quality is fine.
Not at all adjustable. Tray table too far away from child.

Good for the price

This high chair is easy to assemble, easy to use and generally pretty easy to clean. It's great that is also turns into a 'low' chair and has a good clean all white look about it with a large tray and cup holder. My 5 month old does get tired sitting in it though as the back is very upright and not adjustable at all but I think this won't worry us as he gets a little bit bigger and is able to sit upright for longer periods of time. For now we have put rolled towels down the sides which seems to add enough support. The 5 point harness is also a good feature for the price as compared to say the Ikea chairs which are a similar budget. I would prefer if it folded flat to store but again for the price you can't expect to have everything!
Easy to use, easy to clean, looks modern/unobtrusive, well priced.
Would be better with adjustable backrest and if it folded flat for storage.

Good basic high chair

We started doing baby-led weaning (or baby-led solids) with our daughter about 4 months ago, when she was 6 months old. When you let your baby feed herself from this age you really need a high chair that's easy to clean and this mostly fits the bill. There are still little gaps where food can get trapped and the straps look like they need a wash. Just need to dig out the instructions to see how to do this.

When we started putting our baby in it she was very small and looked a bit uncomfortable. A padded cushion might have helped at this stage but more to 'boost' her a bit as she was not sitting well and tended to list to one side, even strapped in. The tray was also a bit deep for her to find the food on it. But she's using it like a pro now. And it's so cheap!!
Price, easy to assemble, mostly easy to clean
Small gaps to catch food, probably not the most comfortable but lack of cushion makes easier to clean

Best buy

After watching my friends having to scrub clean their high chairs for their bubs, i decided i wouldnt be getting a very exspensive high chair, and i wanted something that i would be getting a lot of use out of it. after looking around i decide to give the zuzu luna ago best thing. easy to clean (i have a very messy toddler at meal times) and all my friends love it as well.
Easy to clean, stable. affordable

Good affordable chair

I bought an expensive padded chair for my last baby - what a waste of money - who needs crevices and padding to clean! A hard plastic chair like this one is so much better. I found this chair generally brilliant with only a couple of quibbles. It was functional and it did the job.

I don't know whether my son was unusually large but I was unable to get him in and out of the chair without hurting his legs due to the plastic guard that goes between the legs. However with a screwdriver and a bit of effort I was able to remove this guard. He was still safe as he was strapped in with the harness. The only other thing I would say is that the footrest was impossible to get on and once it was on, it didn't stay that way - the slightest bit of pressure would send it crashing to the floor. We ended up throwing it out. Which means his feet just dangle in mid air while he is in it, but that doesn't seem to bother him (not that he could tell me if it did!)
Easy to clean, nice safe harness, tray was really easy to remove and clean.
Hard to get baby in and out of it!

Great chair at a great price

This is our fourth chair for our fourth baby. It is a great chair; easy to clean, five point harness, high back and adjustable/removeable tray. It can convert to a low chair and by removing the crotch bar; a toddler chair. You can take the legs off if you want to take it out with you - such as to someone's house for dinner. It is very easy to assemble. You can remove the tray to pull it up to the table, but it is about 1cm too high for our table. The seat doesn't recline or go up and down, but to be honest with you, these are gimmicks for new parents. Highchairs are for eating in; not sleeping. Save your money and buy this basic chair and a decent rocker/bouncer/swing.
Easy to clean, five point harness, high back, crotch bar, adjustable tray
Can be difficult to get wiggly babies into the seat - my little guy always gets his feet stuck, the legs are wide and I trip over them all the time

Great purchase

As a first time Mum I was concerned about the lack of padding and tilt function on this chair but decided to purchase based on the reviews here and especially because of the ease in cleaning. Certainly can't complain! My son is only 5 months old and manages just fine without the tilting function. It's SO easy to clean, sturdy and he's very happy in it. The foot rest appears at first to be faulty but once installed properly, it's fine. I find the slightly lower overall height of the chair to be great as it means he's at the same level as we are at the dining table. Overall very happy with this purchase especially considering the fantastic price!
inexpensive, easy to clean, easy to assemble, good 5 point harness, adjustable/removable tray

Excellent, can't complain

This is the 3rd high chair I've bought. Totally satisfied with this one so far. It's very light to move around, easy to clean, no padding so doesn't make my baby (who's got very bad eczema) hot during the meal. Especially it's much cheaper than almost all other brands. We bought the IKEA Antilop one but none of my children liked it.
Easy to clean, simple, doesn't take much space
Not wrong, but I wish it could be fold up.

Easy clean chair!

As others have said its a great (i think better) alternative to the ikea antelop chair. It was easy to assemble and is so easy to use. Being all plastic you just wipe down with no crevices for food to get stuck into like you get with the big padded insert chairs (i dont need to wash anymore then i do thankyou ;) My bub likes sitting in it and is comfortable even without any padding. Unlike the ikea chair this one also has a high back, safety harness, removable leg rest for your bubs and its convertible to a toddler seat all for a great price !! Plus as its available at big w its so easily available for anyone to buy! It also has the leg bar underneath so baby doesnt go sliding anywhere which i think is a clear must, but ive seen other chairs without them!

The only one thing i would probably comment on is that the tray removal is a two handed action, so bit tricky if you are carrying baby. HOWEVER i dont personally take the tray on/off i just have it set and slide baby in and out (like the antelop chair) with no fuss!
Inexpensive; great quality, easy to assemble & clean, good features; available everywhere & now comes in different colours!

Great economical highchair

I have just purchased the ZuZu Luna highchair after reading the great reviews on this site, and I must say I am glad I did! Friends had recommended the Ikea Antilop highchair, but in my opinion this chair has many more features. It is also white in colour, so can easily match any decor. I'm thinking I might even go back and buy another one for the grandparents place!
Excellent price (paid $39 on special - an absolute bargain for what you get!), very easy to put together and required no tools, super easy to clean (no cracks or padded cushions for food or fingers to get stuck), my baby loves sitting in it, converts to a lowchair and toddler chair, 5 point harness, footrest, high back and easy to remove tray.
Only a minor thing, but you need to ensure that the back of the 5 point harness is positioned correctly in the slots in the back (or it can slide out). The highchair is not soft and padded, but my baby still happily sits in it.

Inexpensive, versate and easy-clean

I'd been warned against getting a 'luxury' padded chair because they're bulky and difficult to keep clean. The Luna is all plastic, other than the 5-point safety harness, and doesn't have any crevices that are hard to clean. It's white colour means it doesn't clash with other decor. It's great how its life extends beyond just being a high chair as it converts to a low plastic chair (with straps removed).
Easy-clean, convertible, not unnecessarily large, safety harness.
Foot rest often falls off. Not really height adjustable if you wish to use it at the dining table.

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The footrest has a lock so you need to pull it hard. It won't fall off.

Good, but not very comfy for bub

This chair is very reasonably priced compared to lots of chairs. It's sturdy and easy to wipe clean. However, with no padding, I don't think it's very comfortable for bub. It's his first high chair, so maybe he wouldn't like any, but he doesn't seem to want to be in it for long.
Sturdy, inexpensive, easy to clean, not as ugly as some
Not very comfortable


Overall I love this highchair. It is a cross between the old traditional style highchair and the Ikea Antilop highchair. Combines the great features of each to make a better highchair.
Goodbye dirty crevices that conceal dropped food!
High back
5 point safety harness
Removable Tray
Foot rest
Converts to toddler seat
Easy to clean
No hiding places for dropped food
Easily transportable once you remove the legs
Legs are easy to remove
Due to the fact it converts to a toddler seat, this makes the legs a little less sturdy than say the Ikea antilop highchair. Saying that though, it is still sturdy. I probably just would have liked the legs to be one piece and probably a little bigger in how round they are.

Great alternative to IKEA antilop

I'm really happy with this highchair and especially love the price - it's excellent value for money so no regrets here!
Well priced; has a 5 point safety harness (unlike the Antilop); converts to a low chair and toddler seat, although I'm not sure I will actually use those; tray is super easy to remove; all plastic so easy to clean with very few spots for food to get trapped
Need to be careful not to pinch fingers when putting tray on and when bubs is little they can't reach the tray anyway (so I just leave it off); little babies will need a rolled up towel or similar to stay in place until they can sit up really well

Easy to clean, sturdy and safe. Bit on the ugly side, but it's a high chair.

This is a great alternative to the Antilop from Ikea. It was hard to decide between the two. They're similar in price (we paid $54 for it at Big W), both are really easy to clean, both easy to assemble/disassemble. The thing that sold it for us is that the Zuzu Luna has a 5-point harness - we'd used the Antilop at restaurants but the lap belt was no match for our squirmy baby. It also has an easily removable tray.
It can convert to a toddler's chair, which might come in handy at some point.
It's lightweight, but is still stable.
Age range: Once your baby has good head control and can sit upright without slumping, then this chair will work. We used the bouncinette for feeding until she could sit well and then made the switch around 7 months.
5-point harness, easily removable tray, easy to clean, inexpensive but safe.
A bit ugly, but most high chairs are.

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Questions & Answers

We got ours second hand and we are having trouble putting it together. The front legs are easy but the back ones are way to hard. Help please.
1 answer
According to the instructions the legs all go in the same. I can't seem to post a photo of the instruction manual sorry.

How do you put the footrest on the zuzu luna convertable high chair. It just won't go on, what are we doing wrong?
1 answer
Silly me, I did it myself, just a bit of thought and jiggling into place. Who's the engineer in our house?Why nana of course!!!!!!!!


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