Best Hill's Pet Nutrition Cat Foods

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Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Feline

This vet-backed dental-friendly kibble by Hill's has reviewers raving about the noticeably clean effects it has on their cats’ teeth.

  • Contains Vitamins A, E and C

  • Suitable for everyday use

  • Can clean teeth

  • Uses by-products & corn

  • Expensive

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Feline

Latest review: Both of my cats, one 14 the other 15, were diagnosed with kidney disease about five months ago. I was told both needed a diet change immediately. This didn't go well. Both seemed to have wildly

  • Value for Money
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  • Pet's Life StageSenior (1)
Hill's Science Diet Tender Chunks

Latest review: Both our cats enjoy eating both the biscuits and the wet food pouches. All I have to do is shake or tap the bag and they come running to

Hill's Science Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food
Life Stage
  • Adult
Hill's Science Diet Adult Hairball Control

Latest review: I love this brand, yes it costs a bit more but it actually works, I find my cats number 2's don't drink the place out when they have Hills cat food, when they have other brands you can certainly

Hill's Science Diet Cat Adult Light

Latest review: This is a good quality cat food. Our cat has tried other foods but developed diarrhoea. This seems to be the only food he tolerates. Only downside is it is more

Hill's Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Original

Latest review: Fed both my kittens this until they reached 14 months very happy with the product, compared to other brands I looked into this one had the highest nutritional value. I have noticed that both my cats

Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Low Allergen Feline

Latest review: After switching to this food that my vet recommended due to excessive itching around the face and ears my cat is now vomiting and diahrrea. I just pray that I can get her back on a different food as

Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Feline

Latest review: Our cat had to be put down this year because he had liver disease. He was so sick. However, I didn't realise until I looked more closely that the genetically modified products in his c/d food may

Hill's Science Diet VetEssentials Feline Adult

Latest review: We have been really happy with this food. We have two cats, one a fussy ragdoll and both love it. We haven't had any problems at all, both cats adjusted very well and quickly to it with no stomach

Hill's Prescription Diet m/d Feline

Latest review: Have had my diabetic cat on this food for 12 months. In the last few months the texture of the product has changed and is now incredibly sloppy and the smell is different. Unsurprisingly the taste