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4Legs Natural Dog Food

Latest review: my dogs are fussy eats but they love eatting this, we have tried many dog food but they turn their noses up at it but this one they love

V.I.P. Petfoods Fussy Cat Grain Free

Latest review: My cat has been eating royal canin ragdoll for the first 5 years of its life. Changed to this as it was convenient. Seemed fine for months and he suddenly started urinating frequently. He drinks

Australian Dog Food The Original

Latest review: My two, 12 year old dogs, a labrador and a kelpie, have been on the product for two years. They could not be happier or healthier. At their last 2 annual check-ups, the vet said they could not be in

V.I.P. Petfoods Natures Goodness Grainfree Dry

Latest review: My dogs refuse to eat this, which is a shame as it a better quality option dry dog food from the supermarkets. The ingredients would work for my Cavalier with sensitive digestion but I will never


Latest review: I previously left a review saying how my dogs adore this food. They still do, however since then I have been dogged with deliveries sent to the wrong address, no deliveries and part order deliveries.

Ivory Coat

Latest review: My 3yr old King Charles Cavalier has been eating this since he was a puppy and loves it. He will choose this over any other "treat" offered so now we use it as treats as well! He has never been sick

4CYTE Canine

Latest review: We had our little dog on 4Cyte for a couple of months. He is almost 14 and we noticed in the past month a quick decline in his functioning. He lost all sense of direction. Seemed to be staring

Black Hawk Original Range

Latest review: No adverse effects. My little bubble came to me one hell of a farting machine, different brands have not changed this ... advised this is an individual problem due to mixed breeding and it doesn’t m

Big Dog Raw Food

Latest review: Yes my dog liked the food, BUT......some of the flavours gave him the runs, so I did not persue this raw food brand again because I was so OVER all his loss stools which was occurring about 2 to 3

Fancy Feast Royale (Can)

Latest review: This cat food is so over priced !. I told our burping and farting furball that its now off the menu @ $1.90 a can and I will be eating it instead. The Mrs dared me, so I did and to my surprise, it

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Feline

Latest review: The vet suggested that we begin feeding our cat t/d dental mix as he was starting to show signs of gingivitis. The biscuits are larger than most other cat biscuits we've tried in the past. My cat can

Eukanuba Puppy Formula

Latest review: My wolfie pup is a hungry growing girl and once we switched to eukanunba puppy she is eating less and growing at a great rate. She loves the

Royal Canin Mini Junior

Latest review: My little daughter has been having this for about 3 months or so and she loves it and now she has been gaining weight quite significantly which I need to start control her a bit together with her

Meals For Mutts

Latest review: When we first brought our puppy home, we bought a (small) bag of this food for him as this is what he'd been eating at the breeder. He loved it and there were no issues. However when we opened a new,

Whiskas Oh So...

Latest review: The feed does not contain any grains or cheap fillers though has a lot of gravy. The chunks are processed from mainly offal. The terribly fussy cat loves it though and demolishes the

Optimum Puppy

Latest review: My 6 month golden retriever puppy loves these bikkies. We used to buy her the Black Hawk puppy bikkies which she ate but she would never eat them as soon as I put her food out. She would leave it

Supercoat Sensitive

Latest review: I have been feeding my Shepherd for over 3 years with supercoat haven’t found a problem with it she is active and is gaining weight. We also have a 10 mth old kelpie who has been brought up on it as w

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

Latest review: You are able to buy the prime kangaroo and sweet potato from City farmers in Bunbury so I would think you could get it from any city farmers store. I am triballing my dog with this as he suffers from

Optimum Adult Small-Breeds

Latest review: This food claims to benefit dogs health in a lot of different ways and was the very reason I was trailing this on my Toy Poodle x Havanese...however I discovered that they use BHA and BHT as the

Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews

Latest review: I saw an advertisement on television for the new Purina Dentalife sticks for dogs and thought they must be of better quality than the Pedigree ones which make my dog vomit. Unfortunately not. Within

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