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4Legs Natural Dog Food
  • Award Winner 2021

Dog Foods4Legs Natural Dog Food · includes 21 listings

4.9 from 3,140 reviews

Packed with a variety of natural and nutritious ingredients for dogs, 4Legs proudly states it makes fresh dog food that’s as good as homemade - but without the fuss.

  • Wide range of dog foods available

  • Preservative and filler-free

  • Dogs enjoyed the taste

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

Dog FoodsMad Paws Dinner Bowl

4.8 from 61 reviews

Made according to the principles of the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), the Mad Paws Dinner Bowl uses minced human-grade meat, vegetables and offal in three ingredient combinations, or custom dog meals.

  • Dogs adored the taste

  • Nutritious ingredients for dogs

  • No fillers or preservatives

  • Can be expensive

  • Raw food doesn't suit all dogs

Big Dog Raw Food

Dog FoodsBig Dog Raw Food

4.5 from 67 reviews

Containing 100% Australian raw ingredients, Big Dog Raw Food features three ranges, each available in a variety of flavours. There’s more than just meat, with inclusions of seasonal fruits, green veggies like broccoli and bok choy, and even flaxseed and brown seaweed.

  • Plenty of ranges and flavours

  • Human-grade meat used

  • Contains healthy ingredients for dogs

  • Made some dogs sick

Stay Loyal

Dog FoodsStay Loyal

4.6 from 58 reviews

Latest review: We switched from Science Diet to “Stay Loyal” about a year ago. We have 2 rescues, one was with severe skin condition, itchy and red! It’s dramatically improved since then! Our Great Dane x Boxer ha

Australian Dog Food The Original

Dog FoodsAustralian Dog Food The Original

4.8 from 38 reviews

With a focus on including varied ingredients that help aid digestion, Australian Dog Food The Original is a healthy choice for canines. Dogs were also often a fan of the taste.

  • Contains 9 gut-friendly prebiotics and probiotics

  • Transparent breakdown of nutritional value

  • Just one product available

  • Only available online

Fussy Cat Grain Free Dry Food

Cat FoodsFussy Cat Grain Free Dry Food

4.0 from 122 reviews

Grain-free and packed with essential nutrients, Fussy Cat’s dry food collection comes in 3 delicious flavours and 2 sizes.

  • Nutritionally balanced diet

  • Picky cats loved the taste

  • Not very hydrating

Natures Goodness Grain Free Nutrition Dry Dog Food

Dog FoodsNatures Goodness Grain Free Nutrition Dry Dog Food

4.0 from 93 reviews

Latest review: I have been buying Nature Goodness Grainfree dog food 7kg at Woolworths for my 2 dogs, Rough Collie and Miniature Poodle for quite some time (years) and found it was better quality, less output for

Fancy Feast Royale (Can)

Cat FoodsFancy Feast Royale (Can)

4.3 from 22 reviews

Purina’s highly palatable wet cat food treat for your precious felines comes in a wide variety of meat and seafood flavours.

  • Highly palatable

  • Uses real meat

  • Variety of flavour options

  • Good portion size

  • Premium price

  • Not suitable for everyday use

Black Hawk Original Dog Food

Dog FoodsBlack Hawk Original Dog Food · includes 3 listings

3.5 from 43 reviews

Latest review: So many people have given me so many opinions of what the best dog food for my dog is. After a few years I found out that a lot of the vets are 'sponsored' by various dog food brands and therefore I

4CYTE Canine

Dog Foods4CYTE Canine

3.4 from 53 reviews

Latest review: With some trepidation, after reading several negative reviews, I decided to trust the vet and give 4 Cyte Gel to my old arthritic dog. I am happy to report that after 4 weeks of being on it he is

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

Dog FoodsPrime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

4.3 from 16 reviews

Latest review: My 4 yr bordoodle loves this. We used tucker time, then ivory coat but supply issues made this the only option. My girl loves it, it’s gone in a minute! We switch between the varieties but lamb and r

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Feline

Cat FoodsHill's Prescription Diet t/d Feline

4.3 from 15 reviews

This vet-backed dental-friendly kibble by Hill's has reviewers raving about the noticeably clean effects it has on their cats’ teeth.

  • Contains Vitamins A, E and C

  • Suitable for everyday use

  • Can clean teeth

  • Uses by-products & corn

  • Expensive

Purina One Cat

Cat FoodsPurina One Cat · includes 5 listings

3.9 from 18 reviews

Much-loved pet brand, Purina’s extensive range of dry cat food targets adult cats, indoor cats, those with urinary tract infections, are prone to hairballs, have sensitive stomachs and are overweight.

  • Nutritionally balanced for everyday use

  • Targets specific ailments & lifestyles

  • High level of protein

  • Tasty for fussy cats

  • Premium price

Eukanuba Puppy Formula

Dog FoodsEukanuba Puppy Formula · includes 3 listings

4.2 from 15 reviews

Latest review: My wolfie pup is a hungry growing girl and once we switched to eukanunba puppy she is eating less and growing at a great rate. She loves the

Meals For Mutts

Dog FoodsMeals For Mutts

2.9 from 79 reviews

Latest review: I have tried royal canin and advance previously, but puppy seems to be doing great on the turkey, salmon and sardine flavoured kibble. The kibble size is good and not too big and clunky. The

Royal Canin Mini Junior

Dog FoodsRoyal Canin Mini Junior

4.7 from 11 reviews

Latest review: My little daughter has been having this for about 3 months or so and she loves it and now she has been gaining weight quite significantly which I need to start control her a bit together with her

Supercoat Sensitive

Dog FoodsSupercoat Sensitive

3.5 from 25 reviews

Latest review: With our Amstaff having such a sensitive stomach, this is the only product he can stomach. We tried everything and this was recommended to us by another dog owner. The results are

Ivory Coat Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Dog FoodsIvory Coat Grain Free Dry Dog Food

2.9 from 73 reviews

Latest review: My little Australian terrier developed bloody stools after eating this and I have now changed her diet and she is fine. I gave the biscuits to a friend and she had to take her dog to the vet today

Optimum Puppy

Dog FoodsOptimum Puppy

3.0 from 44 reviews

Latest review: I bought a can of the chicken rice & vegetables to see if my GSP puppy would like it. She sniffs it, looks at me and walks away. I don't want her to be too fussy and refuse to give her anything

SavourLife Grain & Gluten-Free Dog Food

Dog FoodsSavourLife Grain & Gluten-Free Dog Food

3.6 from 19 reviews

Latest review: Bought after shop assistant pushing Australian brand which I get , but it’s awful product my dog now having stomach trouble in a week , so I don’t recommend this food sorry

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