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Euromaid Condenser Dryer CD6KG

Latest review: We bought this condensing dryer from Appliances Online in 2016. We weren't really sure at first since there were some negative reviews then. Fast forward 2.5 years.... The dryer still works

LG TD-C8031E

Latest review: On a rainy day like today, I have been drying washing all day. It took nearly 3 hours per load on a high setting. Sheets & duvets got twisted so tight that they were hard to unbundle and still not

Fisher & Paykel AeroXL

Latest review: This dryer does not perform as advertised, it the worst appliance we have owned. Sheets end up a tight, hot, wet ball. Lint filter alarm constantly sounds despite being clean. Drying takes hours,

Siemens WT48Y780AU

Latest review: I went from a low cost dryer as my family grew to a Rolls Royce dryer, well so I thought. First seimens dryer lasted just under 18mths, thankfully replaced as a good will gesture by shop we bought

Bosch WTB86200AU

Latest review: Whatever the drying programme selected, the machine (brand new) switches off after 5-10 minutes. Our doona cover still isn’t dry after multiple restarts over 4 hours. It’s abrams new machine boasting

Electrolux EDP2074PDW

Latest review: I bought this Condenser Dryer over 2 years ago and been regretting my decision ever since. It only worked a few times. It stops after a few minutes for no apparent reason and we have to constantly

Whirlpool 6th Sense Condenser 8kg DSCR80320

Latest review: I bought this machine (for a lot of money in my opinion) because I thought it would save time, money and the environment....I was wrong! This is quite frankly the worst tumble dryer I have ever


Latest review: Compared to a Bosch dryer which I used for the past three years, I am much more satisfied with this product. It does not over-dry your clothes. It is really fast in drying. You can really rely on the

Asko T753C / T754C

Latest review: Paid quite a lot for this brand. Both the drier and both washing machines have had continuous problems and have not lasted. Would not recommend, may have been good in the past but unreliable

Electrolux EDC2075GDW

Latest review: As Mark said, I was also a bit worried with this dryer as I read a lot of negative views before ordering it, and then I read this one and decided to take a risk because I know many people don't read

Electrolux EDC2086GDW

Latest review: Broke down in the forst12 monthsjust out of warranty... the company actually fixed it free and hasn't missed a beat since then... the dryer stops when the clothes are

Miele TDA 150 C

Latest review: After purchasing Miele products for the past 20 years and replacing our old dryer, I now find that I have exactly the same issues with the the dryer as others have reported. The dryer beeps and the

AEG T86280IC

Latest review: We purchased the combo AEG washer / dryer 6 1/2 years ago. To date, the washer has been repaired once last year (nearly $1,000) and the dryer twice (first repair was covered by warranty). I am

Smeg SACD7 / SACD8

Latest review: We managed to get ours as a factory second so saved a bundle. Have had it for five minutes mths and the difference to our power bill and our clothes is phenomenal. Won't cook your clothes if you

Speed Queen Rear Control
  • Energy Rating: 2 star(s)
  • Capacity: 9 kg

Beko DCY8502XB1

Latest review: Our old clothes dryer blue up and we were desperately in need of a new one so the wife did some research and found this as we have a small laundry with one one window so we bought it and it’s f

Electrolux EWW14912

Latest review: Do not buy this machine, clothes do not smell clean or look like they have been washed. The amount of water intake is minimal and after a three/four hour wash you will need to hang them in the fresh

Beko DCY7402GXB2

Latest review: We have had our dryer for almost two years and I love using it. It is so good to not have to worry about opening windows or the walls becoming wet. You do have to clean the filter underneath, as if

Stirling (Aldi) STR-CD8C

Latest review: Have had this for since july and its still going strong. I thought it would make a more noticeable saving on out power bill but I can't really notice the difference. It works fine and other than

Bosch WTG86400AU

Latest review: If i could give no stars I would. I purchased this condensor dryer in May 2018 for my Melbourne apartment. When I set it up it was very difficult to get it to start. When it did start the clothes

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