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Simpson SDV Series

Latest review: Simpson SDV401 4kg Vented Dryer. Great choice for common laundry in strata apartment block. Looks good, simple, easy to use, manual rotary dial. 4kg capacity is perfect. Great low price. Didn't need

Fisher & Paykel DH8060P1

Latest review: A heat pump dryer does not have an electric heater. It has a sealed system much like an Air conditioner/ Refrigerator. The same air is recycled within the dryer, so there is minimal moisture loss

Electrolux EDV5552 / EDV6552

Latest review: OK I bought the 6.5 KG one after my 25 year old F&P died. I really only use the 45 minute boost setting and what can i say - it dries my clothes without rolling them up into a ball - my

Bosch Serie 8 Logixx WTW87565AU

Latest review: I wish I had bought it sooner. I love it, no complaints at all. Its built really well, it's quiet, its easy to use. The settings take a little practice, for different loads, but once you get the hang

Simpson 39P400M

Latest review: This dryer was one of the cheapest and i have found it to be great. Not noisy spacious and goes like a dream. Good looking dryer. Drys evenly which is a

Electrolux EDV5051 / EDV6051 / EDV7051

Latest review: This dryer is easy to use and keep clean. It has lots of different drying options that are simple to understand. I have used it for clothes, sheets and towels - no

Beko DV6120X / DV7220X

Latest review: Yes it will dry clothes but it creases them terribly. No point adjusting the settings because you will end up with either dry very creased clothes or slightly damp clothes. It also doesn't respond

Fisher & Paykel DE7060G1

Latest review: After much deliberation and research I decided to go for the Fisher & Paykal Washsmart machine as well as the matching clothes dryer. Awesome product, easy to use and very appealing! The machine is

Simpson 39S500M

Latest review: This is a very good clothes dryer - it is nice and quiet, is a good size for our needs. It tumbles and then stops and goes again. The lint collection unit is easy to get out and clean. Would

Haier HDV40A1

Latest review: This is a great little dryer that is small enough to sit on top of my washing machine and not take up too much room. It is great that it does not require an exhaust for the hot hair. I use this only

Simpson 39S600M

Latest review: We have had this in continuous service for many years. It is a classic and very simple design that has few moving parts and a time proven lay out. Its large enough to take a whole load in one go and

Stirling (Aldi) 6.5kg Clothes Dryer

Latest review: I purchased the game Stirling (Aldi) 6.5 clothes dryer early last year in an Aldi off Woodville road it is just amazing it’s perfect it dryers my clothing within minutes and I don’t have to worry abo

Siemens WT47W580AU

Latest review: This dryer is fantastic when it works. I love that any item of clothing, including woollens can go into a condenser dryer. Cycle time is reasonable, a bit longer than a normal dryer but a lot more

Stirling (Aldi) 4.5kg GYJ45-68

Latest review: The dryer filter falls off constantly. Really annoying and noisy. The rotation ties sheets into big knots which means you constantly have to attend to the wound up pieces. It also ties towels into

Teka THPD70

Latest review: This heat pump clothes dryer is fantastic. This machine is at the lower price point for heat pump driers so I was a bit skeptical. Our laundry is tiny and does not have a window. This condenser dryer

Haier HDV60A1

Latest review: I got this on price and because you get a full sized 6 kg dryer whereas the same thing in Fisher and Paykel would be tiny. Its really well made and its doing a fabulous job. I love how clothes don't

Electrolux EDH3786GDW

Latest review: Worst dryer I have ever owned. Takes forever. Clothes always end up in a damp ball. I have to untangle them and put them back in for another cycle. And they still feel damp and they smell when they

AEG T97689IH

Latest review: I am very happy with the dryer. we bought it as a package (washing machine and the dryer) not very happy with the washing machine but the dryer is

Miele TKG450 WP

Latest review: This is a inverter dryer so no pumping of hot air and lint around the laundry. It extracts clean moisture into a container which I use for the steam iron as it has no salts in it, The drier is very

Euromaid Condenser Dryer CD6KG

Latest review: We bought this condensing dryer from Appliances Online in 2016. We weren't really sure at first since there were some negative reviews then. Fast forward 2.5 years.... The dryer still works

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