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Fisher & Paykel DH8060P1

Latest review: A heat pump dryer does not have an electric heater. It has a sealed system much like an Air conditioner/ Refrigerator. The same air is recycled within the dryer, so there is minimal moisture loss

Bosch Serie 8 Logixx WTW87565AU

Latest review: I wish I had bought it sooner. I love it, no complaints at all. Its built really well, it's quiet, its easy to use. The settings take a little practice, for different loads, but once you get the hang

Siemens WT47W580AU

Latest review: This dryer is fantastic when it works. I love that any item of clothing, including woollens can go into a condenser dryer. Cycle time is reasonable, a bit longer than a normal dryer but a lot more

Stirling (Aldi) 4.5kg GYJ45-68

Latest review: The dryer filter falls off constantly. Really annoying and noisy. The rotation ties sheets into big knots which means you constantly have to attend to the wound up pieces. It also ties towels into

Teka THPD70

Latest review: This heat pump clothes dryer is fantastic. This machine is at the lower price point for heat pump driers so I was a bit skeptical. Our laundry is tiny and does not have a window. This condenser dryer

Electrolux EDH3786GDW

Latest review: Worst dryer I have ever owned. Takes forever. Clothes always end up in a damp ball. I have to untangle them and put them back in for another cycle. And they still feel damp and they smell when they

AEG T97689IH

Latest review: I am very happy with the dryer. we bought it as a package (washing machine and the dryer) not very happy with the washing machine but the dryer is

Miele TKG450 WP

Latest review: This is a inverter dryer so no pumping of hot air and lint around the laundry. It extracts clean moisture into a container which I use for the steam iron as it has no salts in it, The drier is very

Miele TDD130WP Eco

Latest review: I am very pleased with my Miele Dryer. It has 8 stars, which I find incredible ! Must save me lots of money. And with the heat pump, no more having to have the back door open to let the steam


Latest review: Brought Dryer in Oct 2017 Thinking it would be cheaper to run. Worse mistake ever made. This dryer should be taken off market until they sort the problem out as I am not the only one who is


Latest review: I have had my dryer for 7 months with minimal use and it stopped being able to tumble. The service repair man told me the motor had burnt out, which with our extended warranty should come under a

Bosch WTW85460AU

Latest review: Despite a hefty price tag, this dryer is hopeless. You can have your washing on for a whole day and by the end of it (9hours) they still aren’t dry! R

Asko T784CHP

Latest review: Purchased dryer in June 2013. I am having major issues with the dryer not drying and also bearing noises which are very loud. I thought this would last. I also purchased an Asko washing machine

Asko T754CHP

Latest review: It is not the quietest due to it being a heat pump however, I don't have mould or fluff in my laundry and my electricity bill seems to be the same in winter then in summer. It is still quieter than a

MIele TMV 840 WP

Latest review: Purchased the TMV840WV this month together with its matching Washer (WMV960). I have done a lot of research and apparently heat pump dryers are the way to go but no one really thinks about things

Beko BDP83HW

Latest review: I like thi dryer it is simple and easy to use and can dry clothes in no time but you need to make sure that you put certai garments on the right setting otherwise it can burn the fabric if it is too

Bosch WTY877W0AU

Latest review: This is our first heat pump dryer after many years of service from a conventional vented dryer. The criticisms others have had regarding heat pump dryers in general, and perhaps this in particular,

Beko DPY8500

Latest review: I love that it doesn't steam up my laundry and make the floor wet, i can just empty the water filter. i love that it senses when the clothes are dry and turns itself off. This machines saves so me so

Electrolux EDH3896GDW

Latest review: I upgraded from an Electrolux vented dryer (which was great also) as moved to an apartment and could not vent outside. Please read the manual, especially page 8; section 8.2 and adjust the

Asko T410HD

Latest review: Wow I dont know why I didn't buy this dryer earlier I put all of our wet clothes in the dryer so far hasn't shrunk a thing yet. It's easy to maintain takes no more then 5 minutes to clean the heat

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