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Luxe Fitness Fat Burning Protein

Latest review: I don't normally recommend things as I am a little skeptical when I never see a not so positive review of a product. But, I would totally recommend this product as it is the nicest protein powder I

Uprotein Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes

Latest review: Flavour was just as I expected vanilla to be. Blended / mixed well, no lumps. Smooth texture, will go well with oats, smoothies, yoghurts and perfect for that protein fix after


Latest review: OMG people stay away from this medication. It is banned in Europe and UK because it can cause heart valve problems. Im now 66 and took it when I was 16. Its virtually the same as speed, hence the

Nutrients Direct Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Latest review: Easy to mix, This is the best part i love about it , No lump ! Love the chocolate flavor ! Good Product . will buy again .:) Highly recommended if you wanted a high protein and low cost

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Latest review: One of the best protein powders I've had, it mixes really well. You hardly get those powdery clumps. It hasnt got that fake home brand flavour like most powders. Ive tried the choc mint and the

Mannatech OsoLean Powder

Latest review: I love how easy this whey protein blend, (Osolean) is to use. It blends easily in liquid or food. I use it to ensure adequate protein intake, to keep me satiated and to support and maintain muscle.


Latest review: So far its been 2 1/2 weeks on half dose of Xenical. (under doctors orders) I have not had the urgency or accidents as others have described and I put this down to my dosage. I have lost just under

Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate

Latest review: Mix up with order - fixed promptly and no fuss. Very happy with the whey isolate - vanilla tastes great and dissolves easily. Too early to see results as order just

Nutrients Direct Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Latest review: I had it independently tested for protein content ( chocolate ). Packet says 74.9g/100g. Test came back at 75.2g/100g. So they are genuine. They are 0.3 grams over according to the

Vital Protein Pea Protein Isolate

Latest review: I am vegan and also exercise every day so adding extra protein in my diet is very crucial. I have tried many different vegan protein brands and I found this product has a very smooth consistency -

Nature's Way Instant Natural Protein Powder

Latest review: Love everything about it for making my own personalised shake. The one and only thing I do NOT like at all is the company changed the lid to a narrower opening (you won't see this until you take the

Horleys Sculpt Protein

Latest review: I find this to be one of the best tasting out there I only add water (But you can add milk) which is perfect as I cant drink milk and it still tastes great. I currently enjoy the salted caramel,

Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

Latest review: I've been on the ketogenic diet for about a month and testing my blood ketone levels with a Freestyle Optium Neo. My levels ranged from 0.3mmol to 0.5mmol. After taking a scoop of Keto Switch I

Caruso's Natural Health Testorod

Latest review: So, I've never been one to believe that natural supplements can benefit to a great degree. I'm 58 and workout at the Gym, so I scoured the internet and did some deep digging and research. Looked up

Genetix Nutrition 100% Lean Whey

Latest review: Loved the first 3kg tub which was like a thick frothy tasty milk shake. Next tub had no froth, returned it but replacment was the same. No explanation from Genetix. Won't be trusting this brand again

GenF20 HGH Releaser

Latest review: I'm avid fan of this genf20 plus before, comparing the result before..its makes me WOW.. my energy cant explain but really a good one. NOW, i tried this again sad, even the pill itself changes

No Bull Supplement Whey Protein Isolate

Latest review: I have been/was a loyal customer for years however the last 2 orders have been a debacle, like other buyers have said I didn't receive my orders and sent numerous emails and messages with no reply. I

Vital Progenix

Latest review: Do not fall for this is a total scam, do not buy it, they will charge and take your money from your account without you knowing. Fake all company, authority's should do something about it, someone

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch

Latest review: I have the chocolate flavour and it's like my little hot chocolate treat before bed. This product helps me sleep at night. Normally if I wake up during the middle of the night it can take me ages

Horleys ICE Whey

Latest review: Amazing product rich in flavour and nutritionally balanced for the purpose of muscles gain. Can be mixed with water, but with milk that's delicious! It is a bit more expensive

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