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VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 VS2735GA

Latest review: I love the look I get at the hairdresser after a blow dry and found a hairdryer and brush combo just weren't giving me the same look. After my last hairdryer died I did some research and bought the

VS Sassoon Curl Secret VSP2667A

Latest review: Makes styling hair very easy. Can be time consuming with long hair. 11 year old able to style her own hair. Can get tangled but only if you section the hair to

VS Sassoon Hot Air Brush 'n Style VS8080A

Latest review: It is ok to dry your hair, but if you have thick, long hair it will take a while. I thought it will straight my hair as well as it says brush and style whlie drying them but it does

VS Sassoon Instant Heat Ceramic Curler

Latest review: I used it only once since I bought this and took it out to use after a few years but it never worked again. I had placed it in a bag out of reach of everybody for a few years but it just didn't work

VS Sassoon Total Curl VS2021BA

Latest review: This curler comes with many barrels which is good but only helpful if it actually heated up. I could wrap my hand around the curler and I wouldn’t burn myself. I waited 30 mins and still didn’t keep t

VS Sassoon Ultimate Salon Setter VSP3029A

Latest review: I just bought this roller set and I have the same problem as a couple of others. The clips just DON'T hold the rollers on at all. They just flop all over the place. VERY

VS Sassoon Curl Secret Multi Curl VSP1300A

Latest review: The curler is a good product but you have to know how to use it well. It looks great on long hair but with short hair you could still work with the ends. The best thing about using the curler instead

VS Sassoon Pocket Rocket Mini Curler VSC720A

Latest review: Suits me fine for quick curling of my shoulder length hair. I think the larger size would be difficult for me to use / so I actually like that this is nice and small. Great for travel

VS Sassoon 25mm Ceramic Curler VS325A

Latest review: Works fine, takes quite a while to hear up but works okay when it does. I think I’d prefer it got hotter as it doesn't give a long lasting curl, my Remington one for much hotter (but didn't last l

VS Sassoon 38mm Ceramic Curler VS338A

Latest review: Heats up to a good temperature, curls and waves last well. Not an expensive item, but has given me no trouble. Takes a while to heat up, but otherwise I have no

VS Sassoon Wave Envy

Latest review: I find this product does a good job at making waves in your hair that last most of the day. But is it just me, I find it is a bit limited to just the one hairstyle. I wish it straightened or curled

VS Sassoon Big Hair Soft Curls VS2306A

Latest review: I have severe burn marks on my cheek and side neck after a accidentally tap on the cheek. I have accidentally touched myself before with GHD straighteners and curlers however the severity of the burn

VS Sassoon Big Curls Heat Rollers VS3133A

VS Sassoon VS3060A