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F45 LionHeart

Latest review: Hi I'm trying to sync my liongerat to the Under Amour app, is there any trick? I can not get it to work, not sure what I am doing

Aussie Fit Pulse QT Pedometer

Latest review: I brought this device after much researching of fitness trackers/pedometers, and reading a review on here. I wanted something that was correct in distances and steps after 2 failed cheaper belt clip

Scosche Rhythm+ RTHM1.9

Latest review: Using Rhythm+ with a Samsung Note5 and S Health, phone standing up on a near by bench - is a perfect combination. Everything runs smooth and Rhythm+ provides super responsive feedback (better than

Polar F11

Latest review: This is a great product for those wanting to track fitness progress and be accountable to a custom training program. It has is durable yet comfortable. A good all-round multi-sport HR Monitor. Great

Beurer Mobile ECG Device ME80

Latest review: Thanks to Beurer team for such a practical device. It is very practical because patient can "monitor himself" to a certain extent that his doctor is not able to do so. To explain that, I have to say

Outdoor Fitness Tool

Latest review: well as i said before although it is quite simple,it's features that it does indeed possess,are very worthwhile and convincing for any buyer,interested in their fitness.i think in a way,to a certain

Crane (Aldi) Pulse Watch and Pedometer

Latest review: For me anyway this is just too hard to set up. The user instructions are difficult to follow made worse by minute printing. Yes there is available a website with a .pdf of this user guide. All

Suunto Quest

Latest review: Well, I used to like the product and the ability to synch the data and monitor and analyze it. Until after the latest update, I lost my ability to access the data. This I could have lived with for

Polar F7

Latest review: This is a great watch and I love it but I'm onto my third watch as the plastic wristband keeps breaking. They work harden if you remove your watch a lot and eventually they break off. ...and

Polar FT7

Latest review: I love the watch, esp the FT7, eventually have few of them both male and female. a funnily after a few years both wristband snapped. when looking for replacement, Polar don't make them. The

Polar H10

Latest review: I have had the H10 for over 2 months now and run over 110km with it and it’s a great product. I love that there is no charging and you don’t even have to take your phone to pair with the Polar app or

Polar FS3c

Latest review: This is close to the entry level Heart Rate monitor so you only get the basic functionality. It is reliable, works really well and is easy to operate once you have set up the presets. The automatic

NordicTrack Watch

Latest review: Does it all.... calculates calories burnt and monitors heart rate plus time and date. This can be worn as a day to day wrist watch but.. only seems to give heartrate when you depress button for a few

Polar CS200 / CS200cad

Latest review: The actual product is fine but it doesn't work with your bike lights on. It appears that as it is analogue the lights interfere with it. The response from Polar is that with the "low end" products

Polar FT4

Latest review: I have had mine for 2 yrs now and the strap has never come undone. And I train hard. X Very strange. I sit it right under my bust and have never had any issues. Thats such a

Garmin Swim Watch

Latest review: On its second use in the pool, water got in, and it fell apart when I took it off at home.

Suunto M2

Latest review: I use it as a basic watch, that's it. I like the simple design and it's on point when you want to know the time, very visible digits. It's not luminous so it's useless in the dark. After a year and a

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

Latest review: Connects to everything. After going through three Garmin straps without success, didn’t connect or where intermittent, this is a joy. Comfortable well priced and waterproof. I will never go back, t

Polar FS1

Latest review: When I began running in 2009 I was given this watch as a gift. I used it to monitor my heart rate and keep in "the zone" as I ran. The watch worked well and provided the information. It was

Timex Ironman Target Trainer

Latest review: I agree with the other comment here that the strap was an issue. In fact it is a major issue if you are not careful, as the band is connected to the back of the plate of the watch, and so replacing a

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