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Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric
Latest review: I have received the S2 on Monday 11.02.19, and on Wednesday 13.02.19 the device stop working. I contacted costumer service which is the number on your website (07) 3053 8669 However, it goes into a

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric
Latest review: Pros: Easy to use, looks nice, a lot of different functions, portable. Cons: Expensive, quite weighty. I bought this pump before bub arrived after reading everyones reviews online. It is seriously a

Unimom Forte Hospital Grade Double Electric
Latest review: I wish I bought a unimom breastpump right away after my baby was discharged from NICU almost 3 months ago. The midwife recommended unimom brand to me but I wasn’t too sure if the quality is the same a

Spectra Dew 350 Hospital Grade Double Electric
Latest review: I don’t have anything to compare it to but I would say it’s fairly quiet. Easy to clean the bottles and parts. Comes with some spare parts in the box. Easy to use - on/off and suction power dial. Wou

Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric
Latest review: I've purchased this pump after reading all positive reviews, and I must say it has proved to be an amazing product! It's efficient yet gentle (and that is quite important if you had to deal with sore

Unimom Premium Allegro
Latest review: This is my 3rd baby and I'm not new to expressing. I've been using the Medela swing pump for about a week because of a cracked nipple and averaging 40ml of milk after 30 mins on the single breast. I

Medela Swing
Latest review: I bought the double pump straight out of hospital with my bub and was using 8 times a day due to poor latch and supply. Started off great but after 5 days it basically broke, suddenly the pump lost

Pumpables Milk Genie
Latest review: Super happy with this pump. I exclusively express for my son so I bought the Milk Genie Plus to use as my portable pump when I go out (probably use it twice a week on average). It’s so small and l

Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold
Latest review: I started taking Elevit as I didnt realise there were alternative pregnancy vitamins. Elevit made me so constipated I went from going to the toilet 1-2 times a day to once a week and that was little

MAMMA Double Electric Breast Pump
Latest review: The Mamma double electric breast pump is incredible. I have previously had another 'top brand' pump and it has nothing on this baby. I was looking for a compact double pump to make my return to work

Medela Pump In Style Advanced
Latest review: This was given as a gift and is used about 3-4 times per day. Easy to pack up and bring to grandparents house or to work to pump at lunch time. Easy to cart around and relatively discreet with the

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Topical Treatment
Latest review: This worked so well! Life saver :) No point buying other products like gel and a silicon cooling pad to try and relief your sore cracked nipples. This is the perfect product that worked for me and

Spectra M1 Portable
Latest review: It is really easy to use. I have been using this machine for 10 months already. Very easy to clean and maintain. It very light, so it easy for me to carry when i'm going out. If i have second one, i

Ultimate Sleep Comfort-U
Latest review: The pillow arrived very quickly and was a lot more compact in the shipping box than I expected! I am 6 feet tall and it is perfect for me. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t lose it’s volume, very good

Pigeon Premium
Latest review: I have tried so many different breast pad brands, and the Pigeon brand is by far my favourite. The pads stick, they’re absorbent, they’re soft and very comfortable. They shape well to the chest, too.

Medela Freestyle
Latest review: I'm 4 months pp, breastfeeding. The 1st 3 months I pumped twice a day, but only as single. Pump worked great. Then I returned to work and began double pumping. Unfortunately it hasnt worked from day

Medela Harmony
Latest review: Worked well, occasionally will loose suction and milk drops down into pump cup, and will not pump correctly, not sure if this is the product or user error. Purchased Medela as I used their electric

Fertility2Family Ovulation Tests
Latest review: I purchased a pack of 10 pregnancy tests and used most of them. They were simple and easy to use and it was so nice to be able to test as many times as I wanted without having to think about how much

HaaKaa Silicone
Latest review: I used to use this to just catch let down, now I am using it to assist hand pumping. I had limited luck with electric pumps and hated all the cleaning. Only concern is the local milk bank won't

Latest review: Feels nice on the skin. I really like it for after the shower. Great for winter to rehydrate the skin too. Good price point and easy to find a

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