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Munchkin Grassfed

Latest review: Just to be upfront, this review is based on what we have experienced with our daughter consuming this and not every formular suits every baby. We first started with Aptamil and our daughter drank it

Little Bellies

Latest review: He loves his snacks! Calls them snackie, and these make up the perfect snack for him - healthy, filling and makes him happy about the snackie, and happy bubba = happy

Nestle NAN Comfort

Latest review: I offered NAN comfort to my daughter from birth, we have never had an issue. She has always had it from the bottle without fuss. Would definitely recommend this product.

Philips Avent Microwave Steam

Latest review: The steriliser is super easy to use, 200ml water and 2 minutes for my microwave (this will vary depending on watts). I’m glad I didn’t bother with an electric steriliser. It fits approx. 7 bottles? I

A2 Platinum Premium

Latest review: My son had a hard time initially with having formula but from the moment we started with A2 Platinum he has been a happy, healthy baby! No colic, spews or constipation. So easy to prepare, 4 scoops

Mamia Gold

Latest review: Very hard on my baby tummy. When mixed with water, create so much bubbles which indeed goes in baby tummy and he was unsettled unhappy crying for 3-4nights, then i finally switched to Nan and now he

Bellamy's Organic Formula

Latest review: My little one love this. We have tried so many formulas as she has had reflux and this one has been the best for her stomach. The moment we started feeding her this she slept better and was over all

Blackmores Formula

Latest review: My mum brought this for me while I was pregnant and I was unsure if I was gonna use it as a first time mum but I started using Blackmore formula occasionally to feed my son and I’d say his pretty s


Latest review: My little girl struggled with so many formulas but we found sma to be best for her. The price made it so much better. It is just as nutritional as more expensive

Aptamil Profutura

Latest review: This product is better soluble in water than the counterpart of Aptamil Gold, but the taste is not as good as A2, of course, this is my personal taste. No side effects have been

Karicare+ Goat

Latest review: I was attracted to Karicare Goat's milk formula since bubs wasn't handling cow's milk well. It had minimal ingredients and baby liked the taste. Only downside is that it can have a tendency towards

Aptamil Gold+

Latest review: Our baby would eat anything if she could but unfortunately most don’t agree with her tummy. It’s the only formula we’ve found she doesn’t get wind and an upset belly with. It’s easy to prepare and I l

Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Latest review: Excellent for colic and other digestive issues, easy to wash and sterilise. Fits in most of the standard sterilisers. Wide range of teat and bottles sizes are available. A friend recommended these

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

Latest review: My daughter is 9 months old. We started using this cup since she’s 8 months old. She doesn’t seem to like drinking from this cup. She prefers an open cup so I bought this but maybe because the flow is

Novalac Colic

Latest review: Great product, can be a little thick so use a teat that allows that! But it was fantastic for our colicky baby and definitely helped us get sleep through the night in those initial few months! Worth

Karicare+ Formula

Latest review: My bub is being exclusively breast fed, but this brand is one of only two that I have found that offers formula in sachets. This means that I can leave my baby with my husband if I have a doctors or

Nestle NAN Supreme

Latest review: We were trying both Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro 2 and Nestle NAN Supreme 2 to feed our baby based on a recommendation from a dietian. Bubs was being weaned from another specialist formula and this was a

Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro

Latest review: We were trying both Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro 2 and Nestle NAN Supreme 2 to feed our baby based on a recommendation from a dietian. Bubs was being weaned from another specialist formula and this was a

Ultimate Sleep Babyskies 3 in 1

Latest review: I purchased this pillow a few days before giving birth, what a mistake I should have purchased it months ago! It was great to sleep with while still pregnant then invaluable once I gave birth. I use

Nestle NAN Optipro

Latest review: I was told by my hospital that this product is easy on the stomach. How true it is! My baby accepts this well and her bowel movement is regular (not constipating). So far so good! Another plus side,

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