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Munchkin Grassfed
Latest review: I actually got hold of this one when my daughter was 12 months old so tried the toddler version, since then her vomiting and reflux has improved a lot and she loves the taste, I mix it with smoothies

Nestle NAN Comfort
Latest review: Very good formula from birth, my baby is loving it! Can sometimes be spewy, but 9/10 is very content and happy with the bottle. Formula easy to understand how to make and easy to

Mamia Gold
Latest review: My son has been drinking this since day 2, loves it! for $13 a tin whats the point of paying extra if he likes it and gets all the vitamins and nutrients he

A2 Platinum Premium
Latest review: My now 13 old months baby has been drinking A2 exclusively from when he was born...he is such a healthy and smart bub. I believe the milk contributes these. It is just so hard to buy this at the

Philips Avent Microwave Steam
Latest review: this is absolutely great and perfect product. it suit for busy mun to buy this one for stream bottle, it clean , Convenient and hygienic, no need to water the milk to suck the milk, I travel abroad

Bellamy's Organic Formula
Latest review: I brought up 3 healthy kids on original formula, attracted to its “no add-on”. I strongly recommended this brand to my sister expecting her first child and am very disappointed it is now with all the

Blackmores Formula
Latest review: I was very apprehensive of putting my third baby onto a milk based formula after my first baby have a milk reaction (I put my second Bub straight on to soy!). With my third Bub I started straight

Karicare+ Goat
Latest review: I really didn't want to use formula to feed my bub but wasn't making enough milk so I wanted to at least get something that would be good for my baby. So far bubs doesn't mind it. He definitely

Aptamil Profutura
Latest review: Easy to make and dissolves well. Clear directions on the tin. Scoop and design of the tin makes bottle making a one handed job - great when holding baby in the other arm! Baby appears to enjoy

Latest review: The formula contains fillers and other crap that shouldn’t be hidden inside a babies formula. This product made my baby scream and constipated. Cheap for a reason. The tin doesn’t have a level thing y

Aptamil Gold+
Latest review: I tried a few formulas before my little on settled on this one. It was gentle on my little ones stomach and she loved the taste. It helped with silent reflux and filled her up well. She gained the

Pigeon PP Wide Neck
Latest review: So I brought this bottle over 6weeks ago as my exclusively breastfed 4 month old baby was now refusing a bottle. It took several attempts over the weeks but finally I am happy so say she has taken

Nestle NAN Supreme
Latest review: I first started using Nan Supreme 1 to top up my son after a breastfeed from age 6 weeks and he loved it straight away! We have had no problems with constipation or upset tummy and my son has

Novalac Colic
Latest review: After weeks of sleepless nights from a baby in pain we spoke to a pharmacist who recommended changing to Novalac Colic. It took around 5 days until we seen the effects but once we did it was amazing!

Karicare+ Formula
Latest review: All my kids have enjoyed this one the most and easy to mix and keep. You can buy it everywhere and it is very cheap compared to the other formulas. I recommend this to

Ultimate Sleep Babyskies 3 in 1
Latest review: I purchased this pillow a few days before giving birth, what a mistake I should have purchased it months ago! It was great to sleep with while still pregnant then invaluable once I gave birth. I use

Aptamil Gold+ AllerPro
Latest review: we had to switch to this formula at 6 weeks because of suspected food allergies Easy to prepare, smells and tastes much better than other formulas, available at chemists and special stores Formula

Nestle NAN Optipro
Latest review: The NAN optipro HA gold 1 was recommended to my and my wife by the midwifes at the hospital when baby was born. She never had a problem with feeding. Easy to prepare and affordable price. I recommend

Novalac Reflux
Latest review: This is a great product is very gentle on babies stomach. It has helped alot with babys spewing and is very minimal now. It also mixes so well no

Munchkin Latch
Latest review: My baby loves the Munchkin Latch. I believe it was because of the design of the Munchkin Latch which led to a smooth transition from the breast to the Latch. The shape is perfect and size of the

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