Petrol Pressure Washers

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Karcher G 2800 FH

Latest review: great machine but no aftermarket backup. I need parts adn after 3 weeks and 4 emwils and phone calls I get nothing but circular references. I gave part number and photo. Too hard for K'archers

Briggs and Stratton 020539

Latest review: Bought from Stihl shop, so expected some quality after reading on other pressure washer disasters. Starts first pull and works terrific. Motor idles away until demand is required. Awesome pressure

Aussie Pumps Slow Speed Blaster Scud

Latest review: purchased an aussi pumps, premium scud AB20 pressure washer, it has the 6.5 hp honda engine GX200, and works at 11 litres per minute flow rate, but is only 2000 psi, the unit can be used for 10-30

Bar 2550B-H

Latest review: Bar Pressure Model 2550B-H as stated on machine. Day 1 - cleaned the black and mouldy fence (I live in North Qld) then moved onto the front path and driveway. The fence looks like new and the

ThoroughClean D10M-36H-TO

Latest review: This is great quality and works very well. Im very happy with its performance. I was a little more expensive than others but really proved to be worth the extra outlay. I clean driveways and roofs

Ryobi 190cc 4 Stroke RPW3200

Latest review: This pressure washer replaced a top-quality electric washer that died after 16 years. Research showed that petrol machines vastly outperform 2-phase electric washers. Maximum 2-phase power is 2,400

Kincrome 11HP

Latest review: I purchased mine about 3 years ago and I agree about the tyres but that's about it. Mine has worked hard as a commercial pressure cleaner at least every week for 3 years and its never missed a beat.

ALDI Pressure Washer
  • Power: 35 W, 1,400 W, 1,600 W, 2,000 W, 2,200 W or 2,400 W

Lavor Wash Thermic9

Latest review: The hose apparently rated to 310 bar. (4500psi) burst 4 times(4 separate lavor hoses). Unit bean back twice , pump, oil leaks ( still leaking).my unit is a lavor pro 9 thermic rated to 3000 psi, also

Stanley 5.5HP 2500PSI PW6655

Latest review: I have only used this washer a few times since purchased about 18 months ago. I tried to start it a few weeks ago. It flooded almost immediately. Eventually after cleaning the plug and letting it sit

Kincrome 6.5HP

Latest review: From the beginning it was a nightmare to get started. First use the exhaust system fell apart. From then it would not start at all. Took it to the service agent who got it started due to a wire