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Ozito PWE-1300

Latest review: Was a decent little unit for the price, although I found it to be loud when in operation. The engine gave out after about 18months. Used it maybe 3-4 times a month in that time. Took back for

Stihl RE 119

Latest review: I purchased a RE129 pressure washer at $549.00 .I have had nothing but problems with the hand piece. I've always been a Karcher user but had no option but to buy this machine. If it wasn't for

Stihl RE 129 Plus

Latest review: Had the machine 2 years had nothing but problems with the trigger on the Lance it has been back twice to the supplier last time was charged for a broken part inside the trigger not on when on that

Gerni Super 145.2

Latest review: My pensioner father purchased this Gerni from Bunnings which included an accessory pack - all covered under a 5 year warranty. Naturally, it broke (fell to pieces - disintegrated) just outside of the

Gerni Classic 125.2

Latest review: This is a piece of junk. I received this as a xmas gift from my daughters i used it once for about 20 mins about a week later my daughter tried to wash her car it wouldn't work so i tried and i

Karcher K2

Latest review: After a year of occasional light use, the pressure hose split. I went to get a replacement but they want almost the cost of a new machine just for the hose! Also it's not covered by warranty as

Karcher K3

Latest review: Bought at Bunnings for $300. Used about 5 times in 5 months then it gave up the ghost....no water pressure. But good news it has a 2 year warranty....but when I took it to Karcher to be repaired they

Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150

Latest review: I was on pressure cleaners market to find suitable solution for a small family business which deals with mold and dirt building up on tiles and metal surfaces of some machines. After reading a lot of

Michelin MPX 160 RBP

Latest review: I have developed a large interest in pressure washers the last 6 months, and wrote a lengthy review of the Stihl RE129 pressure washer which was excellent. My most recent purchase is the Michelin

Michelin MPX 130 BC

Latest review: I bought this unit based on the Choice test. It is an excellent pressure washer and beyond expectations. It comes with all the extras including two different pressure heads, wand extension,

Spitwater 10-120H

Latest review: best pressure cleaner i had and ive had a few. works a treat with cleaning grout fot newly paved tile. thats my day job. brilliant service here in perth even when i used to have a aussie pumps

Kranzle K2160 TST

Latest review: Every now and again a product comes along that exceeds expectations and performs above its price line. This is that little gem the Kranzle K2160 TST. I have the 14 amp model 3.2kw. Needs a 15 amp

Spitwater HP1008

Latest review: Ive had this machine for 10 years now and am looking for more pressure now so definitely will be getting another spitwater. reliable...backup

Homelite HPW100-G

Latest review: Very good pressure. Cleaning the roof at the moment. Size allows me to take on the roof . I particularly like the pressure control and the varience in width of spray this

Typhoon TE2400

Latest review: This is the 2nd Typhoon washer Ive tested. The one without wheels is $58 from Sydney Tools. Rated Pressure: 70bar Power: 1.4kw Weight: 5.5kg Machine sounds great and provides very good

Ryobi RPW140-G

Latest review: I just bought Ryobi 140SC yesterday from Bunnings $129, what a bargain. I am not sure what is the difference between 140G and 140SC, they have same rating and look, but this one comes with few extra

Gerni Classic 130.3

Latest review: Fed up with products which arrive with a scrap of paper covered in largely indecipherable pictures purporting to be assembly and usage instructions. In the case of the Gerni, there isn't even

Aldi (Workzone) TTA-15751

Latest review: Paid $50 about 2 years ago for a new Aldi/Workzone 2400 pressure washer, a really good buy. It has a tread at the base hose connection which fits an older Karcher hose assembly- I was able to fit

Stihl RE 88

Latest review: I had a small Karcher that worked well until I dropped it off the roof! I searched for alternatives and I was impressed with the build quality of the Stihl. I tend to avoid some of the unknown

Jet-USA 3800 PSI RX550

Latest review: I used this cleaner for the first time today on some dirty concrete and it went very well. Not sure about the claim of 3800 psi,but it was a lot quicker than my $99 Aldi special (2000psi) mainly due

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