Cancer Council Sun Protection & Care

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Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen

Latest review: Having viewed this site am concerned with the comments contained, & would like to share my experience in using this product. Having always been an avid outdoor person, I have never encountered

Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen

Latest review: Terrible sunburn as everyone else seemed to experience. Australia - you should sue the manufacturer. It’s abhorrent and dangerous to sell t

Cancer Council Sport Sunscreen

Latest review: Used this sunscreen yesterday for the first time, I ended up with a red and bumpy rash on my face the morning after. My husband also did not like the product and said it was very greasy. Now I know

Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen SPF 50+

Latest review: I've spent a very long time looking for a high SPF sunscreen from a reliable brand which is totally non greasy, does not leave a white zinc residue on the skin and is reasonably priced. This brand

Cancer Council Lipstick SPF30+

Latest review: I don't wear makeup often but whenever i go out, i use this one. i love that its lustrous color gives my face a quick glow like I don't look pale anymore when I put this on. It also has SPF on it

Cancer Council Day Wear Sunscreen SPF30

Latest review: Don't waste your money on high-end facial sunscreens, because this product is surprisingly fantastic. I was skeptical at first but soon became really impressed by the application, non-greasy and

Cancer Council Sunscreen Tube

Latest review: This is one of my favourite sunscreens because of the benign active ingredients that are in it. It doesn't cause any prickly heating sensations like some of the others. I have been actively involved

Cancer Council Insect Repellent Sunscreen

Latest review: Its great and it really works because it actually keeps flies away but umm the really bad thing was that you cant use it everyday because it can be dangerous so I didnt like that part about that. So

Cancer Council Active Dry Touch Sunscreen

Latest review: Bought this because I thought Cancer Council, so it must be good... unfortunately not the case for me. Although it absorbed well and was non greasy, It left a stinging/burning sensation on the

Cancer Council Peppa Pig Sunscreen

Latest review: For someone that had not been in the sun for over 5 months, I was dubious about going out on a spur of the moment trip in a mates boat due to lack of sun protection on my legs and feet. The only

Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen

Latest review: My 4 yo boy was using kids sunscreen spf 50+ in a purple/yellow tube in the beginnig of summer just fine, when ran out bought another one and after 2 days of using it - he had bad eczema around mouth

Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+

Latest review: Used product on friend skin peeled 15mins after applying as did my friends husband.He also peeled....I had previously used it on my friend with no problem. Why did this