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Femfresh Freshening & Soothing Wipes

Latest review: Small purse size provides a refreshing clean feeling. Ideal after a big walk, gym workout if you have no time to shower. Ideal for periods as well. Will buy

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Latest review: I am so in love with this self tan! Super easy to apply and the colour is absolutely the most perfect bronze goddess brown! girl is glowing over here

Loving Tan 2 Hr Express

Latest review: I can't explain how amazing Loving Tan products are. Honestly have no idea how I would live without them. The 2 hour express tan in dark is so perfect for girls who are just not patient and need to


Latest review: Probably one of the best tampons I’ve used. The fibres hold together even after it had been completely saturated. It doesn’t fall apart and it holds the heaviest flow in my opi

Oscar Razor

Latest review: Received my Oscar shaving set in the mail today, what an experience on using for the first time today. I normally would do two complete passes to obtain a satisfactory shave. My Oscar feels so firm

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk

Latest review: I love this body wash. I use this every night when I have more time for to wash my body, it lathers smoothly with a loofah and leaves my skin

Ego QV Body Wash

Latest review: I really wanted to like this product because QV is a good brand but this wash made the skin on my groin feel like it was burning (as if there was a menthol or something in it) and with a week of use

Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion

Latest review: So I have never been one to use moisturiser or fake tan but I figured before our trip to QLD I would start getting a tan to fade out the white. I use it all over my body and it doesn't feel oily or

Ego QV Bath Oil

Latest review: I have used this product for my 4 month old son as he has developed mild eczema and it has helped to get us great results! We tried a number of alternative brands, and QV definitely had the best

MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant

Latest review: I suddenly started getting itchiness and infection of my underarms last year. I decided to try a natural product such as moo goo and I haven’t looked back. It reduces sweating and I don’t smell at all

MooGoo Milk Wash

Latest review: MooGoo Milk Wash is kind and gentle on my combination skin. It never leaves me feeling greasy or dry like other brands, particularly supermarket brands, do. I love that it's Australian made by an

No Pong

Latest review: This deodorant is great: all natural, plastic-free, and effective all day long. I really love the fragrance too. I wish it were available in stores near me. Only downside: it can leave white streaks

Lux Body Wash

Latest review: Fantastic product. Has the perfect texture, scent and 'after-glow' that you'd ever hope for in a no-irritant body wash. I've tried many soapy over-scented body washes which leave you feeling itchy

Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU

Latest review: This could have been the best shaver I ever owned. The thing cuts flawlessly when it’s working! However, the battery is complete rubbish and for me I cannot buy a third one after two duds. My second d

Le Tan Fast Tan Foaming Mousse

Latest review: I must start by saying I've used this product and others in the range regularly and it works really well for me when applied with a proper mitt. Unfortunately, my skin was meant to remain in Ireland

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Latest review: this is a good soap, i love how it smells and everytime I go out of the bathroom, I feel more confident. it makes my skin feel smooth and soft, even if I have to skip putting on a lotion, I don't

Simple Pure Soap

Latest review: Tallowate ingredient would never use a product from animal fats on my skin. Never bought the horrible soap but now my mother will not ever again either. Read the ingredients and research but I knew

Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash

Latest review: I have been using dove body wash for mant years now. Dove's smell is my favorite smell in all the body wash! And your skin will feel silky and moisture~ you can get a good value from costco~I will k

Braun Series 7

Latest review: Have been using this most days before work for about a year now. It has not failed me at all. The battery life is very good. The shave is nice and close without any irritation. It sits well in

Fresca Natural Deodorant

Latest review: I was given one of these to try and just thought a deodorant's a deodorant ... no big deal. I started using this every other day not wanting to give up my usual one, but soon found I was using this

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