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Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen

Cancer Council Ultra Sunscreen

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I live in New Zealand. Aussie’s - class action lawsuit?

Terrible sunburn as everyone else seemed to experience. Australia - you should sue the manufacturer. It’s abhorrent and dangerous to sell this.


Terrible sunscreen. No protection; followed instructions for use and still got burnt. Not only did I get burnt but I broke out in a terrible rash. Would not recommend!

Worst Sunburn i have ever had. Do not buy!

I purchased this product from coles. it was a factor 50.
I am very stringent in applying sun-cream for myself and children. We went to the beach which wasn't the hottest of days. We were only there about 3 hours and we applied the cream regularly. I have the worst sunburn i have ever experienced and couldn't go out of the house for 4 days as i couldn't were underwear or clothes as i was just too sore. I am on the 6th day and i am still sore and peeling. When i lived in the UK we used to go on holiday to enjoy the sun and i have never had really bad sunburn and we would be out in the sun for a couple of weeks. My children terribly burnt also (thankfully they had more coverage). This upset me terribly as i know what damage this can mean for my children as they get older and now living in a hot climate. When looking at reviews after this has happen it seems to be a common theme. Why is this item not been recalled or looked into!!
I used another Sun-cream brand on my face and neck (special one for face application) and i didn't burn at all so it must be the sun-cream as there is no other explanation.

Disgusting this is cancer council sunscreen

Both my husband and I used this sunscreen liberally whilst out at the beach for 2 hours. We were both burnt despite the application. Thankfully we had applied another brand to our 20 month old toddler who did not get burnt. This sunscreen is going in the BIN! Will never buy again.

Cancer Council Ultra SPF50+ applied more than recommended, yet we all still burned

This item should not be on the shelves! We purchased this as it was on sale, in future we wont be making that mistake again. We all applied this product generously and well within the 2 hours recommended yet we all still badly burned to the point of blisters! My wife used another companies SPF50+ on her face which completely protected her face but the rest of her body is severely burned with blisters

Never use this product!!!

I made sure that we applied a thick layer of this sunscreen every hour, and unfortunately we still ended up getting burnt. The product should be pulled from the shelves.

Terrible sunburn

As others have described, my husband and I applied the 50+ sunscreen every hour and we’re severly burnt. Disappointed in this sunscreen. It should be discontinued.

Bad sunburn

My daughter got the worst sunburn ,So disappointed it was 50+ Cancer Council. This product should be taken of the market. I will never be using Cancer council sunscreen again.not happy

Should not use if you live in any climate with heat

Here I am thinking I’ll enjoy a nice summers day in my backyard. I apply the spf 50 sport sunscreen, wait 30 minutes because I I’ve been caught out by that trick before. Go out in my garden thinking I’m going to be well protected by the lotion, I am very wrong. Two days later I’m applying prescribed steroid cream because I have 2nd degree burns to my back and legs. If anything this sunscreen magnifies UV, definitely do not recommend.

Worst stuff ever invented

“Cancer Council” they say, does absolutely nothing. Applied 5 times in one day yet still got burnt in every place i applied it. I do not recommend this stuff as it is fake advertising.

Yes... you burn. With 50+

Like others I’m quite shocked that the ‘cancer council’ lends their name to such a terrible product. Despite wearing 50+ and reapplying I also burned after 90 mins or so in the sun. Avoid this product.

Badly burnt

In Noosa and using Ultra 50+. My wife had burnt shoulders despite detailed thorough application. I got badly burnt so was particularly cautious today. Now I’m even worse. I have never left poor reviews of products but this is a warning to those looking to purchase this. I’m binning the $50 spent on a variety of these products and going back to Hamilton, a product I never should have left but thought Cancer Council would be the absolute best. How wrong I was. Just glad it was me and not my 3 year old and 4 month old sun.

Daughter burnt terribly

We used cancer council 50+ on my daughter, applied it and reapplied another 3 times - she has never been so burnt. She has blisters the size of 50cent pieces. It is so upsetting.


Both my children have developed a rash after using this sunscreen. My daughter woke up with puffy eyes and face the following day too.
Diagnosis - contact dermatitis.
Terrible product - clearly a number of people affected and I wish I had googled the screen first.
Buy another product!

Please do not use! Horrible rash on my son's face.

We have the Cancer Council 50+ sunscreen and it has left my son with a horrible rash on both his cheeks a day after using said sunscreen - he looks like he has slapcheek it's that bad. His skin is red raw and bumpy. I'm horrified and I'm kicking myself I didn't read any reviews before purchasing. It's going in the bin. Please don't use this on anyone especially your children.

Problems when trying to use..Will not purchase again.

I carry sunscreen in my excursion pack to top up protection periodically during the day..
Two years ago I got caught short when on two occasions the 50+ roll on would not apply. That's 2 failures. The manufacturer replaced and a bit more after I returned to Australia.
This year same again with the 50+ Active Dry touch. The pump would not deliver product as it had congealed inside. This was extremely annoying particularly as it was thrice burnt and now forever shy of using Cancer Council sunscreen again. Replacement product was offered but declined

My must have for all water sports

SPF 50+ Watersport spray is my must have when I travel for watersport event. so easy to apply and you don't feel sticky afterward. I followed the instruction: apply every 2 hours and no sunburnt

Do not buy Cancer Council sunscreen

I recently went to Sumatra and bought the Cancer Council Watersport 50+ sunscreen. I got fried for the first two days and then started using my friends’ sunscreens - 3 different brands. I did not get burnt again. This is a terrible product. It is astonishing that the Cancer Council gives their name to a product that could increase your chance of cancer.

Worst sunscreen ever used.

My son applied regularly and he has the worst sunburn that i have seen. So disappointed in Cancer Council. This product should be taken of the market. I will never be using Cancer council sunscreen again.

Be aware of having skin cancer after you put this sunscreen on you!!!

Both of my 8-year-old son and I had serious reaction from the Cancer Council SPF50 sunscreen. My boy's rash on his face was so terrible that he had to get medicated for a week for the rash to finally go away. I thought that it happened because my boy has sensitive skin. But I was very wrong. I used this same Cancer Council SPF50 sunscreen for the past two days because I finished my favourite sunscreen. Guess what? I had really bad allergic reaction to it also. My cheeks and forhead turned rediculously red like they were being burnt by the fire. It's painful and itchy. My husband was so shocked to see my face like this. I just called up the Cancer Council customer service line to complain about their cheap product and chuck the sunscreen in the bin.

I am writing a review here to let other people know about how bad the Cancer Council sunscreen is so people don't waste their money and harm their skin. Look at all the terrible review people left here. How dare them for such a well-known company selling such cheap quality products to make a profit! At this very moment when I'm typing this review, I'm also scratching my face because it is so itchy. My son just made a joke about this company. He said, "Cancer Council makes the well-known cancer sunscreen! You put their sunscreen on, you get skin cancer! That's why the company is called Cancer Council!" How funny is that!

The customer service line just had someone calling me and said that the problem is not due to the fault from the products but due to my skin sensetivity. She said that what she can do is
to suggest that I go to my doctor to have a test for knowing which sunscreen I can use and which one I can not... thank you very much for what you can do for me. I hung up her phone. I mean, is she really serious?

The previous customer is so right. I'm gonna say it too! Cancer Council, shame on you! Your products suck! your customer service sucks even more! What a horrible company!

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I applied Cancer Council 50+ yesterday afternoon and inadvertently rubbed it into my left eye. The stinging was painful and I was unable to open my eye for several hours. I did wash it out with water which helped a little. However this morning my eye is still not right and my vision is blurry. What can I do?
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I would go to a GP and get some antibiotic drops u have an infection / irritation

I am using Cancer Council SPF50+, particularly on my arms when I play golf. This season I have had a sharp reaction: blotchy red marks, skin irritation, itchiness. In previous years I have used a different brand with NO reaction at all. Is it the Cancer Council sunscreen? I don't know, but can't think of any other possible source. It has been persisting for a month now, and has barely eased after I stopped using the sunscreen and took to wearing long sleeved shirts. Next stop is to see my doctor.
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having purchased Cancer Council 50+ sport sunscreen as the usual brands of Ego and Hamilton that I buy were not available I have been disgusted and appalled. Used it for the first and last time yesterday and got extremely burnt whilst outdoors and not in direct sun for a little over an hour. I have had the skin condition of vitiligo for most of my life, 42 years so the lack of protection was especially damaging. I would like to know why this product is even on the market given your lack of reputable quality testing, or at least clear and explicit warnings at point of sale.
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