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Cancer Council Sport Sunscreen

Cancer Council Sport Sunscreen

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I will be discarding this product

Used this sunscreen yesterday for the first time, I ended up with a red and bumpy rash on my face the morning after. My husband also did not like the product and said it was very greasy. Now I know why it was on special at the pharmacy!. Don’t buy this product.

Very rare for me to make the time to post a review but this product warrants it!

Recently had some visitors from the Netherlands (fair skinned) who on the day of their departure gave this sunscreen to me with the comment it was 'excellent'. I have my favourite sunscreen I've used for quite some time and was surprised to find this product was in fact excellent - more like a moisturiser than a typical sunscreen:- no ghosting, easy to apply and most importantly effective. I have psoriasis and very sensitive skin so was surprised at the comments on here. Highly recommend this product.

Awful product!

Used this twice on my son and me. Adhered to the guidelines about applying 20 mins before going into sun. We both got burnt like we were wearing no sunscreen at all!


As far as sunscreens go, no one needs it more than a fair skinned red head. This sunscreen is beyond terrible.
1st, it's the most oily sunscreen on the market. I applied it at 2pm today, my arms have been sticky and greasy since (now 9pm).
2nd, it barely works no matter how much I apply.
3rd, due to the oiliness and residing on your skin for SO long after application it's a nightmare to apply on your face. If you sweat AT ALL on your forehead you'll be in for a world of pain as it reaches your eyes.
Absolutely appalling product.

Sunscreen that gives you rashes and skin reactions

My family used this sunscreen for 2 days at Disneyland (so no water exposure), my son broke out in a rash around his neck and my wife's skin around her eyes reacted terribly and ended up pealing after looking like lizzard skin for a day. All symptons disappeared within a few days after switching to another sunscreen. I had no reaction at all but i found its sun protection to be poor and i was reapplying every 2 - 3 hours. It is a real shame as i have previously liked their products.

Cancer Council Sport 50+ Avoid this product!

We used the Cancer Council 50+ Sport Sunscreen, it was a new bottle and we followed the directions. But still my 5 year old daughter has severe sunburn on her back and shoulders. I spoke to the chemist about what to use to help her. The chemist told me about how a lot of people have had problems with this brand of sunscreen. How is this sunscreen still for sale? It should be taken off the market! I dont know how the cancer council can sell and promote a product that obviously does not work. It is very upsetting and I from now on will be buying zinc based sun protection and a different brand.

Misleading SPF protection and severe skin irritation

I recently used the Cancer Council 50+ Sports Sunscreen (new formula). Applied generously, reapplied and was in the shade with exception of 20 min ocean swim. Servers skin iteration on face and chest, with sunburn and blisters to face, back and chest areas. Do not use this product.

Very Angry.

I have used the cancer council Sport 50 plus on two occasions now, and have been burnt on both. The first time I applied it correctly and my face was very burnt and sore. I had my doubts as I knew I had applied but I gave it a go again today. I applied it once whilst inside, and then again fifteen minutes later, as I didn't want to take the chance. I then waited 20 minutes before I went outside. I went for a swim for around 30 minutes, and was inside again with ten minutes from that. I have fair skin and have pre skin cancers removed before so am very careful . The only time I don't wear a hat is when I am swimming, to go under water, and I limit my time to 30 minutes max after applying this sunscreen. So paying top dollar for a very important product to protect me, I am really really annoyed to find that I again got sunburn today. I am now off to the doctor to have my skin checked. I am not risking it again by using this product.

Reaction to Cancer Council Watersport SPF50+ suncream

I bought the Cancer Council Watersport SPF50+ sunscreen (the one with the limited-edition Disney Finding Dory snow globe top) for my 7yo daughter and I at Denmark Supa IGA on 3 Jan 2017 for use while camping. We applied it each day up to 8 Jan and increasingly we both became increasingly red each day on our faces, like we had got sunburnt, not realising it was a reaction to the suncream itself. After a couple of days our skin began to sting while applying the cream, and after a few days began to peel, as if we had been badly sun-burnt. My daughter had to put ice on it before going to bed to relieve the pain. I've only just heard the news it is the suncream itself. We had also been wearing wide brimmed hats and had limited our time in the sun, keeping under cover for much of the day, so it just seemed ridiculous that we could be getting burnt!

Warning Cancer Council 50+ Sport Sunscreen allergic reaction

My wife used Warning Cancer Council 50+ Sport Sunscreen on her chest and throat the other day. She came home with a rash around her necklace line. Thought it was some reaction to the old necklace but used the sunscreen again the next day and got a reaction worse than the first one. We are never buying this sunscreen again!

Think it should be called tanning lotion

We used this a few weeks ago I hadn't been in the sun for a while and was determined to not get burnt so I called on the sunscreen I GOT BURNT !! I had reapplied twice during the day I was not impressed thought it must have been me because I hadn't been in the sun so Saturday when I went out again I put stacks on and reapplied I was in the sun for less than 4 hours but re applied any way and I look like a lobster !! Friends used my sunscreen thinking cancer council one excellent !! They are all lobsters too !! And only in the spots we put sunscreen won't be buying this brand again !

Do not like!

I used this sunscreen on my face, shoulders, neck and chest everything else was covered in a SPF 30+ tanning sunscreen and I am more burnt where I have used the cancer council sport sunscreen SPF 30+ than where I haven't! I do not recomend this sunscreen to anyone! It's very oily when on the skin and does not protect like it should!


This product is fabulous for outdoor activites and water activites as its long wearing and provides high spf 30 protection. This product isnt really suitable for the face as cosmetically it makes skin look very oily and doesnt rub in easily. It needs to be more matte for the face. But great for body.
this sunscreen provides great protection while outdoors and in the water. I used this product while skiing a few weeks ago and helped my skin not to dry out and also didnt need to be applied very much.
A bit greasy, makes skin look very oily and feels very oily,

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Sport Sunscreen
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