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Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Custom

Latest review: I have two of these boards. As far as shape goes… They just work for me. I have a 6’4 and a 6’6 I am 6’4, 105kg The 6’4 is the magic size for me. I have found both boards are built well, and despite

Goofboard Balance Board

Latest review: This product is high quality. It simulates the surf experience in your living room (especially longboard). It's fun and would be good exercise and training for any heel to toe board-sport (e.g.,

Sanctum Scud

Latest review: I surf a SCUD in 6'3" at 39L. 100kg surfer, strong intermediate who has been surfing for 5 years and surfs 5 days a week. A quick glance at the Scud and you can see an original Lost Rocket

Channel Islands Fishcuit

Latest review: Very fast and skatey feel, but catches waves easily, takes some adjustment due to width of tail and low rocker but very fun after getting used to the ride. makes crappy surf fun! makes terrible waves

Lost Rocket

Latest review: We have all heard about this one, the world famous Lost Rocket. I still think that this is quite possibly the most popular board model of all time! Big call i know but as an agent for this boards

JS Industries Revolution

Latest review: I had the 5'7 x 19 x 2 1/4 - 25L. At 5'7 and 63Kg it was a bit big for me but It surfed very well. Smooth and would transition between turns without a problem. Easy to cutback without catching rail.

Bic 9'4" Noserider Longboard

Latest review: Solid and super durable construction - read can be surfed for years and never go for repairs. But it is a delight to paddle and ride. Rides great from up front whilst being stable and predicable from

Sanctum Box 'N dice

Latest review: I've bought many boards from Sanctum and I think they're great value and very good boards. Had two of the Switch which are great boards. Why spend a grand on an Al Merrick when you can have two of

Redback X-Trainer

Latest review: Steers well, stable, comfortable to stand on. The handle is wonderful. Lacks cool but so functional. Not too heavy Not fragile and unlikely to dent car Non fragile , great handle, good

JS Industries Pier Pony

Latest review: Good Board. Takes a few surfs to get used to as it was so small length wise. I have the 4'10" and am 5'7 62kg. Good planing speed and easy to turn. It seems to work better in fuller cleaner waves

Mctavish Fireball Evolution

Latest review: Rode a red Fireball for 11 years, awesome in all conditions. It copped a few beatings and survived them all with minor repairs needed. Pretty much the only board I rode all of this time. I was

Channel Islands Proton

Latest review: Their promotion of a Fiji trip competition via facebook state's that it is for " Ladies " only.... this is clearly a sexist organisation that does not support families. I suggest you give them a miss

Modern Blackbird

Latest review: My 8 foot blackbird thickness is listed as 3 inches. Measured it and it is slightly more than 2 inches at rail. It is 3 inches at the very maximum cross section in the middle of the board. This

Haydenshapes Psychedelic Germ Custom

Latest review: Bought my first Germ from Mona Vale, Sydney this year. It was a 5'10, not future flex and i picked it up for 500 bucks as it had been in the store for a while. I'm 6'2 and weigh 82. First surf i was

JS Industries Mystery

Latest review: I also found mine to easily ding too. And after owning the board for about 2 years was in soft 3-4 foot surf, deep water at south curly - when it clean snapped in half. I contacted JS to see if they

Channel Islands MTF Altered

Latest review: is pretty average i thought it was going to be awesome but i wasnt too happy with it. i really gave a real good go but it didnt work too well in average waves. it went well in good waves but not many

7S Super Fish 3 CV

Latest review: Had a few 7s boards now. Just do yourself a favour and listen to this review. Dont buy them. Moved their production to china and are using the worst foam ever. Literally looks like 150 or just

Liquid Lines Gliding Fish

Latest review: Floats well, has speed, takes the knocks, likes the solid shore breaks, No complaints in 2’ to 6’ waves, easy to paddle, catches waves man, easy to carry under arm, tried different fins and didn’t sli

Channel Islands Warp

Latest review: Recently bought a Channel Islands Spine tek - excited to test something new. during my first surf, the board was responsive and sharp, however, it suffered a crease on the nose on my third wave on

Lost Rapid Fire Stealth