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Colgate Total

Latest review: Leaves an awful taste and feeling in my mouth, like some chemical residue has been left behind that I'm forced to swallow in my saliva as I eat breakfast, or at night as I sleep. Not even going to

Colgate Optic White

Latest review: Thought I would give this product a try to whiten the teeth either side of my front teeth that had veneers fitted a few years ago due to an impact injury. After using this toothpaste for just a

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Latest review: I bought this as I was experiencing settling in pain after a crown and root canal was performed on a front side tooth. I would rub this onto the surrounding gum area and it did relieve the

Colgate Advanced Whitening

Latest review: I bought this thinking it would be milder than Colgate's more potent Optic White. After a few days I have a bad ulcer inside the top of my mouth which feels like a cut. I have disposed the rest of

Colgate Cavity Protection

Latest review: It is easy to use and I have used it for many years. 130 g One only has to pump the top of it. It is great. Why are you not producing it any more? My chemist told me today as I was buying the last

Colgate NeutraFluor 5000

Latest review: In 2002, at 49 years, I had to have my salivary glands removed from one side due to cancer (natural way of fighting tooth cavities). I was advised by my Dental Professor to use Colgate Gelcam 1 x

Colgate Max Fresh

Latest review: I've just started using the Colgate MaxFresh and found it very good. I do recommend it as it has a nice flavour and refreshes your mouth at the same time. Only gave it a 4 star rating as I notice

Colgate 2 in 1

Latest review: Have used this product twice mainly due to its really strong flavor (I prefer this) but as a whitening product I cannot say it makes any difference. Its not cheap but I liked the container which is