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Colgate Total

Colgate Total

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Colgate Total

I have always use Colgate but the new and improved formula is terrible! I thought it may have been the type of toothpaste, bought a different tube of Colgate and still leaves a horrible lingering taste in my mouth.
Will be buying another brand of toothpaste from now on.

Purchased in March 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Why change something that was great!

Using the new Colgate mint stripe toothpaste last night for the first time, after being warned by my adult children that it was disgusting, has left a most horrible taste in my mouth like not cleaning teeth after eating sugar! The horrible taste still remains this morning. The soapy taste when cleaning was also unpleasant.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Ghastly new product

I have no idea what they think they're doing, but the new improved 'original' doesn't taste right and leaves my teeth feeling as if they've been coated in something. I actually hate this toothpaste now. Colgate was my favourite, and it seems as if they have 'improved' every single one of their products. Going to have to change brands.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $3.00.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Horrible soapy taste

I have used Colgate Total for many years but the last 2 tubes I purchased were unusable. Both Pro Clean Breath and Advanced Fresh taste like soap and I can't use them. I couldn't even find a batch number on the tube and wonder where they are produced and what went wrong.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $7.00.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Had to throw out

I've used colgate all my life and like it but my wife bought a tube of this stuff and I thought she pranked me, and it tastes like a bar of soap. Lol. What were they thinking. Sorry but it tastes terrible. Bit of a waste but its in the bin.

Tastes like soap

I'm specifically referring to Colgate Total Pro Clean Breath. It tastes like soap. It's absolutely disgusting. How can Colgate actually want to sell something that is so disgusting. That's another tube that I have to throw out. Did they actually survey customers before selling it? It tastes like actual soap and is revolting and unusable. The normal Colgate Whitening is good but this Colgate Total Pro Clean Breath is the most horrible toothpaste ever.

Best Toothpaste ever

Be proud to smile; use Colgate toothpaste. Colgate toothpaste is definitely one of the best teeth cleaning products in the market. It keeps your mouth feeling fresh while keeping your hygiene up to the standard of dentists. It serves its purpose of improving gum health, strengthening enamel, fighting cavities, and so much more. I have personally been using Colgate toothpaste for most of my life and it has never let me down. Colgate toothpaste is without a doubt the best product to use. Deciding to use Colgate toothpaste will be the best decision you can make; even your dentist will be impressed. Bright smiles mean bright future.
Compared to Colgate other toothpaste brands like Crest, Arm and Hammer, Sensodyne, Mentadent and many others pale in comparison. They become irrelevant to your life when you can get the whole hygiene care package with just having to use one product. The colgate toothpaste product is widely known around the world and is easy to spot on the shelves of your prefered supermarket with its appealing design and eye catching red coat. It will stand out next to the other bland brands of paste so you never have to stop and look to hard to find Colgate toothpaste. It will always be at your fingertips.
To add on, Colgate toothpaste is affordable and will ensure you save your hard earned money with its low prices and generous deals. It is efficient, affordable, and effective for people of all classes, religion, and culture. While the prices may vary depending on your choice of store the most common price range at your local Walmart and Target for the average Colgate total clean mint whitening toothpaste is $1.99. The Advanced Colgate total whitening toothpaste is as little as $4.99 while other brands like Crest, and Pepsodent can cost up to $6.99 or more and still leave much to be desired with their performance.
Colgate is guaranteed to leave your mouth feeling fresh and confident the whole day, while less effective brands dent your wallet and leave dentists around the world frowning. Colgate toothpaste is without a doubt the best toothpaste to use for its affordable prices, minty freshness, hygiene performances, and effectiveness at completing the desired tasks one looks for and expects from their toothpaste.

Misleading about whiting teeth

I've used the Colgate whitling teeth toothpaste although it cleans my teeth ok it doesn't whiten them I find this very misleading at £2.99 in my local supermarket i feel its a rip of

My go-to toothpaste.

My family have always used Colgate toothpaste, and I've always found it leaving my mouth fresh and clean. I'm almost 20 now and been using it my whole life, I've never had a filling! It's never irritated my tongue or gums. It does the job really well, highly recommended. It's also readily available in supermarkets.

It's my teeth companion

Colgate is a good brand! I've been using it for quite some times now and I just got the advanced whitening, I hope it will be like the rest. Nice packaging but a little bit on the high side. Too many imitations in the Nigerian market.

Hate it

I have been a using oral b clinical for tge past couple of years and decided to switch things up and use colgate. It cleaned my teeth for the time being but a couple of hours later could feel that furry feeling on my teeth. After a couple of days my teeth were getting yellower. So disappointed couldn't stand to use the whole tube so threw it in the bin and moved back to oral b.

Leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh

I’ve always used Colgate since I was a little child, and I have had no reason to change brands at all. Although I’ve tried other brands – I usually feel that my mouth feels fresher with Colgate total. My teeth feel cleaner, and my mouth feels minty fresh. The only downside is that the prices are going up – but I guess that’s inflation for you. All in all, I don’t see me shifting my brand loyalties for many many years.

Made My Skin Peel And The Sides Of My Lips Dry And Bleeding

Got my braces so have to do more brushing but, this toothpaste was very bad it made my lips so dry and bleeding from the sides because I had cuts on both sides for about a week. It might work for others but for me it didn't, had very bad experience.

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Hi Soso, we’re sorry to learn about your experience, but we’re happy to help. Please contact our Consumer Affairs team on 1800 802 307 so we can get some more details form you and try to recommend a toothpaste that better suits your needs.

Toothpaste that's not paste

I can still remember when toothpaste used to be a paste. I found Colgate Fluorigard Cavity Protection toothpaste to be a watery mush. Colgate has the gall to call this watered down stuff a "paste"!

very good product

I often buy Colgate total toothpaste in the supermarkets or a pharmacy and found them to be excellent though sometimes I am lazy and don't use them / when I am having sore teeth I would reach for the Colgate toothpaste that doesn't work I just repeat the process / I totally recommend Colgate toothpaste to anyone as it always works for me / good that reminds me I need to buy some more new Colgate toothpaste as mine has probably gone out of useby date by

The best toothpaste

I find that only colgate total provides an all over clean feel and lasting fresh smell. After using many different kinds of toothpaste i always find myself coming back to colgate total. My whole mouth feels fresh for hours longer then it does with other toothpastes and my breath smells fresh between brushing. I also love the new tube shape! Makes it easier for squeezing out onto the brush and keep the top clean.
Fresh for longer

ColgateTotal: pleasant "on teeth" texture and cleans tea stains and blueberry juice from teeth well.

I've tried a variety of "super clean" type toothpaste (including Macleans Extreme Clean, Sensodyne Pronamel gentle whitening etc) and Colgate Total does a great job. It has a pleasant texture on your teeth as you brush, with no unpleasant Baking Soda bitterness or a grainy/ chalk-like texture that other brands have. It does a great job removing tannin stains from teeth as well as the other anti-oxidant/ anthocyanin stains (such as grape skins, blueberries, peppers, beetroot).
An extra bonus is that Colgate Total (haven't used the "whitening" type in the photo) is a white toothpaste, so no unpleasant, red or orange or green or blue blobs (from certain brands of triple-stripe toothpastes) in or around the basin after messy people have cleaned their teeth.
Quite inexpensive, does what it says on the box


I don't usually use toothpaste with fluoride in it but recently my husband bought some and we were out so I tried it. I really didn't like that it turned the tip of my tongue numb, what sort of chemical does that? It can't be good for you! Not something I would buy or use again and not something I would recommend to others.
Does leave your mouth feeling very clean.
There is something in this toothpaste that leaves my mouth feeling numb for awhile after I brush, and I don't like that. It tastes a bit chemically.

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Worst review ever


This is a good toothpaste and does it's job, keeps my teeth nice and white and feeling clean for longer. The texture of the toothpaste is much more pleasant in taste. Not a toothpaste we can use for the whole family, but then adult teeth and infant teeth are not quite the same. Cardboard packaging for recycling. Comes in different sizes, but we find the larger sized toothpaste more economical. Overall, would recommend this toothpaste for it's reasonable pricing, and ability to keep teeth white and clean.
I like the texture of this toothpaste and it cleans your teeth well.
No problems that I have noted.


this is a great all round toothpaste, this can be used by anyone. This is everything you want in a toothpaste all in one tube - whitening, fresh breath, tartar control.
This toothpaste is very well priced, often on special at the supermarket.
Would recommend this to anyone, even good for children if they use a little bit at a time. I only use this toothpaste and i havent had a tooth cabity for 8 years.
very reasonably priced and comes in a large tube. Whitened my teeth very gently over 2 weeks. not too harsh and leaves my teeth feeling very smooth after brushing. Keeps my breath fresh.

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What fluorine derivative ised in this product?
2 answers
According to the box in my cupboard, it's 0.22% w/w Sodium Fluoride. Also contains Triclosan. Hope this helped.If you want a proper fluoride treatment see your dentist / if you can afford it I suggest it it tastes like banana / if you can't afford it you could use the federal government dentist by phoning their 1300 number


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