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Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

2.0 from 52 reviews

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Weird sensation

I'm not sure what causes it but my lips and tongue goes numb when I use this toothpaste. It's kind of like a tingling first then numbing
The taste isn't pleasant either and it makes me salivate heaps. I don't recommend it.

Purchased in March 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Not yet sure about the product BUT give a miss to the Twist Cap and Flat Container.

Title says it all. Please let me know when I can take my second box back to the retailer for my money back. What can I say to use up 7 words.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Painful burning tongue... numb gums. What changed in this Product? No Warnings.. No Notice on Packaging

I had used this product with no side effects for more than 10 years. Starting in December I started to notice changes to my mouth. I had dental work done in December and thought it was a reaction.. that would ease. No... my mouth continued to get worse. My gums numbed.. my tongue burned... all food tasted like metal. I worked on eliminated everything that I changed... only a week ago... did I twig.. to my toothpaste... the same as the past 10 years... I didn't change ... it did... but i have no idea what changed. After being on vacation for 8 days... i realized that I used a different toothpaste than Colgate... during this time my mouth stopped burning... and i began to feel better.... but of course once i returned home... i started reusing my normal toothpaste...

Now after 5 days...my mouth feels like it has been through a cheese grater... but the burning has stopped and my numb gums are beginning to feel something again. I will never use Colgate products again. I have alerted my dentist... and it became apparent that other patients were suffering from similar effects. But as we are NOT new users it took a lot of work to isolate the issue.

Purchased in December 2009 for $5.99.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Colgate Pro Relief made my tongue sting was so bad it was waking me in the night

I have always used colgate toothpaste but this product really should carry a health warning. I've been using it for 10 weeks after having a sensitive tooth following dental treatment. After a further dental treatment my tongue starting stinging to the point it was so sore it would wake me during the night. I thought it was an allergy from dental materials and told my dentist that I might need the very expensive work he did on a bridge removed if my mouth didn't improve, never once suspecting it was the colgate sensitive pro relief toothpaste causing all the stinging in my tongue. I'd switched to it from Sensodyne as it was cheaper and read somewhere it was more effective. My mouth feels like I've been sucking on a hot poker, will never use again! Colgate really ought to put a warning on it that it could affect some people adversely.

Purchased in January 2019.

It's not just me

My husband swears by this product, but my teeth have been aching and hard to bite down on even porridge. It is on both sides and top and bottom teeth. I'm glad it isn't my imagination.

Purchased in December 2018.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Throw it away, don’t use it

Yes, after 2 days i woke up with burning my gums, it was recommended to me by a friend, wish I hadn't bothered it was more expensive than my usual brand,

Purchased in March 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No


My dentist recommended this toothpaste and initially it really worked for my sensitive teeth, however, after a few weeks I was suffering with a really dry mouth and ultra sensitive teeth, because this toothpaste was recommended by a dentist I did not think for one second it was the problem and continued to use the product until my gums were that sore I was convinced I was losing my teeth to gum disease, I also had several painful mouth ulcers and it was only at that point I thought it could be the toothpaste. After two days of not using the product I still have a sore mouth but it is definitely improving and the toothpaste was definitely the culprit, the mouth dryness has stopped. The only use for this toothpaste is using it as a wood/plaster filler around the house!

Sore bleeding gums

Just after two days of using this toothpaste my gums are bleeding and very sore! Im in so much pain now I had to take Panadol.
Btw the blue tube pro - relief has better ingredients than the green one. The green tube has more nasties and this is the troubled one. I should check the ingredients before I purchased it.

Deals with sensitivity!

I love this product, its often on sale and is a nice upright tube, I experience horrible sensitivity in my teeth, especially in Summer as Air Conditioning triggers it bad! as good as sensodyne if not better!

The twist cap is crap

I have attempted 3 times to lodge this complaint with Colgate the online using the "Contact Us" form (it coventley does not work).
The twist cap is crap. When I brush my teeth in the shower I find it nearly impossible to twist the cap off and on again with wet hands, I have to get out of the shower (wet) and then use a (dry) towel in order to get a decent grip to twist open the cap and then have to leave it off until I finish having a shower in order to twist it back on.
Just to make sure it wasn't just me I asked my wife who had dry hands to twist off the cap and even she struggled to twist it off and on again.
Your product it VERY POORLY designed. You need to test this stuff before you release it onto the market. I don't know who designed the cap but he or she needs to try it before it is submitted for production. I think we will be finding a better product next purchase, one that can be opened (used) without having to go to war..... it is not much use if you can't use it.
This crap CAP infuriates me.

Also find that like others ... it makes my teeth worse.

Now my whole mouth hurts

I had been using another toothpaste but my husband wanted to save money. I tried this toothpaste. The first few days my mouth was like cotton, so dry. Then my whole mouth felt raw and would burn especially when eating or drinking. I thought it had to be something else. Then I got little blisters on my inner lips and cheek. Its not worth the pain to save a few dollars.

Made my teeth super sensitive and painful!!

I usually use Sensodyne as I have sensitive teeth. I decided to give this Colgate sensitive pro brand a go as it was cheaper and found after less than a week of using it, my teeth became overly sensitive not just to cold things or food but sensitive and throbbing pain 24/7. nothing relieved the pain until I switched back to Sensodyne. Was such an awful experience and took a while for the pin to go away.

It made my teeth super sensitive

Yes.. my teeth became much more sensitive when both brushing and rinsing. It gave no 'sensitive pro relief' at all. It was actually the complete opposite. The reason I bought this product was because I have sensitive teeth and they sometimes become super sensitive when I brush them, eat sugary foods, cold drinks etc. I found no relief whilst using this product. Sorry

Colgate sensitive pro PAINFUL

I’ve had similar reactions to using this toothpaste.
Very painful when rinsing afteruse.
Thought it might get easier, but no.
As for the tube being difficult to empty, I always cut the tube open (whatever the brand) when exhausted, and generally get another weeks worth out.
Too expensive to throw out when there’s so much left.

Sensitive burning tongue

This product tastes revolting and feels like it burns your tongue, even long after rinsing it off. I'm sure it's causing more harm than good. After using it for a week my teeth are even more sensitive to cold water. Horrible and I wouldn't even pinch a free sample.

Like product

I like the actual protect, but being an aged pensioner with arthritis in my fingers I find it difficult to squeeze the tube. It is ok to start but toward the end of tube I can't squeeze it near neck of tube and end up wasting a lot of paste.
It's expensive and I can't afford to waste anything.

Very poor packaging

Hard to get paste out after the tube is less than about half full. So there's a lot left in the tube when the time comes to give up on squeezing. Paste itself is just OK. In my experience Sensodyne Original is best for sensitive teeth, but expensive.

Ouch when rinsing mouth!

I thought I'd try this toothpaste for a change even though the others I'd used worked (Sensodyne and other Colgate sensitive toothpaste) but with this one I dread rinsing my mouth out after cleaning my teeth. It has a feeling almost like when you bite into a very cold ice cream but in my inside cheeks! I think I'll have to give up on it as it is really unpleasant. Has anyone else experienced this?

Not suitable for everyone

I had been using Sensodyne toothpaste for a few years with no ill effect until I decided to try the Colgate sensitive relief pro. I noticed it left my mouth feeling very dry afterwards. After continued use I experienced a permanent numb and burning sensation on the tip of my tongue and skin of my inner lower lip. Upon seeing these reviews I realise it is the toothpaste and I'm not the only one. I will no longer using this product.


This Toothpaste seems abrasive to my inner lips and gums and makes them incredibly sore after just a short brush. I can't use this toothpaste and i will not buy again.

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