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Colgate Optic White

Colgate Optic White

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dissapointed tottally...

From one month me and my husband are using this toothpaste...now I reveal that it is making my teeth rough from inner side and sensitive to cold and hot. My gums have become weak. I feel that my teeth have become thin now. Whenever I brush my teeth, I feel that something is shedding. Yeah it whiter my teeth but weakened it also.

Purchased in February 2019 for $8.00.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement Yes

Top Product

It really works. I drink lots of coffee and I am finding great results. My teeth have never been whiter. So far i have used several tubs for 3 months now. Well worth the extra money. You get what you pay for.

Purchased in January 2019.


My teeth are healthy and I was excited about using this product to see if it would make my teeth whiter. I got sucked in by the marketing; I have been using this toothpaste for about 5 weeks and it has not whiten my teeth at all. If anything it made my gums more sensitive to cold. The marketing is a lie and the product a waste of money. I won't buy again and I don't recommend.

2 weeks use and no difference noticed.

My front two tooth have caps are white but the teeth on either side are yellowing. I observed no difference at all from daily use of the product.

I was disappointed with the result

I purchased this product because it was on sale at Woolworths and used it as per the instructions on the packet. After two weeks of using it, I can see only a very slight improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. It's certainly nothing that stands out. Also when you brush your teeth with this product you can actually feel the abrasiveness of the paste which is a worry and the aftertaste is absolutely horrible. As a toothpaste this product is OK but don't think you will end up with teeth like Jennifer Hawkins as seen in the commercials. Would not purchase this product again.

If you have sensitive teeth seek sendodyne

If you have sensitive gums / teeth consider an alternative . Very fresh though . Great clean feel but I will give to my husband who has less sensitive teeth

My go to

My partner and I are both heavy smokers and have found optic white to be the most effective reasonably priced toothpaste for fighting stains as wel as bad breath. It’s our go to for affordable toothpaste

Superior White and clean fast

Best Whitening Toothpaste would use on coffee stained teeth, will give whitening results fast and cleans good. May cause some cold sensitivity, sensitivity not as bad as previas/older whitening toothpastes of multiple brands.
Cation with how often you use this toothpaste! It does what the box says and daily toothpaste isn't this powerful. You will still see whitening using it every 2 or 3 days.


I have been using the toothpaste for a little over a week and I now have sections of my gums that are red, swollen and very sore. Will never use again. It may whiten teeth (to early for me to tell) but damages gums at the same time.

I can only feel pain

I got this because I heard it was good for teeth whitening. I was suspicious of how strongly and aggressively it smelled but ignored it. I should trust my nose more. After using it for a while, my mouth was constantly tender. My throat is damaged and I cannot eat or drink without a good amount of pain. My teeth feel sensitive and my tongue is numbed, along with my sense of taste. After I realised, I immediately stopped using it. Now I have to wait for my entire mouth to heal. So, no, I probably wouldn’t use this ever again in my entire life.

This realy works

A friend told me that his daughter used this with great results so i got some and wow it does realy work .a bit expensive at $10 but well worth it even my dentist last week told me apart from dental bleaching this is the only product he recommended

green teeth

I got this product thinking it would work well. I didn't tell my partner I was using it, I wanted to see if he noticed any difference...he did...he said my teeth looked green...I switched straight back to a regular toothpaste and thankfully my teeth went back to normal...

The Colgate tube!

My teeth are stained, I have seen a little change, which I wouldn't say the toothpaste isn't working, but my complaint is the actual tube. It doesn't hold up to daily use, toothpaste oozes out of the tube.

Is Paris Burning?

'Cause London is drowning,and I, I live by the river. Well to be accurate Paddington sometimes and now this bears honey cakehole is hurting more than a Norfolk Square curry house after a Heikell incendiary drop.The only way I can use this product is to mix it with a quality Australian toothpaste - say 90% Cedal Spearmint or Denitex Mint with 10% Colgate White Hot Optic Pain Mexican Walking Fish Chilli paste.

No effect after several weeks of use as directed

I have healthy teeth and recently noticed they were turning yellow especially which was evident during shaving in contrast with the white shaving foam.

I tried this product for about 6-7 weeks once a day and did not notice any significant improvement, far from the claims on the packaging. I don't think I will be trying this product again to see if another 6 weeks of use will have any impact.

Terribly painful Gums and Tongue

I used this product morning and night for 3 days straight and whilst I agree I believe I did see whiter teeth, I now have what feels like burnt raw gums and a very sore tongue. It is painful to eat on one side of my mouth due to the tenderness. I have never had any dental hygiene issues and I can only put the change down to the new toothpaste. Sadly I won't be continuing to use this product as the pain is not worth the gain!


I did notice some whitening properties but in all fairness, to be serious, if had to decide, i would probably, at a push, consider, staying with aquafresh. I very much enjoyed their television advertisements circa mid 1990s. I felt they instilled in me, to my bones, a sense of nuclear family value shopper


Absolutely love this toothpaste. Significantly whitened my teeth after a few days of using this product and I liked that it kept my breath smelling fresh for a long time after using it. You don't need a lot as it goes a long way.

Stinging gums after use, gums turned pale, almost white after using it

Used it for first time this morning and gums were stinging while brushing but figured it was just the strong ingredients . After rinsing I noticed the gums around the edges of my teeth had gone a pale white colour which subsided during the day but when attempted to use it again tonight my gums were so sore I couldn't even brush them for long and now where my gums were a pale this morning they are red raw. Thought it was just me but after reading other reviews it seems a common trend . Will accept the waste of $10 buying it and not risk using again after hearing other horror stories.

If you have a partial plate DO NOT USE

Within a week of starting to use this product a tooth on my plate fell off...never gave it another thought...at the end of the week another tooth came unglued and fell off...This product has cost me quite a bit of money. (Might add Ive had this plate for over 15 years with NEVER a loss of a tooth!) Not happy to say the least.

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Questions & Answers

Iv been using the product for a month now and there is no difference !!!!! As a person living on an aged pension I splashed out to try it I'd like to hear from someone please. Thank you H Newark [number removed]
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Buy some quality Australian made toothpaste like Grants or Cedal.Mix on brush a match head size blob of optic pain with a much bigger blob of the good aussie stuff. You could get years of cleaning-your teeth may even whiten without pain. Goodluck and go you good thing.

Is it safe to use Colgate Optic white to be used with someone that has tooth sensitivity?
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Im not sure you would have to ask your dentistDepends on your pain threshold. One advantage is if you have doubts about any teeth that have been treated in the past or may give trouble in the future try a tiny bit of pure optic on them. Mexican chilli thrills.

Do you get Geographic Tongue when you use this product??? Cause I am scared I will get it!!! :(
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There is a strange sensation which is moderately uncomfortable after using the whitening pen. I think that the intensity of this feeling will differ with individuals depending on each person's discomfort threshold, so it is difficult to say how much it will affect you. My complaint is that despite the varying levels of discomfort that you may be prepared to put up with, it is essentially for no purpose at all, because it makes no difference to the colour of your teeth, absolutely no difference at all! Some people have claimed on the product review site that it has whitened their teeth, but my experience has been that it made no difference at all. I've thrown my pen and whitening toothpaste in the rubbish because I'm not prepared to put up with the unpleasant taste---which may be called Geographic Tongue, I've not heard this term before.Hi Anna, No, absolutely not! The condition you mention is harmless. No need to be scared at all. Given the products on the market which are doubtful with regards to health of enamel and separtion, this is a very safe product to use which does produce excellent results.


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