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Colgate Advanced Whitening

Colgate Advanced Whitening

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Been using for over 15years

I love this product! Will use no other. People are always asking if I have had my teeth whitened... I have not. I only use Colgate Advanced Whitening. I swear to God!

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.05.

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement Yes

Ulcers and smelly breath

I had the same reaction with many other people regarding the ulcers. I didn't think anything of it at first as I only had one but after using the toothpaste for a couple of days, I developed another one and then my partner started complaining about cuts in the lip and ulcers.

I thought that maybe it was our diet and I even put it down to our trusty tooth brushes but thinking hard the only thing that had changed in our routine was the new toothpaste so I looked it up and was surprised/assured that there were others with the same reaction. I feel I understand why it was half price at the supermarket.

Overall I would not recommend.


Horrible I highly recommend you not to use this toothpaste! I brushed me teeth and now I have cuts all in my gums and in my lips,So painful and eating and drinking is a struggle! Horrible worst toothpaste I have ever used!

Ulcers, sensitive teeth and sore gums

bought this toothpaste as it was on offer in boots, so thought I might as well try it out. After the first day of using it I had an ulcer on my lip, which I originally put down to stress. However after the 3rd day of using this toothpaste I had approximately 7 ulcers in my mouth, on my lips and tongue. My gums have also become very painful and my teeth feel more sensitive than usual. I have not changed anything apart from my toothpaste. It hurts to talk and eating is a challenge. Since yesterday I have switched to sensodine and my mouth is already feeling better. I have seen quite a few complaints of a similar thing happening to other people when using this toothpaste and really think Colgate should take these into consideration.

Absolutely horrible.

There are cuts inside of my mouth after using this toothpaste twice! I brush my teeth before bed and cannot sleep because of this weird sticky crap in my mouth left from the toothpaste. I used this toothpaste about a year ago, and a year later it is still the same. Weirdly, this toothpaste also gave me horrible smelling breath.

Major issues after using this toothpaste

I had a similar reaction to one of the reviewers here - major issues with sudden constricted breathing after using. Not asthmatic, but felt I could hardly breathe on numerous occasions after brushing teeth with this. Also got: major teeth sensitivity that lasted all day (painful aching teeth, hot and cold sensitive); tingly and numb tip of my tongue; dry lips; and two lymph/salivary glands under jaw either side of trachea both swollen and painful. No other symptoms that could explain this like a cold etc. Bad, bad toothpaste. Stay away.


My tongue is red lumpy and swollen, and my lips are soooo cracked, this is from my first use that happened. Didn't know it was the tooth paste. Had a feeling it was but wasn't sure. For the rest of the week I used a normal toothpaste I have always used. Then used the Colgate advanced whitening again and the same thing happened again to my tongue. Absolutely shocked!!!

Nearly Killed me

Using this toothpaste caused my wind pipes to constrict and start choking me - it resulted in also educing asthma like attacks over the past 16 days (still ongoing) The restrictions result in throughout each night waking in a choking sensation coughing and gasping for breath at night - no less that 5 to 7 times per night. medically prescribed medications including steroids to keep my throat open enabling me not to choke. It's ingredients are dangerous and it should be taken off the market. I can say alot more but i think you all get the message.


Every time I use it there is a burning sensation and it always leaves a bad taste in mouth. I prefer ALDI toothpaste to this specific Colgate paste. The other colgate ones are fine, but this one is just... agh!

Good but isn't outstanding

My mum recently bought this toothpaste at Woolworths, because it was on sale. It cleans well, however it claims to whiten your teeth. After two weeks of using the product, I still haven't seen any results what so ever. Buy this toothpaste if you are looking for something that will clean your teeth, and doesn't leave a minty feeling. However, it doesn't really 'whiten' which is something I wanted the product to do.

Mouth and lip agony

I started using Colgate Advanced whitening a week ago. Have always used Colgate with no problems.On the second day of using it I developed ulcers on gums, burning sensation in throat through to back of nose, chapped burning lips, and chemical taste in mouth. I was making a appointment with doctor as I was finding it very hard to eat. I work in the medical field and am aware of allergic reactions so I checked the Colgate site as this was my only change of product for the previous days. Bingo ! All my symptoms were there. I stopped using it two days ago and still suffering consequences. How is this still on the market. Not everyone is computer literate and could continue using this in ignorance with detrimental results.

Not the usual Colgate experience

Having been a Colgate user all my life my wife recently bought this product on sale at Woolies. She began to get burning and sore lips within a couple of days. Originally attributing it to a food allergy it took her a week or so to decide it was probably the toothpaste and changed immediately.

Thinking I was above the problem and not wanting to waste toothpaste, no matter how cheap, I continued to use it for another week before my lips also started to become chapped and sore whilst my wife's lips have been betting better. I dug out a tube of travel sized Colgate Total to see if that helped and after three days it seems to be a little less sore.

Beware! Regardless of your experience with Colgate in the past, this is not your average toothpaste.

yall this is actually really good

okay so it does whiten your teeth like that's for real and it does actually help with tartar. for real. since day three i haven't had that weird fuzzy feeling in your teeth even when i drink like real sugary hot choc. not very minty so probably idk chew some gum or have a tic tac. price is pretty good i got mine for $1.50AUD so probably like two bucks american or something. it was on special so yeah but it's pretty good

Sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers and toothache!

I tried it out as I use Colgate all the time anyway, and since I've used it I have had terrible ulcers that has resulted in the teeth above the ulcers on the gum line to become sensitive and sore. The ulcers are the worst I've had ever.


I have a very good dental and gum hygiene and usually brushing my teeth never results in blood, etc. I got this from coles sales. Horrible product made my mouth numb and created ulcers too. I bled a lot. Initially I thought it was my toothbrush so I changed it but I still bled every time. I have now changed my toothpaste. I guess it was at sale for a reason.

Burning tongue and bottom lip

A week ago I switched from my normal colgate toothpaste as this was on special at coles. I told one of the girls at worm that my lip felt wierd a few days after starting using it then tonight while brushing my teeth my lips and tongue both started burning instantly knew it was the new toothpaste. I hopped on internet to see it had zinc in at as I am allergic to zinc and found these reviews it appears I am not alone.

Gave me mouth ulcers

After using for over a week I experienced mouth ulcers on my top lip . I have never experienced mouth ulcers before and thought I may of been lacking in something- After talking to my doctor he asked me if I had changed anything. Realising it was the toothpaste I stopped using and I'm happy to say I am now ulcer free!

Awesome everyday toothpaste

I have been using this product for yesrs. I am a smoker and this toothpaste really helps keep the stains away.. Dont expect bleaching results though. Worth the money for sure

Sore tongue and mouth ulcers

I have been experiencing a red sore tongue, dry mouth and the worst part, mouth ulcers. I have seen two doctors and even had blood tests to try and work out what was happening. I have always used Colgate Tartar Control toothpaste but last year I bought Colgate advanced whitening toothpaste and realised that this was the problem. Since I have stopped using it my mouth has come back to normal but the whole experience was a very distressing and costly experience. Maybe there should be a warning on the pack!.

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Hi Pauline, we’re sorry to learn about your experience, but appreciate your feedback. Our aim is to produce completely safe, non-irritant products however in some isolated cases people may experience sensitivity to an ingredient, such as a fragrance, colour or a flavour. In these instances we recommend you discontinue use of the product causing irritation which should assist to resolve the sensitivity being experienced. We’re pleased to learn that you have found this to be the case in your experience. We’d like to get some more details from you about your experience, so please contact us on 1800 802 307 or via email at www.colgate.com.au. Thanks.

Clogging When Trying To Squeeze From Tube

While I really like the taste of this product, I have recently wondered about the constant clogging of dried toothpaste at the opening of the tube. I seem to scrape off and discard as much dried toothpaste as I am actually using. So it is not economical, and also makes me wonder about the ingredients.

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Advanced Whitening
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