Sony Wired Headphones

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Sony MDR-ZX110NC

Latest review: I was excited when I bought these, until I got them home. The noise cancelling is not perceptible but that didn't worry me too much, the sound was ok. Then after about 30 minutes of use on two

Sony MDR-XB550AP

Latest review: the sound is really good in quality, especially sound in base, I use it everyday as it is quite convenient. But one of the thing is that is is a bit heavy, it makes my neck hurt sometimes, would

Sony MDR-EX15AP EX Monitor

Latest review: I have used so many different brands of headphones and I always come back to these Sony ones. They don’t fall out of your ears like every other ones I’ve used,especially at the gym, the sound quality


Latest review: They work fine, but sound super tinny. No sign of bass just highs with minimal mids. I purchased these thinking that they’d be better than the cheap Chinese $2.50 earbuds, but they sound very much t


Latest review: Really good cheap headphones that normally last me a year before breaking. The sound is pretty good guess it could be better but for the cheap price it is

Sony MDR-7506

Latest review: I bought a pair of Sony MDR V6 headphones in 2006. The MDR V6 is basically the same as the Sony MDR-7506, with perhaps only minor cosmetic differences between the two. Needless to say, the MDR V6

Sony h.ear on MDR-100

Latest review: These are really comfortable headphones - I am not aware I am wearing them once I have them on. They are over-ear types so they provide good sound isolation. The noise cancelling functionality works

Sony MDR-ZX110B

Latest review: These are definitely low end, but for the price they are surprisingly good for under $35. Not for audiophiles - but a nice smooth sound (if a little bassy) and perfect for when my wife and I want to

Sony MDR-ZX110

Latest review: I bought these from Sony for $34.95 & they're the second set I have purchased. I just love these headphones. They are light weight, fold, cover the ears very comfortably & are easily adjustable for

Sony MDR-XB510AS

Latest review: Bought these from JB Hi Fi on a half price sale and not looked back. Great quality sound and comfortable to wear for long periods. I would highly recommend

Sony AS210AP

Latest review: Sound quality is okay, not terrible considering the price. Fits and stays on ear when running, even when windy, reasonably comfortable but comes easily off if something gently rubs on it, not


Latest review: I tend to listen to music that contains high's, mid's and low's. The sound quality was not bad, but it lacked in the mids. It seems that the earphones use drivers that have an 'artificial' sounding


Latest review: There are a lot of things to consider when buying earphones or headphones, comfort and sound quality being the most important two and these earphones offer both at the lowest price possible. The

Sony MDR-ZX310

Latest review: A good quality product. Value for money. It was $38 at Harvey Norman. Mainly using this to listen to recorded lectures and songs. Used few times while watching movies and happy with sound quality.