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28 by Sam Wood

28 by Sam Wood

4.6 from 82 reviews

Great food and realistic program

The food in this program is real and delicious. You have the option to swap meals out if you don't like what's there, and it also caters for many general dietary requirements. I've tried a few different things over the years and so far, this program is the one that fits in the best with my lifestyle. Only 28mins of exercise a day - very achievable - and, once you get the hang of the meal planning/prep, cooking is easy as well.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJanuary 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio

A lifestyle change for real people

I've tried everything from Weight Watchers to Michelle Bridges and nothing compares to this program. Both the food and the workouts can be tailored to sujt your fitness level, goals, gender, dietary requirements and even pregnancy and breastfeeding.
The workouts are easy to stick to - 28 minutes a day is a small commitment, and can be done at home with no fancy equipment or clothing, just a pair of supportive shoes and sports bra for women.
Sam delivers real-time videos every day. He is encouraging, knows his stuff, and is strongly connected to the online community - which is also amazingly supportive. I've been on the program since 2016 and only seen a handful of clashes online. Admin is very quick to step in and manage it.
The meals are tasty and varied and don't require any great cooking skill. Ingredients can be a bit pricey to begin with, but once you've built up your pantry staples it's not bad.
Since the subscription commitment is month-by-month, I encourage anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and/or lose weight to give this program a go.

Only program I've managed to stick with!

I've tried many programs over the years and this is the only one I've managed to stick with. I find the workouts with multiple fitness levels and modifications are achievable for all. The food is simple, wholesome and recipes are easy to follow. There is 24/7 support from Sam's Crew and Sam checks in daily. Expect big results if you FOLLOW THE PROGRAM!

Realistic and manageable lifestyle program

This program is fantastic, the community of support, constant messages and reassurance from Sam himself, easy and delicious recipes that are based on whole foods that make you feel fuller for longer are what make this program so unique. The workouts are only 28 minutes and you can choose your level of rest and working time, they are achieveable and based around HIIT principles. The app is exceptionally user friendly with all your recipes, workout videos and additional information in the one place. I couldn’t recommend this program highly enough. If you don’t try it you are missing out! If you want to change your lifestyle for the better and make long term realistic changes that will impact your life for good please do your self a favour and try this program.

Great all round program - love it!

Started on the Low Impact option which suited my injuries and progressed up the levels as needed.
No calorie counting as meals are nutritionally balanced over the day/week/month. Meals are tasty and filling. Ability to swap meals based on personal likes and choose a particular diet GF, DF, vegetarian etc.
FB group has excellent support and information.
Easy to follow program via the App or website.
Teaches long term good habits.

Life changing and sustainable

This program is second to none. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Only real food that you prepare yourself. So educational and the workouts are much easier to fit in to your day at home, than finding the time to get to the gym. The support from Sam, the 28 crew & the online community tops off an amazing program. After being a member for 2.5yrs, I think I’m pretty sold on the program. Have never stuck to something for so long!


Love the food, love the workouts and really really love the results - weight loss, better sleep, more energy (and amazed that I look forward to my daily workouts!)

Awesome program and community

This is a lifestyle not a diet. 28 minutes of daily exercise plus delicious food - totally sustainable! The support from the Crew is outstanding.

Sam’s Program Really Works!!!

Firstly, I lost close to 20kgs on this program! I still use it, however it is to maintain my healthy lifestyle. The meal plan is easy to follow/prepare/cook - all real food and easy for my family to follow. I love that it takes the pressure off the “what to make for my family this week” saga! The workouts are only a tiny portion of my day - I get self conscious in gyms so I can workout at home, in my daggy clothes, with my own daggy music! My kids now join in too! LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!

I actually do it!

I've been with Sam's program for about two years now and am finally seeing lines on my body I didn't know existed. Achievable exercises, the food is healthy and yum and you can modify it. The mantra is "progress not perfection", which for me makes it way more accessible.

Totally changed my life

I love the recipes and so many are family faves. Quick to cook too so no hassle after work. The exercises are totally doable and fit into your busy life so easily. Still a work in progress but happy to be in for the long haul.

A change is as good as a holiday

The food in this program has been amazing so far. Hearty, delicious and family friendly.
The exercises are well described and there are different settings to suit every fitness level as well as low impact option for injuries.
I have found the program easy to follow and when I'm unsure of something I have received prompt advice from the "Sam Crew" or from the closed FB group.
All in all, better than a gym membership and cheaper too.

The programme that’s with you through all life events!!

I cannot complement Sam and the Team enough for the great offering they give in 28. It is the total package for your Well-being, it is so easy to access, so reasonably priced!! And you get mind, body, inner body health and soul support from the amazing people and support group. A lot of us say it, but it really is the personal Sam videos and how he shares his life to help us, the down to earth approach and the beautiful 28 family that encourage each other through that makes this programme different from all the rest!
I cannot exercise right now due to bulging discs but I get enough from all the other aspects of the programme and it motivates me to build my strength to build up to the 28mins low impact!! It’s that good! Try it!!

I look and feel the best I’ve ever done!

Easy to follow plan with flexible delicious eating plan that caters for specific diets. (I’m on gluten free one) Supportive FB community group and range of fitness workout levels. This is the best programme I have ever done!!

Progress, not perfection!

Such a great wholesome program for lifestyle changes. Great support and encouragement provided by social media closed group. Yummy recipes!

Life changing!

The 28 program gives and amazing variety of recipes for all three meal but also for snacks and treats. After 3 weeks following the 28 program I have never had a bad meal, all easy to follow recipes and super tasty and most importantly HEALTHY!

The exercise and meal plan is super easy to follow and I am feeling (and looking) AMAZING!

Highly recommended for anyone needing guidance or motivation to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

The community support is all AMAZING! Such a positive, supportive & engaging group to be part of.

A happy 28er right here!

An excellent program that won’t fail to improve your life!

This is a great program for anyone who wants to eat healthier and also incorporate daily exercise into their busy life. Easy to follow, you’re never hungry, and you’ll use all those veggies you buy in the hope of using them but usually don’t! And you’ll find that you look forward to the 28 minutes of exercise you do a day. The occasional email from Sam and the crew, and the very supportive Facebook group makes you feel like you can do this! There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. I cancelled the first time after 6 months because we both got winter illnesses and stopped being disciplined. It was a few clicks of the mouse and it was cancelled. I rejoined a year later because it was the only thing that had helped us lose weight and I’m loving it! If you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle without having to turn your life upside down to do it, then this is a fantastic program! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Flexible, sustainable and very effective!!

Program is flexible and sustainable. Food is delicious and easy to prepare. Workouts are great, meal swaps are great too, online support and motivation spot on

Wow, what am amazing Program

Ive been doing Sam Woods 28 program for a month now with my husband and have never felt so supported and motivated.
Im not sure if they've charged they're Customer Service model recently but I completely disagree with some of the negative comments.
The support I receive is amazing and 7 days a week. I emailed them last Saturday about a referral I got them and they emailed me back first thing Sunday morning and my free month was applied. Sam even though he is supporting so many people really makes it feel personal and I honestly believe he is passionate and cares about our journeys.
I was always aware when I signed up that you keep paying till you cancel, most programs are the same. To be honest having someone plan my exercises and food daily is worth every cent and I'm in no hurry to end it as the recipes are amazing. Who'd ever thought you could eat easy, healthy delicious meals and wanna keep going back for more. It is also the first of many programs ive previously done that will be sustainable. I also love the fact that if you don't like what's been picked for you, you can simply swap for something else on the recipe library of over 2k recipes. I pick all my meals for the week and it then gives me a shopping list, split into categories, perfect!
I really do highly recommend it, you will not be sorry I assure you :)

Absolutely brilliant program

We joined up to lose weight but it has actually become a lifestyle change for us and we will never go back. There is a lot of variety in the food, great recipes and the 28 minute work outs are great, they don't require loads of equipment. There is a great facebook community who share questions, concerns, life issues. Sam posts regular videos and is very down to earth and he shows how human he is. It is great program and well worth the money per month.

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28 by Sam Wood
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
Duration28 Days
Price (RRP)12.25

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