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Amazing service - thank you!

I got my car loan September 2018 with 360 through Craig and it was such a great experience, amazing service! From start to finish I found the contact to be very prompt and Craig was fantastic to deal with. Craig was really friendly and was always wonderful in answering my (many!) questions. 360 made everything super easy and crystal clear. I was able to buy my dream car, so happy! Thanks for everything 360 :))

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Loan Start DateSeptember 2018

Low income earners don’t waste time

Really bad. People are not at all professional and don’t have courtesy to call back and reply to emails. Stay away from Clair because if u are a low income earner she is not gonna help you nor she gonna talk to you if u call them back. Stay away from the whole company.

Customer Service
Application Process
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback Dhaval. Due to privacy of your information, we can not respond in this public forum about your specific application and circumstances. We do note that during the application stage, required identification and documentation were not supplied by yourself and therefore were unable to be assessed by our lenders (based on their minimum lending criteria). Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Manager if you would like to discuss your application further.Thanks for replying but I received a mail asking for the documents after I posted this review that also after 1 week of headache chasing 360 finance and before posting I wanted to settle with 360 finance but no one responded and all the responses I am getting now is after this review was posted and documents asked was only yesterday but I don’t have faith with 360 finance anymore. Sorry for the post but I think genuine buyers and 360 finance management need to know what actually is going on.

Tim was excellent, highly recommend dealing with him

I can not recommend Tim high enough, he was helpful friendly and got back to me in a timely manner, he really went out of his way to accomodate my needs and got it done quickly. I will note some of the other staff not quite so nice, I would not recommend calling on a Saturday. The other thing I will mention is that delays aren’t always the finance companies fault, sometimes the dealer is very slow to provide documentation - it doesn’t hurt to follow up on delays, you may be able to speed the process up. All in all highly recommend Tim for all your financial ance needs - they can also help with all insurance and warranty as well, really took the hassle off having to chase after it myself - and it all came in cheaper than the dealer!

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Loan Start DateFebruary 2019
Car ModelToyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Awful Customer Service

Avoid dealing with Simona, she doesn't respond to message and has a bad attitude. The experience was extremely poor, I asked to withdraw my application as I had been approved quicker elsewhere and due to this declined it (rather then withdrawing it). I am reporting them to the ombudsman as I don't believe that they acted ethically.

Customer Service
Application Process
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Hi Theresa Thank you for providing feedback, and please accept our apologies for not meeting your expectations in this instance. In the interests of transparency, according to our information your application was submitted to one of our numerous lenders but they were unwilling do assist you without a minimum 20% deposit due to your credit history. We understand that you decided to withdraw your application after this and sought an approval from another lender. Thank you once again for your feedback and we wish you all the best for the future.

Awful follow up experience

I had a great call on my initial enquiry for a car loan. I was surprised at how much personal information was required in order to obtain an interest rate quote based upon the information I gave. In the follow up email I was annoyed to discover that the company would not proceed any further with giving me a quote without obtaining my drivers licence and 2 payslips. I advised by email and by phone on a follow up call that I did not see the need for that sort of detail just to find out what my interest rate might be and from which lender. I felt I have already given enough information and am happy to provide this detail once I am given the information I want. The email stated this is required for a pre-approval. I am only wanting to enquire what my rate will be before making a decision on which lender to go through. To be told this is how they do it and there is no other way, I find deceptive and misleading from the ad on carsales which says enquire now.. quite different to this is a pre-approval. Unhappy with this service and how the team leader handled my feedback.

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Hi Tania Thanks for your feedback and please accept our apologies for the delay in replying. Car finance is not a "one size fits all" product and your individual interest rate will depend a number of different factors, such as the value and age of the vehicle you are wanting to buy, the length of the loan contract and your own personal credit profile. Items such as payslips, ID and bank statements are part of what is used by the lender to undertake this credit check and ultimately this plays a large part in determining your personal interest rate. Without this supporting information it is simply not possible to provide you with an accurate rate. From your comments, it appears that we didn't communicate this to you clearly and for this we apologise. Thank you again for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Exceptional Service

The customer service we received from Nicole Evans was exemplary, we could not fault her.
A very impressive consultant and a true asset to 360 Finance, Queensland.
In the current times of off shore call centres and lack of personal service, it was very refreshing to deal with a consultant of her calibre.

Terrible Experience with 360 Finance

The customer service on the 1st call was excellent - thank you [name removed]. However when it proceeded to the next level, i was surprised how a loan can be declined for a silly reason as "Your Contract document has an end date to it" With the same documents, condition and criteria i got an approval from another broker and finance company. It is the broker's responsibility depending on the customer situation which lender to present the profile to and before submitting the application, do all checks. A credit score impact of a client due to incorrect assessment is not acceptable. You guys should improve your process on shortlisting a Finance company and be 100% sure before submitting the application.

I couldnt ask for better services

Fantastic service, from my first call the staff have been amazing to deal with.

It was an extremely easy and an extremely pleasant experience in what is usually a daunting task.

Dylan my consultant was most definitely professional and quick to response to all of my questions. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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Thanks Diane for the review. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback and it is so great to hear of your experience with us.

Absolutely perfect! Can’t fault these guys at all

360 finance recently helped me out with my first loan to purchase a car and I could not be happier. They were extremely quick with finding me the most suitable and cost effective loan especially being an apprentice. Alex is a legend, he helped me out every step of the way and was happy to answer all the questions i had as this was my first loan, these guys are extremely helpful and I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone else except for the team at 360 Finance.

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Thank you Anthony for your feedback and happy that you were happy with our service :-) We will pass your feedback to Alex.


They were the first one I went to for my first car purchase. and it was a breeze and helpful. I did not even expect the turn around time for my application. Lesley, ( who is no longer there) is very helpful and not pushy type of a consultant. She even gives me tips on how to deal with a car dealership. That was 4 years ago, and I am still looking forward to help me though in the near future.

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Thank you Jose for your feedback and we would love to assist you again with finance.

Brokers can only do there best

360 finance try’d There best in every aspect despite me getting angry with time delays wich can’t be helped.We ended up getting our loan for our car approved wich we are very gatefull for. I think it’s important to rember these guys are brokers and can only do there best.At the end of the day it’s upto the lender. Shout out vannesa for sticking through the application an getting it done.Thanks!

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Thanks Brit for the feedback. We are so glad we could assist you and you are correct that as asset finance specialists, we work with a range of lenders and their lending criteria to get our customers set with finance that suits their circumstances and needs. Thanks again for taking the time to provide a review :-)

Lying Company

Horrible Customer Service. I asked for a loan that would only be for 1 year which they approved me on. I was then later on told a few days before I was to sign the contract that the actual loan term was 3 years, with hidden costs that was never mentioned. Was never told about the interest rate when asked. Was never told who the lender was. even though under the Australian Consumer Law they are to disclose this type of information and not hide it till the last minute. Said I would not be able to get a loan from any other finance company, yet the people I had a talk to before 360 Finance said I just had to wait 2 more months and I would be approved by them. Their facts are nothing but Sales Puff. Lying Scumbag company waiting for a lawsuit to happen. Competitor Rates are all 7-12%. How does it end up at 22%?

Pathetic for the broker that was helping me to degrade me just because I "wasted their time and that I would never get a loan at my current state" when they in fact wasted mine. To have to pay 40% of the loan I want as just the cost of them helping me, What a scam.

Never. Told. Me. Anything. Important. Till. I. Was. About. To. Sign. The. Contract.

Did not even send me a copy of the contract till I requested the same day I was meant to sign it. Only then Was the hidden costs shown.

Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours :)

Thank you for your review and sorry that you have not had a great experience with 360 Finance. Our Customer Service Manager will be looking into this matter with our Consultants and will respond as soon as we can.HI there. We have tried to contact you via private message. If you could please get in touch with our Customer Service Manager to discuss your concerns and your particular application.

Awful broker

Contacted them via website to finance a $165k car. They said they can help and had experience with large amount as this. I told them that please do not run credit check until they are sure they can finance. They asked to fill out a large form and asked for all documents. After filling out all documents, they said that they will run a credit check. Told them, they aren't allowed to. Then they simply told me that no credit provider will finance large amount! Completely wasted my time with their paperwork and processes and nearly ran a credit check where they really cannot help. May be they can help for smaller amount. Later, I got an approval from CBA myself by dealing with them directly.

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Hi Gojaria. Thanks for your feedback. To help us understand your experience and situation, could you please contact us with the name used on your application as we are unable to find you in our system (based on your Product Review user name). Once we review the circumstances and discuss with your consultant, we would like to opportunity to discuss this with you further. (We will send a private message to allow you to provide your contact details). Thanks in advance.

Absolutely stressful

These guys would have to be the most stressful finance company that I have ever dealt with. They told me my loan was approved yet they would not tell me the interest rate.They stressed the seller out as well.I have applied for a lot of loans over the years ,I have never been through so much stress as i have with 360 finances.I canclled the loan and went to NMRA and had an answer within 3 hours and settlement the next day. I,have been sending documents to 36o for near on a week and still didn't get any straight answers.
Never again and they have the hide to want to charge $900 .I don't believe they are working in the best interest of the borrower I am of the opinion they are working in the best interest of 360 finance.

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Hi Rod, Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers have a great experience when dealing with 360 Finance. Please accept our apologies for not providing you with the same level of quality service in this instance. We understand that some of the delays you experienced were a result of difficulties in locating the best finance provider to suit your personal circumstances. We also received some incorrect documents from the vendor and, despite our best efforts, both of these issues can cause delays to the process and can be frustrating for all concerned. As you have also pointed out we include a service fee to any settled loan, as do most finance providers. We ensure we mention this fee to all customers during our initial consultation and this charge is not applicable if a customer decides not to proceed with a loan. Our aim to always provide our customers with the lowest total cost of loan and lowest rates available to their lending profile. We achieve this using our 11 years of industry experience; from our panel of over 20 lenders and with access to some of the lowest industry rates - which combined, far outweighs the service fee we charge. We hope the above provides some clarity around your experience. We’d like to again thank you for your feedback. Whilst we always prefer to hear positive messages, experiences such as yours allows us to refine our offering for future customers and we thank you for that opportunity. The 360 Finance Customer Service Team

Never got back - had to chase up multiple times

I had a terrible experience with this company. Quick to take all of your info, but when it comes to calling you back they are lazy. They either don’t communicate properly so the broker can call you back, or they just don’t care. When I called for the third day in a row I was belittled and spoken to rudely by the broker who was meant to help me. He told me he was very busy and will call as soon as he can to let me know. I let two weeks slide by missing my chance to buy a great car for a great deal. Called them and told them to cancel everything and take me off the call back list if there was one even. Not a fast service, don’t recommend and don’t rely.

Thank you for the feedback. We are currently looking into this with your consultant to review the circumstances and will respond asap.Hi Jade Firstly, please accept our apologies for the our poor communication throughout your loan application. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers have an outstanding experience when dealing with 360 Finance and clearly we have fallen short in this instance. I understand that some of the delays you have mentioned are a result of some difficulties in finding a finance provider that suited your personal circumstances, which we are happy to discuss with you in more detail offline (Due to Privacy considerations, we cannot discuss these maters in a public forum such as Product Review). Regardless of the reasons behind these delays, we still have not acted proactively in our communication with you and for this we apologise. Thank you again for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with 360 Finance. The 360 Finance Customer Service Team

Very quick and professional finance service

I contacted 360 Finance to get me business car finance. The whole team, especially, Leanne Kovac, provided really quick and professional with patient and responsive manners to assist me getting finance settled and stress-free. Thank you very much, 360 Finance. I will of course come back and recommend to people I know.

Very Professional and excellent service

360 Finance was recommended to me by a friend in regards to my car loan I was seeking. Emma Cielo arranged everything for me without a hitch, and in a timely manner. Emma was very professional and made the whole exercise in getting my loan approved simple and stress free.
I would highly recommend Emma and 360 Finance to anyone who is looking for a personal loan.

Thanks you so much Emma

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Thanks for the review Mitch and the feedback - we will be sure to pass this to Emma. :-)

Excellent and Professional Service

After a colleague had recommended 360 Finance, I recently contacted them for a new car loan. Emma Cielo promptly returned my call and provided very professional service and advice throughout the entire process. Emma went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly, nothing was ever too hard. The deal they were able to offer was far better then what I was offered at the car dealership and I am very satisfied with the end result.
I cannot recommend Emma & the team at 360 Finance enough.
Thanks Emma for making our dream car become a reality.

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Thanks Alex J for the review. Great to hear that we have been able to help you get you a great deal. We will be sure to pass the feedback onto Emma.

Daniel Butler - Excellent Service

I contacted 360 Finance for a personal loan. Daniel Butler was in contact with me almost immediately and provided me with fast, caring service that made the entire process extremely smooth and lead to a great outcome! I cannot recommend Dan and the 360 team highly enough. Thank you Dan and 360 Finance!

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Thanks Sam T for the feedback. We appreciate you feedback about the service you received and will pass this onto Dan.

Finance excellence

I have been dealing with 360 for 5 years now I’ve dealt with Simon 6 times in those 5 years with a perfect result every time
As a business owner I get quiet busy and don’t have time to run around looking for finance I call Simon he does that for me
With a perfect result every time I highly recommend using 360 I wouldn’t go anywhere else

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Thanks Mick for taking the time to provide a review about Simon and your experiences with 360 Finance - we appreciate it. We will be sure to pass this onto Simon

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Questions & Answers

You have taken £90 out of my account without my permission...And I don't even live in Australia and i haven't applied for any kind of loan PLEASE ADVISE WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED? ?
1 answer
Dear Alan, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, these transactions have not been instigated by this business. We are a legitimate finance broking business, licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission & are a subsidiary of one of Australia’s largest public companies. We do not direct debit accounts either in Australia and certainly not international accounts. We have seen a dramatic increase in emails related to this recently. Please contact your bank to put a trace on this payment to find where it has originated & to notify that it is fraudulent. We apologise that we cannot be more helpful at this time. Please see below links for companies that we have found in the UK that might be the ones charging you; https://companycheck.co.uk/company/09477517/FINANCE-360-LIMITED/summary http://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/360-financial-limited-clone Kind regards,

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