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You and I Introductions

3.1 from 29 reviews

Absolutely second to none!

My experience with Brianne of youandi introductions has far exceeded my expectations! After feeling disappointed with the service from another agency, I called Brianne with many questions as I was very reluctant to part with money and be let down again. After meeting with Brianne I instantly realised that she is a wonderful, caring and giving person and is so passionate about what she does. She answered all of my questions and more. I felt completely comfortable with Brianne and it is obvious to me she is there for all of the right reasons! I have been very fortunate to meet a wonderful man. In addition Brianne has provided me with outstanding advice and service and has become a valued friend and somebody whom I truly respect. Being in the service industry myself I believe in the importance of good communication and client relationships. Brianne has demonstrated good old fashioned service and I have had more communication with her in several weeks, than I have experienced with another agency in 9 months. Very Happy and grateful that I made that phonecall!

Overdue comment

I joined this agency in October 2013. I was very fortunate to be introduced to a wonderful man. We were together for a bit over 2 years. To protect his privacy I won't go into the problems we have encountered only to say we are still the best of friends and are still hopeful of working through any issue in time to come. I know I was lucky that there was someone there when I signed up but if you are really expecting this agency to provide you with someone close to your expectations then sometimes that may mean you have to wait. Also I have found in my life you generally get treated the way you treat others. I have always found Brianne very caring and genuine from the day I met her, sometimes a little hard to get hold of but that works both ways.
Name withheld

I give them not even 1 star.

I approached You and I in November 2014 and paid over the telephone $330.00 with my Master-card as a deposit for their service with the manager's promise that she will send me the contract next day, to be read and signed, if agreed with the terms and conditions etc. The contract was not delivered to me. I called the second day and asked why couldn't she send the contract over an email and she said that her email systems were all crashing and she didn't have email where to send it from. I felt this was weird because anyone can have few email addresses or send emails even from a public email service.The contract was not delivered. I realised that their dealings were not transparent and something was going on. I called and spoke to a staff member and instructed them to pay me the money back etc. insulted me very badly in one of her text messages saying that I was a mean person and probably this is why I was still single. This was only after I sent her the first text message asking why didn't she send the contract and to please return my money back. I never had the chance to speak to her in person or had an interview with her. After many emails and text messages etc. the money was never deposited into my account. They keep on saying that she will deposit the money into my account and she never did. It's a lot of money that they take from many people. I never got any receipt for my payment at all as well.

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To whom it may concern. Whilst we appreciate feed back on all accounts to maintain a stantard of service to our valued and respected members, your review does not align with a genuine verified reviewed as stated above. We have reserched your address and it comes up outside of our verification. To the public, We have numourous reviews that have been legallly addressed through wrongful admission and also deforrmation. These have resulted in high law sutis . Wrongful reviews will be sort after in legal proceedings and public comments on this review site legally will be questioned and sort after as deformation agianst the busussines or person spoken about. Regards, Legal.

So grateful

Dear Brianne and Crew,

This is probably the most over-due thank you letter ever, as I met my wife through your Agency 2 years ago.
Yes, I was nervous and sceptical about the whole process, always wondering if I was doing the right thing, time passed and I received a few Introductions.

I do recall being impatient and wanting to find someone immediately however, Brianne you reassured me to not place pressure on the situation, as it will happen when you least except it. Well, you were right, that is exactly what happened, after about 9 months into your service I finally met Janine

We have had the best time together, and fell IN-LOVE with each other, and guess what we were married 2 months ago
I do apologise for not inviting you to our wedding, we were just so busy and in-love and forgot, but on the day of our wedding I made a thank you speech to you and your Agency

I was so impressed, I even paid for a mate of mine to join 12 months ago, you would know him David, and he also has met someone through you and they doing great.

Myself and Janine are so happy and we both thank you very much, also you mentioned how bringing two families together was going to be challenging, (so right you were) being Janine had 3 kids with her X and myself the same. The kids have blended great, a few hiccups, but all good, you gave me some great advice with that and I really appreciate it.
None of this would of happened without you Brianne and your wonderful Agency and Crew, we were only just talking about you last week, so I felt prompted to contact you with this THANK YOU Blog

With Lots of Love,
Paul and Janine X

Excellent - 15 yrs I have used this company on and off with many sucesses and one baby - I am happy

In reading many of these reviews, I need to question what expectations these people have of You and I Get Together or any similar company.

I have been a client of You and I Get Together several times over 15 years. It has been nice to always find the same personnel at the company, so we can have a laugh about the past and kick off where we left.

I guess that with15 years of using You and I Get Together, you could say that I am actually a good judge of this company. What I have found extremely effective is the way Brianne and her team really hone in on my personality and find good matches for me. But please team, do not be tempted to send me on a date to make these complaining people feel as if they have a match.

As a male, yes I go in there with lofty expectations of what I am looking for, the team soak up what I am saying, but then cut to the chase. By doing what they do, they have consistently found very compatible matches. I have had some good dates, short term relationships and two very long term relationships from these matches. Best of all I have one beautiful baby girl from one of these matches. So with me being a doting dad with a baby girl, heck, now I don’t need anything else in this lifetime.

But, yes recently I have been back to see Brianne. I walk in the door and the first comment to me is “so what went wrong this time” with lots of laughs.

This is the point I am trying to make, you need to join a dating agency to enhance your opportunity for love. If you go there as your last resort, then you are expecting too much. You are bagging out this company for not providing you matches, when to me Brianne knows better than to even contact me or waste my time with someone who is not a match.

Based on some of the comments I see, I think these ones making the comments are the matches that Brianne has been protecting me from. So, thank you Brianne and your team for not matching me to these people and wasting my time, “just for a date”.

My suggestion to anyone looking to use a dating agency to improve your love opportunities are these.
1. They are to improve your opportunities, not to be your only avenue of opportunity. If they are then you are not a socially interactive person. Yes, this could be your problem…. Not theirs…..
2. Be honest and open to them of who you are.
3. Have realistic expectations of who you want to meet. Are you a 10? (if you are my number is 0404 XXX XXX)
4. Check at the door your desperate feeling for finding love
5. If you want this team to be honest with you (as you all say you want), then be strong and not feeble. I know I want to matched to a strong woman not an emotional fragile eggshell….

All I can say is that the team at You and I Get Together for me have been successful on a number of occasions and matched me to likeminded people. They have not wasted my time with “just a date” (try Tinder if you just want that).

If you go to this team as a last resort, then maybe look at yourself as to why, instead of rubbishing a company for doing exactly what you don’t want and just line you up with “a date”. So I need thank the team for not matching my and wasting my time on ‘just a date” just to make these sorry people feel as if they are being attended to. Please people grow up and look at yourselves and why you are single.

Happiness needs to be found in ones self, before you can find it in love. Come on people it is time to be happy and stop blaming everyone. Take responsibility for you.


I am happy to say I paid $1000! And had one date with a man 10 years older than me and once I started to chat to him he was not my type not seeking the same and was very unhappy with his service.

Waiting to see a response from brianne you can email me brianne I am going to go to department of fair tradeStill waiting

Bad service

They took $1000 of my hard earned an I was never once introduced to anyone. Have taken this matter to office of fair trading, like others have. Also anyone else seeking a refund please do like myself an others have take this matter to qcat. It makes it so hard for genuine people like myself to find the right person when we have people like these preying on us. I have since given up on my search for a partner. I see others on here with similar stories if [name removed] had done her job an introduced us in the first place maybe this would have being all avoided, that is what we paid for & where led on to believe, some people on here I feel I would have liked to have being introduced to. It costed me $1000 that was so dearly needed in other aspects on my life.. Destined to live alone.

Extremely disappointed

I too joined in January. Have left emails and phone messages, no one phones back. Have met 2 people, totally unsuitable match. Then you hear nothing.

Everyone, save your money. Do not join You and I Introductions

I'll post more soon

Dont Bother

the reviews for this business are all too familiar to myself. I joined a few years ago. Told similar things as written.........the most common.......'not heard a word' .....phone calls not returned......etc. etc. Paid $500 for six months. but only met one person who was totally not suitable in every way. after finally making contact with me, I requested a refund. she advised that me that in the new year we would meet up/get together again......and that she would give me another six months membership at no extra cost.......she never did, never contacted me again. I tried many times calling, leaving messages etc. Exceptional and superior customer service skills are required to run such a business when dealing with other peoples' lives. Integrity and professionalism rates high. There are more negative stories here than positive, and I have heard others not written. How can anyone run a business such as this where is no courtesy shown, good manners or any respect? The whole experience was nothing short of appalling. Words can be cheap.......watch what people do.

A great way of being introduced to someone special to you

My experience of this agency was positive in every way. About 6 months ago I had the opportunity to go to dinner with two ladies who I would have never met without joining this service. Have not needed the services of Y an I since because that was all it took to set me up with someone that suited me. Don't know what the future holds, but awfully grateful for being introduced regardless. I enjoyed the consultants approach in getting to understand my requirements - professional but relaxed would be my description.
And I did get the impression that she was genuinely matching according to client characteristics and requirements - not business requirements.
The focus seems to be getting to know and understand the client's requirements in a professional but relaxed manner.


I registered and paid on 29th October, 2014 - still waiting to see a promised contract in the mail and today is 23rd March, 2015.
I have been in touch by email repeatedly as it is impossible to get anyone to speak to in person on the phone.

I received 2 introductions shortly after joining and was unable to get through to anyone to give feedback about the meeting.

Shortly after my initial experiences I determined that I had made a poor choice in joining the agency. I sent emails expressing my concerns and requested a refund. I was offered $200. I then contacted the Office of Fair Trading for advice. I was told that i could take the matter to Small Claims Tribunal or take Legal Action.

After sending numerous emails I was finally asked for my bank account details on 17th January, and am still waiting for a response.

I would like to advise anyone who is considering joining 'You and I Introductions' to go to their premises for 'a cup of coffee' meeting and thoroughly check out everything before parting with any money. All contact with me was by way of telephone and emails.


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SATISFIED RESOLUTION Since posting my review I am pleased to advise that I have had contact with Brianne and have received a refund of 50% of my fee. As a gesture of good will Brianne has told me that she will keep my profile open until the end of this year in anticipation of finding a suitable match for me. After being on internet dating sites, I feel that I do understand how challenging it is to find compatible matches and that a great deal of patience and care is required. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all at 'You & I' all the best and everyone out there - good luck and happy days ahead.

Not Happy Jan!

Joined You and I in August of 2104. I met with Brianne. She seemed dedicated and excited to potentially sign me up! In our first meeting, she gave me the impression that there were at least 4 men she could introduce me to but nothing came of that. I had one phone call with another gentleman who was completely wrong for me and since then, I have not heard a word. I have left several messages on email and phone threatening to take her to the office of Fair Trading and she quickly called me to apologize for not being in touch. Still waiting for a call. I have asked several times to meet up and once when we had actually made an apt to meet up, she cancelled one hour before the meeting. Never did speak after that.. don't throw your money away..

Take the plunge....what have you got to lose?

I agree with some of the comments relating to how hard it was initially to get hold of Brianne. However after talking on the phone to Brianne for the past 5 weeks I can say that she's very dedicated to her clients and trying to find them love. She takes the time to get to know you as a person, unlike other dating agencies, I didn't have to complete a paper profile, in place of this Brianne picked up the phone and started asking probing questions.

We've built a good rapport over the past 5 weeks and my first match was an absolute success, not from a romance perspective but from a friendship perspective. I've met a wonderful guy and we've hit it off like a house on fire and we both know that we're going to be friends forever. At my face to face meeting with Brianne I advised that if all I got out of my experience with the agency was 6 good friends I would be happy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find a life long friend - thank you Brianne.

Brianne is kind, caring and genuinely wants to help you find love. Our conversations last a long time and lots of words and information is shared. I'm still in the infancy of my journey with You and I and I look forward to my future matches, where else could I meet like minded men, who really do want to me a lady to share their life with? Not in the pubs on a Friday or Saturday night, certainly not at the beach, it's getting harder and harder to meet someone, Social Media is making it more difficult, huh? I hear you say....think about it everyone has access to the internet and anyone can create a profile, but not everyone puts their money where their mouth is and takes the plunge to find true love.

I know my future partner is out there and I know that Brianne is going to help me.

Yes, he is a wonderful guy and you are a great, open minded also. I do apologise personally getting back to everyone so quickly, as you know it does take some time to talk, which is what helps my intuition. Just speaking about hobbies and interest is not what I believe truly makes the whole match. It's just one compartment. It's getting a feel on personality types. Again, thanks for sharing that so others can take the positives and take the plunge. Who knows, maybe you helped a great guy decide to take the plunge and he could be the one ! Brianne.Absolutely Brianne and you never know until you take the plunge and see where the journey takes you. If you're reading this and contemplating what to do, You and I is there to help you.

Just too difficut

Agree with previous reviewer - getting past the first hurdle (actually talking to Brianna) was impossible. I phoned, she wasn't available, she phoned, I couldn't talk. Made a time for a call and she called my home number - I was at work. I called back - she was busy and would call back shortly. Nothing, phoned the next day and left a message. No reply, called again today - no [name removed]. Obviously [name removed] is the only consultant and it makes one wonder what sort of service one would get if one every managed to make an appointment and commit to the service on offer, which in itself is a mystery. Website is very short on detail. Time to look elsewhere.

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Hi Lorna, I have been looking for your number. Please call. As you just said in your review, it is also the enquiries being available to speak with when we are not consulting. We have a great team here. Maybe you could email me and we can make a phone appointment in both our diaries and discuss the agency ?

It's too hard to jump through hoops - Next!!

Recently I contacted You and I via email to inquire about their services and membership options/costs.

I received a reply asking for my phone number which I provided.

I was gobsmacked when I saw [first name and surname removed] as I placed the mouse /cursor over the email address as they have posted a positive review to this website about You and I!

A little under a month had passed and I hadn't heard anything so I called them to enquire. [first name removed] advised that I would need to speak to another person who was unavailable so [first name removed] was going to put me through to their voice mail to leave a message.

It was at this point that I said I had previously emailed my details and I hadn't heard anything further. [First name removed] asked what was the email address that I sent my message to. I responded intro@youandi.com.au [First named removed] confirmed that was the correct address and went on to say that could I resend the message as it probably got spammed or put in the junk mail folder.

(Why would I resend it when it’s probable that the original message is still sitting in junk mail/spam folder?)

[First name removed] then went on and put me through to the other person’s voice mail. I couldn't be bothered leaving a message and hung up.

Upshot of all this – unfavourable first impression and poor handling of my inquiry. Who knows what they would be like if I signed up for a membership and they got my money.

Website comes across as being "stale" and no recent testimonials

Hi Curious, I appreciate your feedback. Feedback helps us to improve. I admit however, that we are not Robots. Alas, we are not 100%. We are people who try to give a 100% personally in getting to know our members and introduce them accordingly. I am unsure why your enquiry wasn't attended to accordingly as of course we appreciate and respect all new enquiries. I am sorry and if you are still interested please call me direct on 0422 600 183. Kind regards, Brianne.Brianne. If you are genuine in assisting with my inquiry how about you respond here with details about your membership options and of course, the fees for each option? That's the first thing I would want to know before I go giving you any of my personal details.Thank you Curious. Presenting that information is very detailed. I hope you can appreciate that. Detailing that information is very one on one and personal and private with your circumstances. It is also complimentary. There is no charge from us to consult with you. I look forward to speaking with you and again, hope we can be of help for you and turn a negative feeling to a positive for you. Brianne.

Don't waste your money

I have two issues with You and I Introductions. Firstly, their fee structure. I first joined early last year and was introduced to someone who I say for about five months. As that did not work out I went back just before Christmas to seek their services again but was told this time that the fee structure had changed and was now double what I had previously paid but with a few added benefits. Their fee structure is not documented anywhere to enable you to make an informed decision.

Secondly, I have not been able to contact my consultant and when contact is made it is always 'I will contact you tomorrow to make time to catch up'. But I never get a call back.

I am now feeling that the only reason I got a reply from my message left before Christmas was because they were a little short of money for their Christmas holiday and wanted me signed up as fast as possible.

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Hi Rosebud, It was lovely that you have mentioned you met a person through the agency that you saw for five months. As we know, finding someone special is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I am not sure who you are, as we introduce hundreds of happy couples in a year. To re-join, means you were happy to do so. I apologise that we had to put up our fees ................... I am sure we are not the only business to do so. I would love the opportunity to speak with you and share your thoughts on how you feel. I am not sure why you didn't do so ? I really do care about making things right . Brianne.

Wonderful cannot say enough about this service

You and I Introductions has changed my life for ever. I was looking for a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with but like most people I wanted to fall in love and to be loved. Honestly people that is a hard ask. Not only did I want love but I wanted a certain type of person, with certain traits and attitude to life. I wanted him to be this tall, intellegent, funny, happy and certainly a go getter. Anyway that was just the tip of the iceburg. How do you give such a list to someone and expect them to come up with the perfect person plus you also need to have chemistry with them! I don't know how anyone could expect that, all I know is thats excactly what happend.

I have asked my consultant the secret and she cannot explain. I guess it comes down to great listening and intuition in a match maker.
I met my wonderful consultant to get things started and she asked me many questions about what I was after and what I enjoyed doing and how I view certain things. It was a great chat and I am amazed at how she can keep that much information on so many different people in her head. The next stage was to send me on suitable dates. It was great because you are not just going on date after date randomly.

You will only be sent on dates that could be suitable to you. I had a few that were not my cup of tea but they were lovely people. Any time I went on a date that I did not want to continue with my consultant and I would have a great chat about it. This way she would learn a lot more about me and how I roll as well as really getting to know my personality. A date you do not want to continue with is not a waist of time, its an opportunity for your consultant to learn more about you. I think that might be the real trick. Each time you have contact with your consultant they get to know you and your quirks better and better. ( and yes you have quirks I don't care who you are).
I didn't expect the man for me to necessarily be on the books just waithing for me although it would have been lovely if he was. As fate had it I was on the books waiting for him (he's such a lucky man lol). Time certainly plays a big part in this and I am so glad that I waited for the right person for me.

Today I am engaged to the love of my life. We are both so happy and so greatful to our consultant who is more of a friend these days. When my Fiance had his inital introductory consultation with her she thought of me instantly. We have no idea how she got it so right, we just know she did. I cannot recommend this particular business enough. I would like to also add that I have used another introduction agency before and to no avail. They did not have the personal touch at all and never got to know anything about who I was let alone who they were sending me on a date with. I cannot stress enough how different the two agencies worked but the proof is in the outcome.
I give You and I Introductions the highest of recommendations and have recommended it to friends.
Thanks Brianne for such a wonderful service and your amazing match making abilities.

Sue xx
Personal service.

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Hi Sue, I should of thanked you first for your positive review before replying to Sunshine 007 comment ........................ I apologise and sincerely have enjoyed all the feedback you still give me about how you and John are going ! I have also enjoyed the times we have gotten together. You are truly a Wonderful couple and keep on smiling. You are beautiful !

Anybody working there?

I've tried several times to contact you and I introductions and on each occasion I've been informed by the receptionist that I would need to speak to [name removed]. I've left a message on her voicemail but no response after a week. Tried again today and same routine. Girl answers and tells me I need to speak to [name removed] and that she will put me through to her voicemail. I said I've tried that over a week ago. She said the only other way is to email her. The short and impolite response was plain unhelpful. Really, I have to jump through hoops to give you my business? Business must be great to be able to treat prospective clients this way. If it's this hard to contact you to give you my business I can only imagine how difficult it will be to get service once they have my money. No thanks.

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David and Rosebud .............. please call me direct on 0422 600 183 ,,,,,,,,,,, I am sincerely sorry that you are expressing yourselves this way .............. it is a service industry and I fully and personally apologise that your enquiry has not been attended to. Yes David, it is "debatable" .............. we don't leave our Company name on a persons answering machine due to confidentially reasons for our clients ............... then when we ring people they may be at work ............ then sometimes people ring us back and say their phone number so fast, that we can't hear it clearly. Again, I personally apologise . Brianne.

Very Impressed

I decided it was about time to look for a wonderful gentleman. I have not been disappointed in any way..From the first contact with the owner of you and I introductions, My nerves about my registering my nervousness was eased. After 25 years in a marriage, and having very little idea of how to start dating again. So much has changed in the 26 years away from the scene.
[Personal Name Removed] alleviated my concerns and eased me into the scene with very helpful tips and advice.
I have met two gentlemen since joining in August 2013, The first was very nice, however the spark and attraction was not mutual. The second is the most amazing man I have ever met. His communication skills are wonderful, He is articulate, educated and his knowledge and interest are so broad. We share so much in common, and we are both interested in sharing the things we don;t have in common.
I am extremely happy, happier than I have ever been . I am assured that, if nothing else comes of ysm we will remain Forever Friends.
Thank you [Personal Name Removed] , for your attention to detail, your advice and help.
You are awesome.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Awesome insight and attention to detail.
At times very difficult to make contact. I know now it is because they send so much time working to get it right.

Y & I is not an online dating agency, it is in fact, a personal introduction agency. Therefore my comment is in fact, most relevant......Hi Kate, your review has been so helpful. We have had so many people overlook the negative reviews and look to the positive and as such, joined and met up with lovely people. I just wanted to thank you for your time and thoughts to post the positive. Brianne. x

Personalised Professional Service

In this internet era where personalised service seems a thing of the past it was great to finally find an organisation that listened to my needs and worked persistently to match me up with someone special. I have previously tried on line dating and found very hit and miss and a little soul destroying. Y and I on the other hand worked hard to ensure the matches I was introduced to were consist with what I was seeking in a partner.
Thank you for your persistence.

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Thank you Craig. Your feedback is truly appreciated. It helps others understand the value of our service and the personal and professional experience that goes in to helping others find that someone special again. . It is not easy finding love again, but it is not impossible with realistic goals and patience, in which we thank you for having. Thus, the service worked for you. I enjoy and appreciate the ongoing feedback from you ! All the best, Brianne. Director - You and I.

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Questions & Answers

Hello Brianne, This is Sophie. I am still waiting for your response regarding my promised refund?
1 answer
Lodge a complaint with office of fair trading. I am after other people like yourself who feel that they have being robbed by this agency to come forward so we can take this matter further & get our money back from a company that failed to provide the service they sold us.

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