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A'van Cruiseliner 1

A'van Cruiseliner 1

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Great except for a couple of things

My issue is suspension is lousy the wine down legs are lousy that suspension is 2 firm to go off road or even gravel road come back from Cairns and it rattled all my batteries to death . tried deflating tyres and is not the solution I am going to upgrade the suspension the cost of $4, 000 the company should have put leaf springs in the first place but I'm putting alko Enduro suspension . The curtains are a problem you would think that they would put a Solid Edge on on them so you can pull the curtains across with one hand radio and speakers in the wrong place maybe I should shut up but I still love the van over all and great hot water heater .up date my comment 22 November 2018 apart from my whinging as some might say reading some of the comments of other people problems I will mention that the drawers under the microwave is a problem as it would on Wood tracks I had put strips of acrylic to help my cupboards slide and as I did mention that I was going to change the suspension I declined $4,000 could do a better holiday overseas costing too much to travel this country particularly if you are on your own you can't leave the van outside a park otherwise it would be gone for a single person or even a couple to go to caravan park today is outrageous for the cost with no power so I decided next year I may sell the van and spend my money travelling overseas better options but it's not for everyone .but still thinking.

Floor PlanAccording to the book C1 model double bed in the back

Battery caught on fire

Lucky we were not in bed when battery caught on fire, caused a lot of smoke, not confident sleeping in it. Fire brigade put out fire and after 6 weeks GIO Eventually paid up. Not good enough!

Super van but customer service leaves a lot to be desired

I had a problem with customer service which they could have fixed no problem but they didn't and the reply I got was very very terse so if I change or upgrade I could well think again

Super easy A Van

Very satisfied with our second hand cruiseliner. Very reliable, tows beautifully. Perfect for two. Like all holidays preparation is the key. Correct loading, tyre pressures, brake checks and wheel bearing service all done before we left. Reading some of the less flattering reviews reveals more about problems with owners than vans. Cheers.

Avan Campbellfield Super Centre,

Nothing at all super about the after sales service, so disappointed. And I had to pay for the first service? Then too many things they were unable to fix, or did not want to fix, such as putting co axial cable in conduit, installing steel mesh fly wire, a month to complete warranty works and some still not fixed. And I too met that 'lady' who I shall not put an adjective too as I consider myself a lady. I now totally refuse to deal with her after she suggested I change my hitching configuration to something that was unsafe, because the jockey wheel was not high enough. I just needed a higher jockey wheel, which she seemed unwilling to supply, and then tried to charge me for it.
Where can one get good caravan service. This is my third go and the service gets worse and worse.

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I need to replace the bungee cords on my Avan roof. Any advice on how to do so would be appreciated - is it straightforward?
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John, give avan gold coast a call they have the answer for everything this bloke knows more about avans than anyone in Australia. Regards brettThanks Brett, but in the meantime I've worked out how to do it - as follows. Fix the free ends of the bungee cord under the plate on the apex of the roof first. The cord is now hanging from this plate down the face of the roof. Wrap a cable tie around the two halves of the bungee cord about 10cm from the loop at the end of the cord and pull this cable tie as tight as you can. Loop a rope or a luggage strap through the bungee cord above the cable tie and pass it down around the bumper bar of the Avan. Pull this rope or strap tight, thereby stretching the bungee cord so the loop at its end is below the plate on the side of the roof to which the loop is to be anchored. Now simply place the loop (which is slack, as it's only the cord above it which is stretched) onto the bed beneath the anchor plate and screw the plate back into position. Remove the rope or baggage strap which was stretching the bungee cord, cut the cable tie which is around the cord, and bingo - your new cord is fitted to the Avan roof!

are they able to be put up by one person?
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Yes it takes 30 seconds to erect by 1 personYes and my nephew timed me at 40seconds, not bad for a 64 year old, and I wasn't rushing.

We just bought a cruiser 2003 Avan very excited but some of the curtains are faded and the clips you sew on are broken. I am a dressmaker! Can I buy this tape anywhere and what is it called?
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Id start again and think about Velcro. Original design is not user friendly or robust.Err, bit out of my league but offer couple suggestions; 1. Go online to Avan's website, they have a spare parts operation now online, you might find curtain clips there or 2. Try curtain/sewing supplies types of shops, Mansours? Target? Good luck.Thank you ! For trying to help I have never seen these tracks or this tape as it has plastic hooks sewn in .


Cruiseliner 1
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