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A'van Cruiser & Cruiseliner

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Van for a quick escape

Easy to tow and extremely fast in erection. No canvas and very watertight. Caught in an eastern coast blow in Byron (in my earlier 2003 model) and had to pack up in rain. Didn’t open up van for six weeks expecting mould and a big cleanup but clean as a whistle.

Bought a newer model this year (2013) with a/c heating and microwave.

Very very happy!

Floor PlanDouble with breakfast nook that converts to single

Great except for a couple of things

My issue is suspension is lousy the wine down legs are lousy that suspension is 2 firm to go off road or even gravel road come back from Cairns and it rattled all my batteries to death . tried deflating tyres and is not the solution I am going to upgrade the suspension the cost of $4, 000 the company should have put leaf springs in the first place but I'm putting alko Enduro suspension . The curtains are a problem you would think that they would put a Solid Edge on on them so you can pull the curtains across with one hand radio and speakers in the wrong place maybe I should shut up but I still love the van over all and great hot water heater .up date my comment 22 November 2018 apart from my whinging as some might say reading some of the comments of other people problems I will mention that the drawers under the microwave is a problem as it would on Wood tracks I had put strips of acrylic to help my cupboards slide and as I did mention that I was going to change the suspension I declined $4,000 could do a better holiday overseas costing too much to travel this country particularly if you are on your own you can't leave the van outside a park otherwise it would be gone for a single person or even a couple to go to caravan park today is outrageous for the cost with no power so I decided next year I may sell the van and spend my money travelling overseas better options but it's not for everyone .but still thinking.

Floor PlanAccording to the book C1 model double bed in the back

About the air conditioning and a line cruise liner

We purchased a cruiseliner 5 2018 model we have found the air conditioner with the adventure plus pack extremely poor to the point its not worth having it on anyone else had this experience

Floor Plansingle beds floor plan

A great compromise - excellent for it's purpose

After having a an Swan OB we bought a second hand 2004 Cruseliner 1D and have used it for hard top, dirt roads and tracks. No canvas, exceedingly quick to set up, lots of daylight, a light, easy and economical tow. It has been excellent for our bush and free camping purposes, but it did require a fair bit of adjustment to overcome some of the design or construction limitations. For me though that is part of the pleasure and fun of personalizing the van. Unfortunately there were 3 things that could not be easily over come. The practice of minimizing a van tare weight by excluding much of what would be considered (by the purchaser) as part of the van set up is common to most van builders and meant that of the 1210k ATM we have about 120ks for all 'extras' such as water, gas food, etc. The suspension is excellent for good hard top roads but only rates a 'careful' adequate for the dirt roads and tracks. And lastly the height/clearance can be improved by replacement of the van wind down stays, and the axle can be lifted (50mm spacer) on some vans (not ours unfortunately). All three could be resolved for us by going through an engineer but for us the estimated $4-5k cost does not merit it (well at the moment).

For any one considering the the concept we would strongly recommend it and then personalizing or improving the van to suit the intended purposes.

We've found the complaint about condensation valid, but keeping a roof vent slightly open addresses most of it. Doing this means that even when it's really cold and the condensation freezes, there is only a small quantity that is quickly and simply dispatched with a face washer on a hair brush (to reach it). Well after a cuppa and it thaws :)

As an incidental, we have not had any 'Avan' work done, but the staff at Pakenham Avan have been excellent when I've called in to buy spare parts or to ask about repairing something.

Floor Plan1D

Shoddy finish

Sealant looks like an 8 year's old work.
Battery is starting to smell.
Small top vent cracked.
Lock on lugs on jack wheel don't line up.
awning is a nightmare.

Currently three thousands kms from home and all of these issues have surfaced.
We purchased this van second hand but it had not done 900kms so was virtually brand new.

Comment on A'van locks

Agree with you - the locks are bad. The locks on our Cruiseliner 2016 model, especially on the baggage compartments, are unreliable. Belongings fell out - flagged down by passing motorist. Main door lock very poor. Also, recently, after only 5 weeks of use the sink mixer broke just into the first week of a 2 week stay - had no water for the rest of the stay. Because of this, tried to fix it there and then but to no avail. Won't be bothering with A'van and warranty (voided probably) because it will be more inconvenient and costly to travel there and back (and, of course, they well know this, don't they!) Will get it fixed locally (country Vic). Having had an original A'van from new (1998 til 2016) - can say we half expected the quality to be much poorer because of the growth of Chinese imports, etc, and it is turning out to be the case: general across the industry I would think. This current A'van will never reach the age of our previous one.

Floor PlanSingle beds - at either end, with tabel in middle

After Sales Service Lacking

We have a door lock problem with our Cruiseliner . Right from day one the lock was hard to operate,took it back to avan.They said no problem they are all like that.My partner cant operate the lock with the key.It also comes unlocked during transit.After recently having the first $280 service they still refuse to replace this lock. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Terry

Floor PlanID

We love it!

We are a retired couple and looking for something for our retirement.
We had hired the Avan a couple of times and just loved it, so found a second hand 2003 Cruiseliner at the right price.
Our 2013 2l diesel Forrester tows it easily, and with fuel consumption up from 6l to 8l per 100k it's not too hard on the wallet.

The time it takes to put up and down, which is under a minute either way, means pulling off the road, popping up the roof, having a cuppa, read a book, listen to some music or have a snooze, dropping the roof and continuing is always an option.
Ours is fitted with a Webasto heater which is just the best thing for those cold mornings in the centre.
We have already towed the camper about 8 thousand kilometers with 2 trips. First was from Melbourne to Broken Hill as a trial, then Melbourne to Carnarvon Gorge, and a wander around western Queensland before returning to Melbourne via Broken Hill.
My only modification has been to install an AM/FM radio.

In a couple of weeks we will head off to South Australia and the Flinders Ranges.

Battery caught on fire

Lucky we were not in bed when battery caught on fire, caused a lot of smoke, not confident sleeping in it. Fire brigade put out fire and after 6 weeks GIO Eventually paid up. Not good enough!

Super van but customer service leaves a lot to be desired

I had a problem with customer service which they could have fixed no problem but they didn't and the reply I got was very very terse so if I change or upgrade I could well think again

Early problems ...hoping this won't continue

Bought a brand new ex show Cruiseliner recently .We had a Cub Drifter years ago and it was tough as old boots , but too much hassle with canvas etc.
So far, the quality control is notably poor. Next time I buy a van I will be going over it with a fine tooth comb.!
We set it up at home for the first time have left it set up while we pack it with essentials . We found one large curtain missing, a light cover plate missing, and one drawer jamming up(inside slider had come adrift). This was all fixed by the one staff member at our local dealership who has been helpful. This week, I closed the top door latch, and it came off on my hand...it will need to be re screwed with glue as well as there is no substance there in the door for it to bind to. Door is slightly out of alignment so there is a lot of pressure on this flimsy bolt. we then found the mattress, bedding and wood underneath at foot end was really wet. Did the garden hose test on the roof and no leaks evident, suspect it may be condensation after some very cold nights.,but we have not been sleeping in so can't see how? Any advice welcome.We still have no copies of the warranty cover, or manuals which we were assured were in a drawer in the van. These are now .on order apparently ? We now plan to keep trialling the van in our driveway before taking it our in the road ..it's too cold anyway to be out 'camping ' Need to trial the hot water system fridge and air con .no manuals to help us but they ran through all this when we purchased. Fingers crossed that this van will be OK,reading the reviews I am wondering if an older van might have been built better and a better buy . Verdict is out .

Now one of the side roof anchor catches has broken .We are now enjoying our van for short breaks away . The ease and speed of pack up is amazing . Fingers crossed for no more issues

Super easy A Van

Very satisfied with our second hand cruiseliner. Very reliable, tows beautifully. Perfect for two. Like all holidays preparation is the key. Correct loading, tyre pressures, brake checks and wheel bearing service all done before we left. Reading some of the less flattering reviews reveals more about problems with owners than vans. Cheers.

Avan Campbellfield Super Centre,

Nothing at all super about the after sales service, so disappointed. And I had to pay for the first service? Then too many things they were unable to fix, or did not want to fix, such as putting co axial cable in conduit, installing steel mesh fly wire, a month to complete warranty works and some still not fixed. And I too met that 'lady' who I shall not put an adjective too as I consider myself a lady. I now totally refuse to deal with her after she suggested I change my hitching configuration to something that was unsafe, because the jockey wheel was not high enough. I just needed a higher jockey wheel, which she seemed unwilling to supply, and then tried to charge me for it.
Where can one get good caravan service. This is my third go and the service gets worse and worse.

Ours is a cruiseliner

Love our cruiseliner - only put the awning up if doubtful weather never have used the annex. Our bikes fit in the back of the Prado (seats down) and travel there very happily. We prefer natural campsites so run the fridge on gas and share cooking over campfire BBQ (which fits neatly in the side hatch) and indoors. Love the big front boot. Only reason to upgrade is looking at shower and island bed. It is so easy to tow and will follow the Prado any where we want to go.

Gave up too hard

In the end too small alone and too hard to put the annex up. Traded on a 16 foot pop top Jayco. Will report. The A-van dealer was hopelessly unhelpful so went Jayco. Sorry. I meant she was a miserable cow.

replacing the battery

Great van. Only issue after 1 month with our 2nd hand cruiseline is the deep cell battery went flat. Awful smell, not the fault of the van. The issue we have is trying to get the battery out from the back corner under the bed! How? Any suggestions?

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Problem solved. Undo the gas struts that lift the bed. Lift the bed higher and prop it up.

ok but not suited to my life style.

liked it for its light weight and easy to tow with my 2010 mazda bt 50 very easy to put up and down .it did not like rough roads or dusty roads and the seal on the door kept coming unstuck .the fridge and microwave do not work anymore and the replacement cost was expensive.Had a blow out which ripped off mud guard ,stability of van was excellent after blow out.sold van for good price.I plan to buy off road version.


We have just sold our Cruiseliner 5 and she has gone back to Queensland quite near to the original owner!
The new folks purchased her with all the added must have, thousands of $$$ worth of extras. They have called to see us on their way home from Adelaide, still learning the how too's but happy with their purchase!
We have moved up to a 5th wheeler we had built in Wales & shipped to Australia ~ yes we love it but we still have fond memories of our little Noddy van & would never choose to miss that experience with our Cruiseliner, it's where we developed our love of free camping.

We have just come home after 5,500 km round trip to Queensland, we never had one minutes grief from our Cruiseliner, not with towing, not with living facilities, all in all excellent.
We of course had the appropriate electric brakes fitted to the Forester & a medium (maximum 160 kg on the ball) Hayman Reece Weigh Distribution Hitch fitted + the Tom Tom GPS so were absolutely safe & traveled without incident.


We still have our Cruiseliner we still love it!

My husband has taken up gold prospecting so while I don't detect I agreed to go IF we had our van modified to suit "bush camping" my way! We now tow with an Isuzu D-Max LS Terrain 2015 (overkill)

We put in..
2 new 120 amp batteries 240w portable solar panels 2 kva Yamaha generator 2,000 watt Redarc Inverter Duoetto Hot water service with outdoor plumbed shower(heats on batteries) Full row of dimable led lights at the wrap around kitchen end, BBQ bayonet & picnic table on the side, pop-up with toilet which fits in the side wall of the annex.

I also have lovely hot shower 'rigged up' INSIDE the van for use in the really cold weather.
The night twin beds/day couches now have a marine ply 'slide' in the middle to make a large double bed ( with a 12 v genuine electric blanket) sleeping east west.
Large comfortable cushions made for back rests when using the extra wide couches for TV or visitors.
Free standing table replaced with pull-out table in a drawer for more space.

The batteries & solar panels (generator if no sun) combined with 2000 watt Inverter allows me to use my rice cooker, 4 slice pop up toaster, soup maker, hair dryer & microwave and of course charge all things internet!
I can use my electric appliances from home at anytime via the Inverter & re-charge batteries with the generator (if no sun) when time is OK at the "free camp " (so no one is bothered with noise at inappropriate times,) with the good weather we use our noiseless solar at all times.

We have routine maintenance issues clearly as does everyone who owns a van, we have changed fittings to suit our application, replaced all the foam seals, replaced the sink tap, put boat carpet on the floor, changed the hot water unit (was working fine) extra heavy duty wiring for Inverter & solar but it was conditional for me to " bush camp "
Currently we will replace our bungy cords because we can, they have done hundreds of lifts and are getting tired.

If we had our time again would we still buy an Avan Cruiseliner... YES definitely!
As previously noted, easy to tow (we have 2 litre only 4 cyclinder Subaru Forester)we have the wrap kitchen which avoids crawling around the floor & digging under beds for storeage.SOLID WALLS ~ NO CANVAS!

Love my Avan

Bought a Cruiseliner about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. So easy to tow and very easy to put up and down, I only do weekend to week long travel but for a single person I find it perfect for my needs. Also fits perfectly into my garage

Ok. But but doesn't suit our just on and over 70's age bracket.

The van has just turned 2 in April. After travelling with friends with a pop top with Island bed and having had our van only 3 months, we realised that we had made the wrong choice for our life style/age group. The Cruiseliner A-van is beautiful and tows like a dream with our almost new Nissan X-Trail. The van has external shower, gas hot water and reverse cycle air conditioning, so has all the extras. So easy to put up and down! It's not the van, but us, that is the problem. We have been flying along 130 kph before realising we had a van behind us.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have an AVAN Cruiseliner Adventure Pack Plus. My question is the weight and towing. I am in the process of buying a (new to me) car. Nissan Xtrail and despite having a heavy duty towbar the sticker inside the door says Automatic 1300kg towing. The numbers from AVAN vary. Should this be OK?
2 answers
You need to read all the facts about weight before buying the new vehicle. Especially important are what weight your car can tow and what weight it can accept on the towball. You also need to know what your car weighs, then add the tow ball weight, the weight of your fuel (allow 1kg per litre), the weight of your stuff in the vehicle and the weight of your passengers and driver. All of the must not exceed the GVM, gross vehicle mass, allowed for your car. You could get the new car home and find you can't get inside it without exceeding GVM with the van attached. Ask the salesperson or do an online search. It was in my car manual. I pull with an old Hilux, which can only tow 1800kg and 150kg on the ball. The Cruiseliner is fine and car fully loaded is well within GVM.Hi Didi, Jennie is right on the money, it's mandatory to remain within the specifications (car & van). Personally if I was interested in a car I'd contact the RACV technical dept, my local mechanic if I use one, and use online forums to tease out my knowledge base. Incidentally a quick Google shows, there are some older X-Trail models (up to 2014) that only have a 1300kg towing capacity.

Just bought an Avan Adventure Plus Love it. Just one problem ..... the water pump??? It has an on/off switch. When switch turned on and the tap is opened the the pump is clearly audible. Turn the tap off and the pump then appears to stop however somehow the pump continues on its merry way whirring very very quietly in the background almost silently draining the battery. We only detected this when laying on the bed it could be heard purring through the pillow. Yes we did accidentally leave the switch on. But Why doesn't the pump STOP
1 answer
Hi Bea, I'm no expert just handy :) My understanding is the pump maintains pressure in the line if it's left on. So it's normal to come of and on but if it's spending a lot of time on then I'd check to see if all the joints are holding their pressure. It might simply be tightening or resealing a joint. Just a note, don't over tighten and there should be a sleeve inside each end of the pipe line that supports the pipe at the joint. I can't comment on a water reservoir's impact as I've never had one. Incidentally we turn the pump of overnight and if we're away for the day as a power conservation measure and if there was a plumbing failure (all be it unlikely). Cheers

Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Avan Cruiseliner (2B) Owner's/User's Manual? Or do you know where I can easily download one? Thanks, Terry Barr
2 answers
Hi Terry, we're pretty ancient with a 2004 model so it might have changed, but there was no manual with ours. All the bits and pieces (ie fridge, fabric treatment etc) had their own pamphlets or manuals but nothing from Avan.Hi Sam-thanks for getting back on my query. I’ve seen a PDF copy of an Aliner model owners manual, which does help, but I thought there would a similar manual available for the other models? I’ve found nothing so far but will keep looking. Regards, Terry


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