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Looking at a 2002 Cruiseliner 3 which has 14 inch tyres and std on road suspension. Does anyone know if & how the suspension can be upgraded so as it can have better clearance and better able on corrugated gravel roads?
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Don't know about changing the chassis, but even if you have the "off road" version/s they are not truly off road. Depends how much damage and inconvenience you are prepared to accept. Corrugations are murder. Check back over reviews on this site - that will give you a broad overview of their capabilities. (We had an "off road" one from new for 18 yrs and now on 2nd (2 years old). The older versions were/are sturdier.My understanding is that the Cruiseliner and Cruiser of this vintage already came with the Aliner off road upgrade. It would be worth checking your axle hubs to see if that is true for your Cruiseliner. We found off road stickers on the inside of our 2004 Cruiseliner hubs. It's reasonable on tracks and short 'challenging' sections and extra care will be required in those sections. As Wonnie warned (RE the new OR) and certainly in the older configurations, they're certainly not a 4x4 trailer, but are a great bush camp. Apparently there are two types of axle chassis attachment and one can have a 50mm packer inserted (unfortunately not ours). To improve our clearances, we took the wind down stays off (110mm) and put new stays on the bumper and one the opposite side to the jockey wheel (also upgraded) that swung down. With larger profiled tyres and the change in stays, we found this satisfactory for most of our situations. So traveling to the conditions with the usual considerations of tyre pressures and speed has meant that gravel and corrugations haven't been a major concern. The next step of replacing the suspension is too many $$$ for a limited return.Hope this is of assistance.Recently just completed a trip with my 2006 Avan Cruiseliner E across toW from Townsville , Western Qld , across the Plenty Highway ,across the Tanami track through Halls Creek . Kunanurra Savannah Way . Borooloola , back down to Barkley Homestead. Flinders Highway to Townsville . No mods etc no problems at all , towed with my Triton , drove to conditions . Secret is preparation and planning prevents poor performance .


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