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A'van Cruiseliner 5

A'van Cruiseliner 5

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About the air conditioning and a line cruise liner

We purchased a cruiseliner 5 2018 model we have found the air conditioner with the adventure plus pack extremely poor to the point its not worth having it on anyone else had this experience

Floor Plansingle beds floor plan

replacing the battery

Great van. Only issue after 1 month with our 2nd hand cruiseline is the deep cell battery went flat. Awful smell, not the fault of the van. The issue we have is trying to get the battery out from the back corner under the bed! How? Any suggestions?

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Problem solved. Undo the gas struts that lift the bed. Lift the bed higher and prop it up.


We have just sold our Cruiseliner 5 and she has gone back to Queensland quite near to the original owner!
The new folks purchased her with all the added must have, thousands of $$$ worth of extras. They have called to see us on their way home from Adelaide, still learning the how too's but happy with their purchase!
We have moved up to a 5th wheeler we had built in Wales & shipped to Australia ~ yes we love it but we still have fond memories of our little Noddy van & would never choose to miss that experience with our Cruiseliner, it's where we developed our love of free camping.

We have just come home after 5,500 km round trip to Queensland, we never had one minutes grief from our Cruiseliner, not with towing, not with living facilities, all in all excellent.
We of course had the appropriate electric brakes fitted to the Forester & a medium (maximum 160 kg on the ball) Hayman Reece Weigh Distribution Hitch fitted + the Tom Tom GPS so were absolutely safe & traveled without incident.


We still have our Cruiseliner we still love it!

My husband has taken up gold prospecting so while I don't detect I agreed to go IF we had our van modified to suit "bush camping" my way! We now tow with an Isuzu D-Max LS Terrain 2015 (overkill)

We put in..
2 new 120 amp batteries 240w portable solar panels 2 kva Yamaha generator 2,000 watt Redarc Inverter Duoetto Hot water service with outdoor plumbed shower(heats on batteries) Full row of dimable led lights at the wrap around kitchen end, BBQ bayonet & picnic table on the side, pop-up with toilet which fits in the side wall of the annex.

I also have lovely hot shower 'rigged up' INSIDE the van for use in the really cold weather.
The night twin beds/day couches now have a marine ply 'slide' in the middle to make a large double bed ( with a 12 v genuine electric blanket) sleeping east west.
Large comfortable cushions made for back rests when using the extra wide couches for TV or visitors.
Free standing table replaced with pull-out table in a drawer for more space.

The batteries & solar panels (generator if no sun) combined with 2000 watt Inverter allows me to use my rice cooker, 4 slice pop up toaster, soup maker, hair dryer & microwave and of course charge all things internet!
I can use my electric appliances from home at anytime via the Inverter & re-charge batteries with the generator (if no sun) when time is OK at the "free camp " (so no one is bothered with noise at inappropriate times,) with the good weather we use our noiseless solar at all times.

We have routine maintenance issues clearly as does everyone who owns a van, we have changed fittings to suit our application, replaced all the foam seals, replaced the sink tap, put boat carpet on the floor, changed the hot water unit (was working fine) extra heavy duty wiring for Inverter & solar but it was conditional for me to " bush camp "
Currently we will replace our bungy cords because we can, they have done hundreds of lifts and are getting tired.

If we had our time again would we still buy an Avan Cruiseliner... YES definitely!
As previously noted, easy to tow (we have 2 litre only 4 cyclinder Subaru Forester)we have the wrap kitchen which avoids crawling around the floor & digging under beds for storeage.SOLID WALLS ~ NO CANVAS!

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Questions & Answers

We just purchased a cruise liner with an adventure plus pack 2017 model its air conditioned but we found that it does not perform anywhere near what it's supposed to has anyone else had the same problem?
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Just sent you a message. We got our cruiseliner last July and heating kind of worked but nothing special. Same now in summer it was minimally effective. I’m not sure they’re capable of anything better. Just had to cuddle up to a vent to get relief. We kept trying to change the setting but couldn’t get a whole lot out of it. Probably could say it took the edge off I guess.We have a 2017 Adventure Plus and the air con works OK. Probably works better than our previous Jayco 2011 PopTop. During the summer when hubby was cleaning up the van after a trip (35 degrees). He said when going in you could definitely feel it was working and held its own. Will never be as good as a home air conditioner. This would have been on 240v so not sure if it is as effective if running solely off the battery. Get it checked out at the dealer!!!!

I have just purchased a new cruiseliner. The manual says that when storing for long periods you should jack it up to take the weight off the tyres. Where do you position the jack to do this?
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A bit to the REAR of the wheels you should see a strengthening brace running across the chassis, next to this join at the chassis you should have a small welded plate and this is the place for your jack ( right alongside where the brace meets the chassis )Hi John, we use the van regularly; so we don't jack. Sam

I am really interested in buying a new cruiseliner but the garage length is about 100mm too long is there any chance that the length can be modifiedduring the build stage?
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Presume you are thinking of getting the model with the front boot. If you don't get the boot you'd probably be ok. We had the same problem (re garage fit) and decided to forgo the boot; working on the premise that the more space you have the more you will take. Having had an A'liner for 17 years ( since new) we knew we could easily cope without the boot in the new one. Good luck with your decision.In answer to my own query, after thinking about it, I could probably take the spare wheel off when garaging and that would give me the extra space I need. Thanks for your input Wonnie80 but I really want the boot model (Cruiseliner). Out of interest, does the Cruiser have any sort of boot at all, i.e. somewhere to store hoses etc? By the way your long association with these vans is very encouraging.Hi, you can have your A'Van made with as many as three side luggage compartments and forego the air conditioner which takes up space with the ducting tubes. This gives plenty of space for hoses, bucket, tv aerial, chocks etc, etc.


Cruiseliner 5
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