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We purchased carpets, timber flooring and shutters from Accent Carpets and Blinds 7 years ago when we built our new house. This included motorised roller blinds. We spent over $35,000 with this company. We have so far been very happy with the product.
Recently I had to change the batteries in the motorised blind remotes. Somehow I have pressed a certain combination of buttons together and have reversed the direction controls on the remote - much to my wife's annoyance. Usually I am fairly competent at working out remotes, but this has me beaten.
However, when I phoned Accent to ask for help, explaining that the brief leaflet I was given, when I bought the blinds, tells me nothing, I got no help at all. I was told that they don't use that type of blind anymore and the lady actually suggested I go to other blind shops to get advice!!!!
I have searched online and got nowhere.
I can't believe that the company we spent a considerable amount of money with cannot help us or find us someone who can.
I have checked on the information sent to me from the representative from Accent Blinds. The company I used 7 years ago was Accent Carpets. They sold blinds as well and were sometimes known as Accent Carpets and Blinds. I am very sorry that I have mixed them up with Accent Blinds and I apologise for giving Accent Blinds a bad rap on my report. I will try to resubmit my item under the correct company heading.
I went to Accent Carpets in person and explained the problem. They gave me the name of the company that they got the blinds from. I have contacted that company and have got no help from them - they can't tell me about how to operate the remote because they don't know which type it is.
I went out to visit the company that made the blinds and met a really nice man who was extremely helpful and showed me how to program the remote, in fact he even gave me, free of charge, a much better upgraded remote. Problem finally solved!

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Nothing was too hard for the Castle Hill store, I rang them with an old quote from August, they confirmed my colour choice from the carpet range and had me booked in within 3 days to have it laid. I was shocked that it was that easy. It was installed and all mess cleaned up in a day. Professional service and exceptional labour. I want to mention Carolynne Harvey, your friendly and professional service is what brought me back. Your no worries attitude made it so stress free to deal with you and your team. I can't thank you enough

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Exceptional Customer Service

I had an issue with the timber floors supplied and installed by Accent Carpets.

Adam from Accent Carpets dealt with my issue, and nothing was too much trouble. Adam is a consummate professional and would recommend when building a new house you insist on Accent Carpets.

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