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ACN Pacific Mobile

ACN Pacific Mobile

3.2 from 26 reviews

Excellent service

I am using Vodaphone service since 2009. Recently switched with ACN Vodaphone, my experience is I am saving on monthly bills and also getting enough data for myself and family. It’s awesome when we use service with satisfaction and helping friends whom we know is great. I have no issue with this service.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Included Data per Month:50 GB

Cant understand what language you are speaking

Shocking customer care, cant even provide me with someone who can speak proper english. Did Not resolve any issue you have lost a customer!

Customer for a few years now

I've been a customer of Vodafone through ACN Mobile for nearly 3 years now. I was able to get a slightly better deal through ACN rather than going to Vodafone directly. I still get by bill from Vodafone, and call Vodafone for service, however ACN just negotiates better inclusions and deals because they have a few hundred thousand customers or more in their network. Works for me.

ACN Vodafone Mobile

I have been with them since April 2017. Got a good promo deal 13GB data for $50 pm. Was amazed it only took about 2 hours to port my number over from Amaysim. I know a lot of people say Vodafone network is no good but they really have improved since 2013. The 4G speeds in metro Sydney are amazing. Very easy to switch. They have also scrapped lock in contracts.

Really happy

I have been an ACN Vodafone customer for about 3-4 months now and am extremely happy with the service that they provided. The IBO I went through helped me get a better sim plan and with more benefits than what i was already paying, was very helpful, she consistently did all she could to get the service connected without me having to struggle speaking to any customer service operators. She 3 way called me in and did all the talking and sorting. So impressed with her.. ACN is definately not a pyramid scheme, I have a few services through them and all works great. AND the IBO i used helped me save $$$ and get more for my money. I am not affiliated with the company - only as a customer and have never had an issue... You gotta remember too - its not 'ACN' Vodafone, its Vodafone itself - ACN are just wholesalers...

Terrible. ..you'll be calling india for any issues

Acn vodafone has been terrible. .
As I work all over brisbane I need a reliable network. .acn vodafone Is absolutely crap....I'd get messages from people asking me to call them back as my phone according to network information is off...although my phone is always on...complained and got told that everything is ok....lucky was on 1 year contract only

Great customer services with ACN and its partner companies

I travel all over Australia and internationally and am so happy with the service I receive from ACN and its agency companies. I love that I am now with Vodaphone through ACN and am really happy with its great coverage and service as well as the additional support my ACN Independent Business Owner provides me. They sat and worked through my needs and wants and was able to give me a better value service plus savings WIN WIN!

Perfectly Legit

I have had ACN for nearly 3 years. I use it at home, mobile and office. I use their electricity and gas. Never anything wrong. Good service and web site is easy to use

Some good some bad

As a ACN mobile customer I was really unhappy. I was nearly quit from the business But things changing when Vodafone partnership with ACN. But dont use their internet bundle it is worst in history. But ACN NBN plan is so nice.


Do Not Sign Up to this Mobile network, the people behind this run a pyramid scheme based business. I know as I have been baited before to work for this scheme which I kindly declined.
Don't waste your time

absolute and utter worst phone service provider probably worldwide

I was sucked in by a friend to support him with signing up with the company. First 5 months with a new samsung tablet I could not even crack 1 gb of data usage in total over that time as signal was completely unavailable. I sell real estate for a living eventually after over 14 months they could not do anything but refund my money as even these people could see that you cant use data if you cant even establish connection in the first place. My phone drops out half way through calls or simply wont connect at all or show on the screen when I go to call a client that I am not even registered on the network. I have clear unasaleable proof of everything I say . I did buy another product from acn which was well over 18 months ago which I still to this day have not received even though it was only a 30dollar purchase , however they refuse to acknowledge this at all. I am now so pissed off I am employing the best legal team in perth western australia to address this. One last thing before leaving telstra I was using between 40 and 50 dollars a month prepaid service with never ru ni g over 50 dollars a month which is also proved through my bank statements as well as selling twice the volume of houses in the time I was with telstra than with acn where myphone bills have been anything as bizarre as 5000 dollars plus a month down to around 70 dollars a month.i have absolutely no qualms to tell anyone who will listen just how expensive awful that acn are as a company. [number removed]

Dont fall for this scam

ACN is just another scam where a legion of wanna be millionaires (i know i was one too ) are trained to prey on their friends and family with so called great deals. The only people this deal is great for is for the owners of the business. Once you signed up it is very difficult to stop the services and even after you cancelled they will keep charging you. ...even after the minimum 2 year term say for a tablet.

Awesome opportunity. Best out there

Before I joined Acn I was on Optus and screwed me multiple times. I am currently on a $50 a month. First month pro-Rata plus month in advance only cost me $56. This is the second month and I am happy with the service. I look forward to sticking with ACN.

They are thieves and liars

WARNING! ACN is a scam which needs investigation, i purchased a 100 plan and every month i would get $250+ every month....i called them and they said thats what i used in calls and then they said oh no it was your data but my data is always off i use wifi at home and at work...... they pressure you into a contract and lure you in with their fancy talk then they rip you and your family blind. Tell everyone not to use ACN unless you want to be reamed by bills and aggressive staff the have no customer service. STAY AWAY FROM ACN they are LIARS, CHEATS and SCAMMERS.

Fantastic service

My daughter and I have had ACN mobile plans for a few years now and we are both extremely happy. At work I need to deal with Telstra on a regular basis and have wasted hours of my life being passed about by people who don't know what they (or I) are talking about. With ACN the person who answers the phone is always able to help and they are based in Sydney so keeping jobs in Australia. Well done ACN. I would strongly recommend them and would not take my business anywhere else.

could quit fast enough

i joined expecting great call charges....and data!. ....ended up with a 1400 BILL at the end of the month... no way I am joining again and wouldn't recommend it.

Best customer service

I have been with ACN on my mobile for 12 months they have reasonably great coverage and the best customer service. I had been with telstra for years with my business before switching to optus for 5 years and experienced poor customer service on both occasions. I swiched to ACN and their customer service is sensational they understand that people are going through tough times and are most helpful when sorting out my bill when I can not pay.
I now have my whole household on ACN services.
customer service is very helpful
wish I known of the company sooner

Great Customer service and pricing

A friend of mine signed me over to the ACN Mobile network and we now have ahome phone and internet plan with them too. We are very happy with the reception and coverage and the internet is just as fast as we have always had. We are getting what we always got before but now its costing us less. The customer service was the best thing about ACN to us. No computers, you just speak to a real person in australia that speaks english. Very happy we switched.
Great customer service. Very good coverage. Competitive prices
I wish I heard about ACN sooner!


I am a customer of ACN and I have been for a little over a year now. I have been using them for my mobile service and have been fine with it and very happy with the prices. So much that I have been deciding to change my electricity to go through ACN also. As all business's work great service and affordable prices make customers happy. I was a happy customer. Happy customers share their experiences with their friends and family.

My problem is. I went onto the customer support section to see if i could upgrade my mobile plan and unfortunately the "supervisor" I was speaking too was little to no help and actually made it clear to me that ACN DO NOT CARE about their customers. I was told to upgrade a plan i would have to pay out the rest of my plan ($420) (Keep in mind this is a BYO Plan i am simply paying for the service ACN is at no loss.) and break the contract. This would then allow me to start a new contract and a new plan with ACN. I do not understand how I can offer ACN more payment each week and an extended 24months worth of dedicated service to their company. Yet they are happy enough to let me walk away.
I told the person I was speaking with that i would be finishing my ACN membership on the end of contract day and that I would be seeking another service provider and all could be provided to me was "End of live support"

I am now not a happy customer and will not be recommending ACN to any of my friends or family. I will actually be warning friends and family to stay away from them.
Cheap, Reliable
Terrible service.

wasted my time

I tried taking out mobile broadband with this company so applied online. A week later I had no response and i logged onto the website to check...application declined! They say if their is an issue so why no contact? i sent them an email that you have to wait two days for a reply. Apparently i have no credit history so they wont let me take out mobile broadband for $40! really? I have already got me and the mrs on vodafone for 2 years and can get a mortgage but this company was no help.
service awful

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