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Moose Mobile

Latest review: All three times I have contacted Moose Mobile, they have answered my enquiries and acted promptly. When I queried a bill item that I believed to be covered under the SIM contract they responded

C Mobile

Latest review: Except for one incorrect account I have been very happy with C mobile. They responded quickly and resolved the matter. I had been with telestra and changed due to the pricing plans on offer. Our

Hive Mobile

Latest review: I switched from Amaysim to Hive over six months ago now. I am on a prepaid plan where they automatically charge my credit card every month. It had all been going fine until this month they charged


Latest review: I am on the minimum plan and I have found it more than adequate for my needs. I live in a rural area and no dropouts to date although I am a very light user of the services. I do appreciate the

Hello Mobile

Latest review: I have today communicated with Rose on line as I have a few problems with my phone. Rose understood my problems and was able to resolve these problems quickly. Her responses were prompt and straight

OVO Mobile

Latest review: They are with Optus so if Optus has coverage you do, that doesn't mean it will work properly. I've got 3 while we wait for an NBN migration in different areas in NSW and all 3 have the same problem.


Latest review: Great service easy transition. A few too many messages at first. Now operating well. Excellent value. No ifs or but but but buts about

Kogan Mobile

Latest review: I love kogan, it's simple to use; you can access the info you need (data left, expiry date...) at a click of a button on the app they provide. I've never had connection issues, even when playing

Woolworths Mobile

Latest review: It is really often 3G or H+ only, and the support is horrible, you don't know where to find support service. On their website, it says download speed 50Mbps. But I only got 10Mbps, I tested on

Jeenee Mobile

Latest review: There is no Jeenee emergency contact or even online live chat support. It simply 'closes shop' after 5 pm, and on weekends and public holidays without some kind of back-up service for customers. I

Lebara Mobile

Latest review: I did portability from lebara to TPG but, lebara could not port my number from their system and my number is still not activate. it has taken almost one week. very bad


Latest review: I ported two numbers and the sign-up process for both was anything but seamless. I got to the second last step during sign-up and there was an error for some reason (think it had to do with the

Aldi Mobile

Latest review: Your mobile has tons of bad reviews because it's so bad and I couldn't use it to recharge... And isn't it about time you got your crap tested before releasing rubbish apps like this.... That's what

Boost Mobile

Latest review: I switched from TPG over to Boost and could not be happier with the switch. Boost offers better coverage in rural areas on a rescricted Telstra network (100mb/PS max) which is still a lot, for

ACN Pacific Mobile

Latest review: I am using Vodaphone service since 2009. Recently switched with ACN Vodaphone, my experience is I am saving on monthly bills and also getting enough data for myself and family. It’s awesome when we u

Belong Mobile

Latest review: Unreliable network, pausing/freezing data. No customer service. Product hell. I've wasted so much time trying to figure out what's wrong. They give you heaps of data..guess what...impossible to use.

Catch Connect

Latest review: My old sim with Optus was deactivated after more than 72 hours. My sim with Catch connect is taking more than 24 hours to get activated. And still waiting. I have been constantly getting in touch

Think Mobile

Latest review: $48 a month for 80GB unlimited calls and texts Great download speeds No drop outs awesome coverage A+ customer


Latest review: Vaya are scammers! You miss the monthly payment of $16 by one day. They will add $30 for paying a day late!!! I requested over 6 months ago for them to shut down my account. I just got email today,

Coles Mobile

Latest review: Bought a coles prepaid sim card which would not activate. We're now 3 days in since my purchase and it still hasn't been sorted out. Was told by one staff member to just "try again". Told by another

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