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ActivLife Activbody Tens Machine

ActivLife Activbody Tens Machine

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Looking for Help for MS

This may work on muscle problems but does not appear to help with nerve problems. Hoping it would for my son with MS pain. He say's it may be a distraction but seems to make the nerves worse when he takes it off. Did work on my own pain which is more muscle with some nerves . I did find it relaxing on relieve. Find it very portable and can walk around with it on.


I'm at the end of a serious sciatica flare up & this TENS device has been great. I use it for hours literally every day. After the trial, I'm going to buy the unit. It's easy to use and portable.

Pain relief

I have some serious issues with my lower back, were 3 of my discs have been damaged. I was on lots of pain medication for relief, but it only just took the edge of, I have been to Orthopaedic Surgeon but decided against having fusion on my back and looked at other alternatives. I came across Activbody tens unit through a search on Google. So I read some reviews and decided to rent one and test it out for myself! It has certainly aided in my relief, I know manage my condition with daily use of my tens unit, Physio, and gym and I could not be any happier it has really helped. If I feel my back starting to cause any pain either at home or at work I just put the pads on and I get relief, I am more than happy with my purchase and the staff are more than helpful and great service.

Fixed my incontinence problem!

The InControl TENS machine has seriously changed my life. Big statement, I know, but it's seriously the truth. I have been suffering from incontinence for the past 15 years and never done anything about it, until my friend raved about this machine. Dubious, I bought one as a last resort. I can tell my pelvic floor is stronger after just 10 days. This is the best thing I've ever seen, and it's like a mini vibrator. #winning. More people need to know about this machine. I now call it my best friend, much to my husband's dismay :) Buy one and give it a go. You won't be disappointed. Btw, my friend broke her hip a few months ago and used the sports one after surgery and said it was amazing. Massive thank-you from both of us.
Cheap for the excellent results, tiny, easy to use

Invaluable relief!

After hearing about the tens system at my hypnobirthing classes, I hired a unit for the birth of my son. As my labour did not progress once my waters had broken, I had to be induced. The onset of labour pain was therefore very quick and the intensity of the pain was very strong from the start. The ActivNatal TENS system (coupled with deep breathing exercises and mediation music) worked fantastically for me for managing 6 hours of intense contractions. I highly recommend this product and would not hesitate to use it again.

Pain relief from long term arthritis

The ActivBody Tens machine has been providing consistent pain relief from arthritic pain in my hands, feet , lower back and knees. It is so easy to use, compact in size and efficient. I have been taking a variety of non prescription medications over the years,with little positive benefit. There is little that can be done for osteoarthritis so it is wonderful to gain such benefits after only a few months, and reassuring that I don't have to take pain killers with all their possible side effects.

Amazing result.

I was impressed how such a small machine could be so effective. I felt the benefit as soon as I started using it and I am still amazed at how efficient it is. I must thank 2 of my friends for suggesting it. They both own one and swear by it.

life changing machine, just awesome

I have chronic pelvic pain which affects many areas, and need to take many differant strong pain and nerve medication. When first started using the TENS machine, i was shocked at how well it worked and it took the pain away better then most pain killers I was on. I have now being using the TENS machine for 3 months and have been able to reduce my pain killers dramatically, I have got 3/4 of my life back and able to start other therapies to enable my recovery. My pain specialist recommend a TENS machine, and I chose the ActivBody as its Australian, has a long history of research, you are able to by there accessories online and their service before and after sales has been excellent.

Great Tens Machine

ActivLife Activbody Tens Machine Gave me immediate relief from neck and back pain.
After trying a few different positions for the pads, I found it very effective and soothing.
I could walk around and go about my day with it tucked in my pocket.
My partner has used it to relieve tennis elbow as well.
Small, Good battery, easy too use
Pads start to come off if you are sweaty

Many multiple uses - fantastic!

I originally bought the ActivLife TENS machine as it was recommended to assist through the labour of my first child. I honestly cannot believe how often I have used it since then! I not only used it during this time, but have since applied numerous times from strained muscles through to headache relief.
It is extremely small with very long leads, which means that I can tuck it away into a trouser pocket even if the affected area is my neck or shoulders. I can therefore continue daily tasks as normal should I wish to.

relief from shingles

I wasn't sure about using a tens machine; a bout of shingles has left me with pain in my shoulder and back. I read the instructions, and with some trepidation, placed the electrodes as advised. After a few sessions I was sold! The tens machine is a gift that has enabled my recovery in record time.
Many thanks ActivLife!
It's small and compact, simple to use and - most important - very effective!

Life saver!

I used the Sportsmed TENS after my double bunion surgery earlier this year. It was incredibly effective! I not only used it for my pain relief but also to strengthen my calf muscles whilst I was immobile. When my muscles started cramping, I used the muscle stimulation which removed the cramps completely. It was also amazing at helping me relax and relieve my stress. I highly recommend this machine to anyone. I can't praise it enough!

Can't live without it

I have had a sore back as long as I can remember. The pain unfortunately went down into my legs a few years ago and I found I was spending all my money on chiros. There had to be another way. I bought a tens machine from ActivLife and after 2 days I fell in love with it as i'm not in constant pain anymore. It's so tiny and fits in my pocket so I have it on all day at work and no one's any the wiser. It's the best, and I don't know how I went without it for so long. My husband uses it after his gym workouts, so it's loved by all in this household!
tiny, powerful and it works much better than I ever thought. Has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Fantastic during my pregnancy and labour!

I initially bought my ActivLife tens machine for my labour, but was so relieved I could also use it for my lower back and neck pain for the last 5 months of my pregnancy. A lot of my friends are having babies at the moment, so I'm telling everyone to buy one!
Small and discreet

Great relief

Initially I used my tens machine for a netball injury to my knee. I needed about 2 months physio 3 times a week so I started using the tens machine to help speed up the process of my knee getting better and hopefully reduce the cost of having to go to the physio. It did help quicken the process and eased the pain I had after a day at work.

I also had used the tens for my wrist as constant clicking on the mouse at work has developed a bit of RSI, and it helps with that pain. The wrist pain is also referred to the shoulder and the tens is great putting the pads on either side of my shoulder and getting right into the joint.
Interchangeable pads, reliable, easy to charge.


I bought my SportsMed tens machine 2 weeks ago from ActivLife Technologies and it's absolutely fantastic! I'm so glad I found ActivLife as I suffered a prolapsed disc in my spine and I was desperate for some relief. When I left the hospital I was told I would need intensive physio for a month. I was recommended ActivLife by a friend and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. I used my tens machine for the first week nearly 24/7, and it's already working. I'm so excited!
It's so small it fits in my pocket. For how good it is, it is so cheap!

No More Post Sporting Pain

Living with acute achilles pain after a long sporting career, the ActivBody eases my strong pain and often makes the pain go away completely. When I first saw the ActivBody Tens machine, I thought there's no way it would be strong enough for my pain as it's so small, but don't be fooled! It's very powerful and I certainly don't have it at full strength. Thank you ActivLife, I can now lead a normal life in my post sporting life
inexpensive, long battery life, compact, good for home or travel

Awesome relief!

I pulled a muscle playing netball and could barely walk. My aunt, who's a nurse recommended I buy a tens machine. I asked 'what is a tens machine?' I googled it found ActivLife Technologies online. I rang them to suss them out. They were so friendly and knowledgeable and recommended for my injury I buy a 'SportsMed' tens machine. I'm so glad I did. I was in so much pain I could barely walk. The tens machine relieved my pain, and exercised and strengthened my muscles. I had it on for approximately 14 hours a day and it fit in my pocket so noone knew i had it on.

It worked wonders and I'd recommend it to anyone!

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Excellent Leanne – so glad you love our SportsMed TEN + NMS product. We've always strived to make fantastic products that help people. :)

Fantastic pain relief

Purchased an Activbody tens machine from ActivLife and it has provided effective pain relief for shoulder pain I've suffered! Very easy to use and good instructions provided with the product. Order arrived promptly and without issue. Was a little hesitant initially on the technology, but have found it to be fairly straight forward.

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Hi Abbey – we're very happy you're getting relief for your shoulder pain! And thanks for the review. :)

Questions & Answers

Hello If you are a BUPA registered business, we can claim from our Pvt Health Care insurance. Can you please advise..? Thank You
No answers

Does the machine have a clip to attach it to a belt or pants in case you don't have a pocket e.g. When you are walking around at home in pj's etc?
1 answer
No it doesn't

Hi would a tens machine help I fell an have major fractures to my knee been in a brace for 5 weeks now with minimum of 4 to go, I have screws inserted and scarring. Can the machine be used for the muscles on my leg and the pain or would it be too soon to use it?
3 answers
It would probably best to check with a dr or a physio or acupuncturist as if uve had surgery and pins m stuff. Good luckHi Penny You can certainly use it to strengthen the muscles in your leg as well as relieve the pain in your leg. It is worth discussing this with your doctor as he/she will most likely be developing your pain management plan. Look into the SportsMed product as it is suitable for both pain relief and muscle strengthening.Thank you for your advise Jarrod I will check with my doctor.


Activbody Tens Machine
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