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Adria Altea 552PK

Adria Altea 552PK

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Too many things falling off and breaking....bathroom basin hinge failure, compartment locks at front broke, draws sticking all after 12 months and 6000kms of bitumen only travelling . Parts need to come from Europe which is not good when you are on the move

Love getting away in this van

This is our first van, having upgraded to a camper trailer from a tent and now with the van.

We've now had the van for almost two years and used it at least a dozen times. We only stay in caravan parks so the kids always have a pool to swim in.

Towing is a breeze and I always keep to the 100km/h suggested limit on the freeway and never have any concerns with handling.

I tripped on the top lip of the step and fell hard from the van, seriously hurting my knee and feel that the step should be better. It is a long way off the ground. Apollo had a second step when on display and I think that the van should have a double step attached rather than the current Thule single step. A small design floor that you need to be aware of.

The awning is great but not suitable for any kind of wind. It would be better if there was a proper tie down kit available for it so you could leave it out without any fear of damage. It is very easy to wind back in. We find that we may need to pack it away on a trip where it is very windy.

The windows are a bit sticky at times and have been addressed under warranty. I am concerned at how this will go long term.

We live on NSW Central Coast and after sales support is quite ordinary. Dealers change and getting warranty work can be a challenge. We had the TV aerial replaced as it stopped working and it was a lot of back and forth over weeks to have a new aerial trialed even though the service team were adamant it would not fix the problem. It worked immediately. I have since also upgraded the aerial and get good reception in most areas.

The fridge can really struggle on a hot day and we have fashioned up a fan to help but it doesn't provide much benefit. We carry an esky for our drinks which we keep outside anyway so we only need to go to the fridge at meal times.

I was going to rate 5 stars but I've listed a few things here which could be better so I dropped it to 4. Overall these are minor in the grand scheme of things and we love the van.

A few things I would like to see on the van are; bike rack, USB ports inside, side table outside and a better step

Loved it except for one thing

Love the design, the modern, sleek finish, the single beds are longer than other vans and the double bed wider without invading the space of the rest of the van, and most importantly that it is a ton lighter than your regular van. It is also well insulated so it heats well. But plug a kettle in if you have the fridge, heating, and lights on and the power trips. We have to turn everything off to run the kettle or take it outside and plug it in to the main power at caravan parks so it's not the kettle. If we run the microwaves when the heating or tv is on same problem. Not sure if it has something to do with the way it's been wired overseas or it's just a problem with this particular van. We are trying to find out. Anyone else with the same issue?

Excellent van and tows very well. The BMW of caravans.

Recently purchased in July 2016 and have already taken it out for a family trip with the kids.
Everything on these vans is high quality with superb fit and finish compared to locally made vans. And the price is cheaper than the local stuff to boot due to mass manufacturing at Adria Slovenia.
Service and support from recently opened Melbourne dealership run by the importer Apollo motor home group is first rate.
Highly recommended.

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Questions & Answers

How can I remove stuck plastic water heater cover from the outside of Adria van?
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I need a wiring diagram for a Adria altea 552 pk caravan
1 answer
I obtained one for my Adria 402PH from Apollo, the Australian importers of Adria.

Does anyone know where to buy or get repairs to the front protective covers of ALTEA 552pk in Oz. We have one but it's deteriorated and looks shabby, tho it still functions. Thinking about fixing or replacing but can't find any info on ordering or cost? We rang a few caravan canvas, annex repair places but they didn't want to know about repairing, any suggestions?
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Altea 552PK
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