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Such a big Scammers

Please beware of these guys. These people just put you into so much stress. We subscribed with them and had to cancel after a few months due to relocation of the business. We clearly called the customer care and told we have to cancel the subscription. The customer care people told they will sort this and cancel the account for us. And all of a sudden after a few months, we got mail from the credit recovery team asking us to pay $1700. We tried contacting the customer care and they don’t even understand anything. We have to contact consumer affairs now. Please stay away from these guys. They are cheaters

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ADT Security offer flexibility, good service, polite staff and I promote them to all my friends and family

I wanted to put pen to paper to write this positive experience with ADT. About 5 years ago, I trusted a small business (1 man show) to place 4 CCTV's around my home after I was burgled. At the first, he was good then after a year, he became arrogant and unhelpful. His CCTV's completely stopped working and he said it's out of warranty therefore he is not obliged to assist. I tried someone else who charged the earth and only temporarily fixed it for 2 months then nothing. No images which forced me to give up as it was becoming a money drainer. Well after I made a complaint at the dept of FT.

Last year, I contacted ADT because my parents used them for over 30 years (back to base alarm monitoring) and they were very happy. In the first instance, David who lived in my area came to my house to give me a free quote. Offered me some excellent options, and being on a strict budget, it was a godsend that they cater for all wallets and we agreed on a price payable per month over 3 years. A few weeks later, the system was up and running. 2 lovely, very polite young men came to set the whole thing up. For some reason, one cam stopped working after 4 months, I contacted ADT again and they sent Roy & Sam to fix it and again, they were polite, went out of their way to do a good job. I’m very impressed and I hope ADT will continue to assist as they are now. I purchased from them in October 2018 and so glad I did. I gave David's name to a friend who wants to do the same at her house. Furthermore, my father moved house last year and purchased his back to base monitoring alarm from ADT again.

I have been happy with their product and service and I sincerely thank them. I can monitor my house from work or anywhere via my iphone. It's wonderful. People say a large firm doesn't offer the same personal touch but ADT have been good to me. Thank you ADT.

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Lied and tick people

False advertising and lot of hidden charges. they even charge to remove the units. initially The marketing Lady who visited didnt explain the additional costs involved. When i chat to agents over the phone they keep threatning with the exist fees etc.

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My wife signed up and we were provided a service for a good number of years with little to no issue.
Once we decided to cancel the service due to little to no product support they were difficult in responding to cancellations and continued to charge us until we rang to point out continued fees were still being charged.
When we cancelled we were very descriptive in how we weren't interested in the service due to not being looked after due to product faults and lack of customer service.
Not 12 months past and they harassed me (not my wife, who's name was on the initial contract and made it very clear to not call back to offer services) for weeks with multiple phone calls over a 3 week period to sign up because we are a very valued customer.
In my stupidity I caved and accepted the re-signing of a contract, but with the same faults on the system as when we cancelled the initial contract so they continued to supply a sub-standard product with no product support or assistance. So as I work full-time and can't sit on the phone for hours on end to sort out a problem that was the reason we left in the first place I sent through multiple online queries to explain breakdown issues and accounting fees to request a phone call to me not me chasing them, nothing until I receive a phone call from the credit department stating I'm not upholding my contractual obligations due to unpaid monthly fees (which I refused to pay on the principal of them not upholding their contractual obligations)
Now I have been contacted by a creditor on behalf of ADT Security Australia stating my 12 month contract will need to be paid in full @ $29.95/month ($359.40) plus $323.63 account finalisation fees. Absolute garbage fees and charges that are absolutely criminal for a service that has been faulty since day one of the new "service" supplied by a company who will harass new customers until they are dumb enough to cave in to persistent harassment and pressure sales approaches.
Stay away is all I can warn anyone wanting to be looked after for their family's piece of mind.

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Biggest scammers

We were told there is no contract but upon enquiries of cancellation we were told that we are in 3 year long contract. Moreover it is an another chinese company scamming people.

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Canceled ADT monitoring service almost 2 years ago as NBN and lack of phone lined meant no longer compatible. Two years later received debt collection notice for outstanding bill for providing service since cancellation. Informed ADT had no record of service being canceled, despite having received no invoices subsequent to cancellation. This company is a scam and a bunch of crooks. Enage their services at your peril!

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They take your money and provide nothing

Customer since 2006, my alarm system is broken, ADT will not pay for a technician to fix it, then they admitted there was no guarantee technician could fix and I’d most likely have to upgrade at my expense and re-contract up for 3 years with no guarantee new system would still work in 1 year’s time. Their supervisor hung up on me. Really bad company, don’t sign up. A security expert told me they buy cheapest system, rebrand as ADT and flog it off as their own.

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Unfair charges

Have had system for 15 years - smoke detector should be replaced every 10 years according to Australian standards. Never been changed despite having system serviced every year ( for which I pay an additional quarterly fee). Never been mentioned to change by technician. Has been faulty and have just been charged for a call out to replace - why was this not done during regular service and maintenance? Thinking of changing companies but advised that we don’t own the system. If I don’t own it why have I just been charged $149.00 for a new smoke detector that I don’t own?

Terrible Service - Keep Away

I have been with ADT for many years. I recently had my system repaired and was quoted so much for call-out (including the 1st hour) and so much per hour (or part) after that. The serviceman spent about 1/2 hour on the job and decided he needed assistance. He spent another 15-20 minutes on the phone, asking for help. Then another 1/2 hour. All told, obviously I was charged for 2 hours less than 1 hour work. I objected to the company and accepted their offer of paying for 1 hour (still very expensive). I immediately paid the bill. We subsequently received a bill for the 2nd hour. Thinking this was an error, I ignored this bill. Following this was a letter, threatening cancelling the service, debt collection, etc. My wife, unknowingly (she was unaware of exactly what had happened previously) paid the bill. Then, of course, we had to reclaim the money. This happened almost 2 months ago. Despite many messages and phone calls, we still haven't been paid. I have asked for an apology from management, but doubt I'll get that. All-in-all, terrible service(?) from ADT. My advice is to keep away. Ironically, on the day I sent my last message, I received a letter saying my monitoring fees are about to rise.

Service call outs bad service

Unaccommoding on times and dates for call out service. Unable to contact the techicians. Front desk personnell have no authority to change techicians timetables.

User Friendly & Excellent Service

New customer but super impressed so far!
Sales Consultant came to my house and explained everything so well, technician installing was professional & friendly, and ADT offer training videos to learn the systems. Very impressed so far!

WORST COMPANY EVER - not worth the hassle

Perth WA - despite all the negative reviews - sales person seemed to have the right answers and we signed. biggest mistake ever made. sales person outright lied at appointments. I have had to chase the invoice 2 months running now, each time they promise it's been fixed but it hasn't. have been double billed one month by direct debit even though guaranteed by the sales person that no direct debit had been set up. had an issue with the alarm going off, monitoring room had no idea how to make the siren stop. second time I set it off by mistake, they didn't even contact us to notify the alarm had been triggered!!! tried to charge me a call out fee when the alarm played up within 5 days of installation. accounts team is located in China so you can't even talk to someone in Australia to try and sort out the errors. installation was meant to be 2 to 3 weeks but turned out being closer to 4 or 5. every single thing with ADT from the moment you sign is like pulling teeth. If I could pull out now I would. I hope someone reads this review and takes everyones advise DO NOT SIGN WITH ADT security. go with a local company that can offer customer support and backup. you don't get any of that with ADT. The installers themselves were great. It has been everything else that had been the biggest headache

Dont even bother...

Had tried to cancel my account for 3 months now. I am paying for an alarm i dont have.. it broke. I had to involve consumer affairs to help resolve this. Awful to deal with.

A great example of ineptness.

Took 2 hours on the phone to make a payment. Two. Whole. Hours. They disconnected my monitoring. Broke it in the process. They had the wrong phone number on file. They had the wrong email on file. Neither phone nor email had changed since we set up the monitoring over 10 years ago. They expect me to pay close to $200 to fix the monitoring they broke. Useless. Every interaction with their accounts team is an exercise in futility and ineptness.


We have been ADT customers for over 10yrs with a home to base monitored system. We pay an additional charge for an annual service programme. ADT usually let us know when the service is due by way of a phone call. This year they didn't bother. They said they may have sent a letter but couldn't be sure.
I called to make the service appointment and was told they now only offer 8-12 or 12-4 and won't call ahead in advance.
I asked for between 12 and 4 with last appt if possible.
On the appointed day I received a call at work at 10.20am asking me if I could reschedule and be at home for 11am - I said it would be tight but dropped everything and rushed home - arriving at 10.50.
By 12 the tech still hadn't arrived so I called ADT and was told he'd been held up on the last job but would be with me between 12.30 and 1pm. I told them I needed to be at work and they assured me I was definitely his next call. So I waited until 1pm - still no tech.
When I called them again they said he had gone on to his next job and asked me to wait until between 2.30 and 4 - I told them I couldn't as I'd left work in a rush and had things that needed attending to. I said I could arrange for someone to be there at 4pm. They agreed to arrange the appointment for then.
5pm arrived - still no tech so another call to ADT this time to be told the tech had gone home but they could reschedule between 12 and 4pm the next day. By this time I was furious. No apology, just denial from their dispatch team who said the appointment was only ever after 12pm so he couldn't work out how I had been inconvenienced. I would like him to tell my boss that!!!
I insisted on the last appointment - they were very reluctant to confirm but I said it had to be after 3pm. It will be interesting to see if they turn up.
ADT seem to have forgotten that we are customers paying for a service - I was treated as if they are doing me a favour by turning up at all.
I certainly wouldn't recommend their service.

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Following on from this - they didn't turn up to the appointment - called at 3pm and told me I would need to reschedule - how many more hours do I have to take off work to accommodate ADT????

Unfair penalty for early termination

To all potential ADT customers, do read the contract carefully before you commit. I was quoted to pay almost $800 when I moved out of my house after two years using the service, only one year left in the contract. Although options were given, I was asked to add on another 4 years of contract so that a new system could be set up at my place with a call out fee. Furthermore, I will be required to pay for another technician call out fees of about $140 for 30 min and about $270 at the end of the contract.
Do weigh your options before using ADT service.

Stay Away!

This company is a rort. We signed up to a 3-year contract and paid $300 upfront to have an alarm installed and our home monitored. when we wanted to end the contract we were told we need to pay out the rest of the monitoring (fair enough) plus an additional $400 to buy out the hardware. no one could provide me for any reason why nor did it state so in the contract we signed. They are liars and opportunists. They threaten and harras and aren't helpful at all. I have since spoken with consumer affairs and will be putting in a formal complaint. Do yourselves a favour and stay away

We give poor service and no complaints department

I have had a contract with ADT security for many years since they took over Signature Security.
I have just cancelled my contract.
Contract called for patrol to be sent to home, whenever there is an alarm and the patrol had keys to enter home, and reset alarm after checking all ok.
Standard experience - patrol would come hours after an alarm.
I cancelled because the whole reason for the contract was to have some one PROMPTLY attend premises in case of alarm and that just does NOT happen.
Insurance company firstly gave me discount because of this so called service but now give no discount because they don't value it - my experience seems standard.
So two weeks after cancellation still waiting to get my keys back from patrol. Some one rings me, leaves message - ring me back. I ring back and not available. etc etc.
So I ring to complain - I am told by [name removed] of the Monitoring department that there is no complaint number.
Glad to be rid of them and wonder if I will ever get my keys back.

is this Company sold to Overseas owner

We've been with ADT for nearly 15 years, we have our bill paid almost on time each month, had a call from their account department, a guy with heavy Chinese accent demanding the late payment, we have no idea which month we are behind as we have every of the monthly bill paid and filed, this guy rang us couple of times. I am not saying Chinese service person does not qualify, but they do need so speak fluent English with adequate grammar as customer service.

ADT change there mobile provider and i am out of pocket to get the sim card replaced

we have had the home alarms system for several years after a break-in whilst we were asleep upstairs , ADT were great and fitted a system that we can arm whilst upstairs asleep as well as having an active down stairs camera. recently it was showing a fault and not reporting to ADT or our mobile app , we changed batteries but to no avail. Contacted ADT to find out they had changed their mobile provider and we would need the sim card changed , no charge , ok the card arrived within a week and we rang to book a tech to do it. at first we were told 08.30 before the first tech starts on any day so as I start work at 9 this was not going to work. we then talked to the supervisor and it was changed to 8am first tech onsite and it should take 40mins to fix again I would be late for work and docked pay. I said that why do I have to lose pay for their business decision to change providers , no response. I am sure this has effected more people and if they don't have someone to stay home to have it fixed they are paying for monitoring that cant happen. I have sent a e mail to the head office and are waiting their response. looks like it will end up costing me an hours pay for them to fix what they caused.

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Questions & Answers

Why are ADT quoting $1016 to convert an alarm system for compatibility with the NBN when the RAC are quoting $349 and others are offering to do the conversion for free? Why are ADT quoting $68/month monitoring charges post conversion when the RAC are quoting $35/month and others are offering $38/month after free conversion
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Because they’re corrupt

I have been advised to steer clear of wifi systems and go for GPS. Does ADT only do wifi?
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I agree with the advice of going for GPS if you are going to install a system to locate your car if it is stolen. For home security, I installed an ADT monitored alarm with a SIM card, which was to call ADT Security monitoring service if I pushed the emergency button or if, an intruder broke into my home. My test results showed that ADT SECURITY NEVER respond to numerous alarm tests. They certainly did not respond when I activated the emergency button. What if really needed help? I would not have been able to get any from ADT Security? So it is I say, wise and prudent, to stay away from them because they are dishonest, Call other firms and do not rely on what ADT Security salesmen tell you. I say this because I found ADT Security to be dishonest. They breached my security monitoring contract. What I say ia a clear case of deceptive and misleading conduct, I was lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that my alarm was monitored by ADT 24 x 7. I paid extra for this service; but they never responded to any of the alarms or my emergency button...ever. I found ADT Security to be extremely dishonest. I discovered they left me unprotected if an intruder were to break in ir if I had an emergency. There are a large range of other companies which offer good priced alarm systems and which do monitor alarm systems 24 x 7. Do not as I did, allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security by ADT Security because I don't and cannot find one single reason why anyone should should place their lives, possessions and personal safety at risk by dealing with ADT Security. I doubt that any of the posts on this forum supporting ADT Security are real. I bet they are placed here by ADT Security themselves. Remember this, if you have an emergency or a burglar, that is when you will find out if the money you pay to ADT Security was a good thing, or whether this warning to you is a wise and sensible warning. Don't take the risk; find a reputable firm that delivers on their promises....Take a look at the post on here. ADT has an absolutely shocking reputation but all of a sudden there's a whole lot of people who've never posted one single other review saying ADT is great. They are so obviously being posted by ADT it's laughable. If ADT put half as much effort into customer service as they do into lying to customers they'd be OK Stay away, they are bad news

I Have just received advice from ADT that the "industry standard" lifetime for a domestic alarm system is 5 years. Anyone else ever been told this? Anyone ever actually replaced their system every 5 years
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Find another company to get a second or third opinion, because in my case the batteries lasted about 18 months on some components. So I would say that ADT are liars.

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