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My Water Filter

My Water Filter

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Their product and customer service is perfect! Second to none!

If you are looking for a Water Filter for your family, go with this company. Do not hesitate to call them, they will treat you very well. They will give honest opinion and not money hungry. You will be very satisfied dealing with them.

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4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Love our clean water from our reverse osmosis under sink system. The team at My Water Filter has been excellent with sending filter replacements and helping us with any queries we have with the system. Highly recommend them

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Love My Water filter

We have been using our water filter for approximately 6 months now since moving into town from the country. We LOVE the water that we drink knowing that there are no nasties in it thanks to our filter. Couldn't live without it.

FilteROO is awesome! My whole family is converted.

G’day MWF team,

The FilteROO is an awesome Aussie product and a great addition to my coffee table. My family were a little skeptical as we already had a filter system in place but the FilteROO puts out some of the tastiest water I’ve come across. Will definitely recommend it to all my friends and be a customer again. Next step - Grander board!!

Thanks again to Rod, Andrew and the team!

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Great at taking money and not delivering

Placed an order on 20DEC2018
It is now March 2019 with no water filter delivered.
Called to be told they have no details as to when I might see the filter.
Only that it might be here in April.

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Hello Ron, We can only apologise to you for the lengthy delay with your water filter order. Unfortunately the water filter type you ordered are all hand made to order for each customer as the orders are placed by the potters. When you placed your order we did have a message on that product page that the product is not available for up to 8 weeks. As that time frame passed the potters who create this product fell further and further behind. We noticed the delays getting longer & we were concerned so we emailed to you along with all our other customers who have this product on order alerting everyone of the extra delay, offering a similar product or an upgrade or a refund. But we did not hear from you then, unfortunately. The issue we have with this hand made to order product is we have no control & the company that makes the product will never give us any estimated delivery date so we have no information to pass onto you. We have now extended that warning for the product delay to be 3 months. We don't like this and to try to work around this issue we have added the Berkey stainless steel gravity filter range. We added the Peter Wallace Pottery porcelain gravity filter range. We added the Filteroo ceramic gravity filter range. We added the Stefani gravity filter range. All available in the link below, just to do our best for customers who would like this style of water filter. https://www.mywaterfilter.com.au/gravity-urn-water-filters/ We understand your frustration with the wait and we do apologise to you Ron for the delay, we have refunded your payment today without issue. I wish you all the best Ron, please do let us know if we can do anything to assist you? Thank you Ron, Regards Rod

Vital to my health

Out of the $50,000+ in renovations since moving into my house a year ago, your water filter is the most vital. I couldn't brush my teeth, or shower, because of the stench of chlorine. Now my water is the best. Everyone tops up their water bottles here because it is BETTER than bottled water. My painter's kids called it "diamond water" when he took bottles of my water home. And my garden? A plumber thought I was crazy to want the water filter installed before the garden hose and I said, I don't want my plants drinking that smelly chlorine! I found another plumber. We installed the magnets. I don't understand how they work, but my water is beautiful. I'm healthier drinking so much more. THANK YOU!

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Won’t purchase again

I purchased a reverse osmosis system that attaches to a standard kitchen tap. Unfortunately my tap is 1mm too small. I emailed ‘my water filter’ and asked for any advice or assistance. I received an email saying to have a look at a video for an alternate solution. I watched the video, then emailed them again asking where I could buy the product in the video so I didn’t have to waste my time and money buying the wrong item. They didn’t reply to that email. A week later I emailed again asking again for a little help. That email was also ignored. I still haven’t been able to use the product and am still chasing a solution. now I’m being spammed with their marketing emails. Also, the product that arrived was branded FSA - Fiter Systems Australia. It seems the same products are on two different websites and at different prices. I won’t be buying from either of these businesses again. Awful customer experience.

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Hello Matt, I hope you're well, Matt thank you for sharing your situation with us, I can see it appears we have dropped the ball here. I really do apologise to you for the lack of response. Just so you are aware, as I explained in my text message to you we have recently moved all our customer service emails into Zendesk & we did have a few challenges as you have found. There are no excuses from our end, we do need to ensure we do not miss any customer communication. Our apologies again. Matt I have called you myself twice now & left you 2 x messages, I also text to your mobile phone with an explanation and my offer to assist you. I won't keep calling you but I am here to assist to you in any way required, just let me know? There are challenges lately with connecting bench top water filters onto some mixer taps, they used to be all the same size, but now with all the different mixer tap brands coming into Australia the thread sizes vary. Unfortunately we & other water filtration business are not able to connect onto all taps. You can see we have made videos and warnings to customers about this & it is going to be an ongoing challenge for us. Your water filter was made by FSA who are a local credible water filtration business we have a close affiliation with, the filter you have works very well for what it is. Wishing you all the best and we are here if you would like our assistance in any way. Thank you Matt, Regards Rod...

Water filtration for home use

I've bought a couple of water filters from Rod at My Water Filter over the last 3-4 years. I have to say the service over the phone both at the time of purchase as well as when initially fitting and thereafter, 12 months later, re-placing, was amazing. As were his prices. I put myself in Rod's hands when initially choosing an appropriate filter for both alkalising our drinking water and removing harmful chemicals/metals/etc. I had done some research myself and thought reverse osmosis was the most comprehensive way to go — but quickly learned from Rod why this wasn't the case (although he could have sold me a RO system for far more than I eventually paid for a filtration system). I'd have no hesitation in recommending Rod. I continue to use his service, in fact I'm just about to buy replacement filters. The filtration world is full of charlatans. Rod comes across as independent (not beholden to one or two products), honest, knowledgeable and continually researching new technologies. I'm Melbourne based, Rod is in country WA. But despite the distance, Rod is my dependable 'go to' for all things water filtering.

Awesome Service, Awesome products

My Water Filter is one of the most helpful companies I have ever dealt with. Rod went out of his way to help me when I needed water filters. Nothing was too much trouble and the filters were the cheapest ones I have found. They were delivered promptly and I can definitely recommend this company for service and value for money.

A Company that delivers excellent service.

Finding a Company that delivers excellent customer service in this day and age can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Not so with My Water Filter, Over the last 3 years I have found their service to be consistently excellent, they are very knowledgeable about the products they sell and their products are top quality, I just made my 12 mth cartridge replacement on my reverse osmosis filter system. I placed the order online on late Tuesday afternoon just before Christmas. The order which was delivered from Perth to Melb was on my doorstep first thing Thursday morning. You can,t get much better service than that.

Great Down to Earth People

I have had great service from my local My Water Filter team. Good knowledge on how to fix my complex problems with my water tank and a good solution to fix the PH problem along with great deals for the full filtration system to the house. I now have great clean water. Thanks Rod!

Best decision I ever made

I purchased 2 shower filters because of the harsh Adelaide water and it's effect on my skin. I've had no trouble since I've been using the filter and the chlorine has pretty much gone without a trace. If you have skin issues, do yourself a favour and try it!

excellent product, service and support

I am like most people who shop online for a product first time, cautious.
What I was very surprised by, was the genuine , belief by this company in their products. I have purchased two different water filters,both do what I want and the support re; notification to change filters,astounding,who does that.
WHO does that, a business who wants your TRUST.
I deal in venture capitalisation and support, believe me , people will tell you how good they are and show you how good they aren't.
It is always exciting when I see an Australian company like this, TALK LESS DO MORE.

Repeat customer

Very happy with Rod and the team at My Water Filter. Very helpful in solving dilemmas and quality products.
I like the effort to Pay Forward to improve our global community

Excellent Service and Support!!!

I have ordered water filters from 'My Water Filer' for the last two years and the ordering and delivery service has been great. More importantly, the after sales service provided by Rod has been excellent! My wife has suffered from Amyloidosis and we have always suspected that the mains water in Perth was a contributing cause, since it leaves a strong taint in the water of chlorinated phenols, so we have been using a Hi-Flo water filter for several years since her stem cell treatment. After purchasing the last filter we noticed that on a number of occasions we would get a taint in our morning tea unless we ran the water through the filter for several seconds, which is not the idea of using a filter and not good for water conservation, so I contacted 'My Water Filter' via their website to get some advice. Instead of just posting a reply, Rod made a personal phone call to my mobile ad we discussed the issue first hand, including the situation with my wife's Amyloidosis. Rod was extremely sympathetic and provided several options and solutions, but said leave it to him and he would discuss the issue with the area Manager. He then came back with the offer to replace the filter free of charge, with a different cartridge that would be more suitable to our water supply and needs. Within a week, a new 'Food Industry' high flow water filter arrived, which has been perfect and will create the bond with 'My Water Filer' for years to come. Thank you to Rod and all at 'My Water Filer', including Elmer. Regards, Peter B (Perth)

I had excellent support with my particular, and unique, experience.....

The only words I could possible use for my description of the support I received from My Water Filter are superlatives..... When I first contacted them, about 5 or 6 years ago, to discuss the problem of using tank water on our rather isolated property in Tasmania and listening carefully to the associated problems, like gravity fed wate to the house and pumping rain water from an underhouse tank to the main tank at the back, MWF pursuaded me to buy an urn and special cartridge,namely a Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter candle for gravity urn water filters, that would specifically steralise the tank water. The outcome was beautiful, clean water that I now use for drinking and cooking each day. I also have to thank MWF for ending my phobia of drinking water, after many years of living in Africa and dealing with river water - all water we drank had to be firstly boiled, and I never trusted it considering the state of river water. Since having the beautiful filtered water from the urn, I've learned to drink healthy amounts of sweet, clean water each day and that's been a wonderful experience to actually enjoy and taste the water . During all the discussions and competent suggestions I received, I was always treated with courtesy and patience, and the final arrangement of organising the urn and cartridge was done efficiently and promptly. Since the urn's inception I've continued to renew the cartridge annually, and have always received a courteous acknowledgement. This year I'm going to have another chat with them to ensure I'm doing all I can to provide myself with pure, clean water and will follow any advice I'm given, because I know I can trust their knowledge and integrity. Thank you for so much My Water Filter for all you've done for me..... Denise (Tasmania)

Excellent product.

I bought Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner a year ago and still notice the difference. This product is truly fit it and forget but continue to see the difference in the water quality. Excellent purchase. When I planned to purchase a filter Mr.Rod was extremely helpful. Thank you.
I give this product 5 stars.

Well done good service.

Well done. Rod looks after his costumers and makes sure they are all okay and have everything they need. Really appreciated were the additional fittings that come with our order. Cheers

Clean,pure drinking water

For the last 18 months or so we have been drinking pure,clean,fluoride free water. And enjoy the benefits every day!
Plus we get many comments on the great-looking pottery urn on our kitchen bench.
An added bonus,the water is the right temperature throughout the year,never too warm or too cold.
To be honest,thanks to the water filter and its pure ,clean water it gives us,we drink so much more water now!
We can not recommend it enough!

Fantastic service and great water filter products

I bought a water filter a year ago and shower filter and can not recommend My Water Filter enough. Friendly, speedy service and answered all my questions and also remind me when it is time to change my filters. Guests to our house rave about the sweet water we serve them. I take water from home with me and have not bought bottled water in a year saving tons of plastic waste. Buying water filters can be confusing but I got honest advice for the best filter to suit my requirements.

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