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Advanced Dermal Institute

Advanced Dermal Institute

3.2 from 25 reviews

Choose somewhere else for tattoo removal

Though the staff were lovely & easy to deal with, I would not recommend tattoo removal from this venue. I believe they’re using a hair removal machine & not the correct one.

I experienced a great deal of pain (not the case when visiting a different venue with the proper equipment).
I also experienced extreme blistering due to the high heat setting required from a broad spectrum laser. The blistering has left scarring & also effected my ability to ever get a good result from any laser removal.
My blisters then went on to be problematic in healing.

I can’t speak of their other services but definitely do not use them for tattoo removal.

Terrible customer service

I can honestly say that I have never experienced communication like this from any company, let alone a place that offers beauty treatments.

The lady that greeted me as I waited patiently on the chairs outside the treatment rooms spoke to me in such an abrasive, verging on aggressive manner after keeping me waiting for 15 mins that I made the decision not to have my third and final photo rejuvenation treatment. I chose instead to spend my money on an Uber home. People should be treated with respect, not like the way I was treated today. In the world of social media and instant feedback, customer service like the one I experienced today is visible to everyone. Im very dissapointed and will not be a returning customer. I would definitely not recommend Advanced Dermal Institute.

Fantastic cosmetic Tattoo

I am a repeat client of Advanced Dermal Institute and just had my top eyeliner done and am very happy with the results!
Carolina is a very talented and skilled at cosmetic tattoos
I also had a lip blend tattoo done around 18 months ago and looks really good and has lasted well!
Highly recommend this place!

friendly service pleasant experience

I had some laser done on my face and it was very professionally done with friendly outgoing staff. painless very happy. seen good results plus reduction in hair in unwanted places

Absolutely the Tops!

I purchased a Groupon for a series of Laser Photo Revitalisation and I found the entire experience without fault. As a regular visitor to the US, I have visited a number of salons there for a variety of services. I must say Carolina and the Advanced Dermal Institute was as good, if not better than any of my overseas experiences. She is very professional, explaining what she was going to do and what I could look forward to. I am more,than satisfied with every aspect of their services and look forward enjoying more of their offerings. Highly recommended,

Do not go there!

Terrible. Aleays sak to see proof of qualifications and experience. If they do not offer any instructions for aftercare, do not go back.

Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows

Excellent service and 100% happy with results from day one to today (3 mnths after procedure) and they still look the same. Perfect colour matching, perfect shape - so natural looking, and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend Advanced Dermal Institute for this procedure.

An awful cosmetic tattoo experience

Note: I’m leaving this review today even tho my experience was 4 years ago, as it looks like my previous review was removed somehow. Seeing there are new 1 star reviews of people having similar bad experiences in 2017 & 2018, I wanted to add my voice.

I went to Caroline in late 2013 as I wanted to touch up my existing eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo a bit and create a more arched Angelina Jolie’s eyebrow effect.

My biggest mistake was I didn’t do my homework and didn’t look at the poor reviews - I wish I had!

My eyebrows were done in a rounded shape and nothing like the way it was drawn in the test. The colour was far too red.

The cosmetic top eyeliner was uneven, fat on one eye and thinner on the other. The eyeliner tail at the outside corner went too far below the lower eye crease, giving me a permanently sad eye effect.

Caroline offered to fix it and said we could take another shot at tattooing the area... but how? The only option left was to make it even thicker and turn me into a full cleopatra to cover the mistakes. No way.

In the end I had to go to a wonderful paramedical tattooist in Brighton to have the eyebrows partially removed and the rest colour corrected.

As for the eyeliner I was too scared to get it removed by laser. 4 years later it still hasn’t faded (but it’s gone a little blueish). So every day I am forced to put concealer on the outer edges and then I’ll redraw the eyeline to open my eyes back up. What a drag!

Summary: Ive had a few different cosmetic tattoos over the years and this was by far the WORST experience. A fancy name like Australian Dermal Institute does not an institute maketh. Bring on a law that forces cosmetic tattooists to have a license and be regulated.

Terrible! Do not use!!!

I arrived for a procedure that I rescheduled to find out that I had to pay a $56 fee for rescheduling too late. I refused to pay and ask for them to refund my needling procedure and my the 5 laser treatments I paid for in advance. The manager refused to pay and threatened to call the police on me. She continued to refuse the refund. I eventually left and I am quite sure I will never see my money again and I didn't get those treatments.

Horrible. Avoid At All Cost

DO NOT GO THERE!! I was stupid enough to buy a tattoo removal treatment session on Groupon. It only burnt my skin and will cause scarring. It's only been a week and my tattoo looks so bad and painful, will probably take months to heal properly. I did my research afterwards unfortunately and called a professional, the only laser worth using is the Q switched one. Don't do the same mistake and go to this highly unprofessional place.

Friendly staff. Ontimw service

Very good service. Staff are friendly. You do not need to wait. Always maintain the appointment on time. Good location in Richmond close to public transport

Very good experience

I've had a number of treatments at ADI and have been very pleased with the outcome and professionalism of the staff. Facilities are clean and staff are very efficient and friendly. Thank you.

Fantastic job. Keep up the great work.

Thank you to Advanced Dermal Institute. You have taken care of all my manscaping needs. The girls here have done a fantastic job with all my hair removal needs. Laser technology used.

Keep up the great work.

Excellent service and price

Purchased as vouchers initially and have kept going back. Microneedling really toned down a nasty dark large sunspot. Great for my fine lines. Very clean and welcoming.


The service here is outstanding! I did 4 sessions of laser hair removal and the result is amazing. I have thick hair but the staff know exactly the right temperature and treatment techniques which benefit my skin and hair type. Very knowledgeable and considerate! Love this place

Amazing Results

I have been going to Advanced Dermal Institute for Photo Rejuvenation. My decolletage in particulate was extremely sun damaged, and the photo rejuvenation treatment has nearly flushed it all away. My skin feels amazing. The staff have always been friendly, and given me good advice.


I purchased the laser hair removal on Groupon and I didn't expect such amazing results with just two sittings. Diana was a really helpful and friendly staff as she explained everything very clearly to me as it was my first time

Stay away

I know people who have been in and out of VCAT trying to get her stopped. Unsure what qualifications she has to do tattooing. She seems to permanently disfigure people and she damaged me so badly I had to go elsewhere to get the work she did fixed. Most of the positive reviews are by her. Beware.

TERRIBLE - would never go here. Bad service and unfriendly attitude.

Terrible and unfriendly service. Would never go here again. Instead of helping me with my service I purchased, the owner and manager treated me with a very bad attitude. Now my eyebrows are ruined. They are inflamed and is oozing out puss. Very disgusting. Non-hygienic and staff were gossiping whilst sitting around doing nothing. No apology from Caroline. Instead she said it was my fault and would not provided resolution.

Great service and great results!

Purchased laser hair removal sessions online. The staff are so lovely and helpful and the rooms are hygienic. After only two sessions I can already see a huge reduction in the hair growing back. great value for money. Highly recommended!!!

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