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Brissy Carpet Cleaners

Brissy Carpet Cleaners

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Damaged the property

These guys did such a shoddy job. The windows, bench tops, tiles and walls were still filthy.
On top of that the cleaner managed to knock a golf ball sized hole in the dry wall of the master bedroom.
I'm currently in the process if getting my money back for the repairs costs I had to foot.


we are cleaners working for this company
mathew always learn ask extra hours when we go bond cleaning
if customer refuse to demand extra hours company didn't give back deposit (booking deposit(
now this company didn't give us our pay
this company is joke

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Stay away!

Used this company which is also called Aim Property Solutions... Was quoted $405 for a two bedroom house and was charged the full amount prior to the clean. After spending an hour and half there they called and said it would then cost an extra $150. When I asked them to stop what they were doing and I would pay for the time they had already spent at the property I was told I wasn’t entitled to any form of a refund whether partial or not and that they would then charge by the hour. Their work was then not gaurenteed. They were rude and the quality of work that they had completed was appalling. Please don’t risk it, try another company!

SCAM - Do not hire!

I used this companies services under one of their many other operating names Aim Property Solutions. I have never received poorer service in my life. These guys operate under approximately 10-15 different operating names (and that's just what I found by googling their phone number) all offering similar cleaning services. We commissioned a full bond clean and paid in advance however upon inspecting the house we found that floors weren't swept, floors weren't mopped, carpets weren't vacuumed, oven wasn't cleaned and the list goes on. The cleaners even left the front door open when they left (luckily I lived on 3rd floor of apartment building). I lodged a complaint with Office of Fair Trading who, after a couple of weeks informed me that the company failed to respond to any of the repeated attempts to contact them.

Scam company: Did not finish work walked off the job.

Hired this business for bond cleaning. They did not do everything on the list and made many excuses why things could not be done. The real estate went with them second time and no proper cleaning equipment and even got into an argument with the agent and then walked off the job. Did not even use a ladder to clean the fan just bent it over on its fitting used a dry cloth with no chemical.

When we complained they made lots of excuses and even had the audacity to have a go at my wife's English on the phone.

I cannot understand how they operate as a business. We emailed them and I am willing to discuss with the owner/director on how this business can be improved. No replies or anything.

We should have read the reviews and should not have paid first. I never knew this would happen and I thought sham businesses were shut down years ago. I am surprised it hasn't been on today tonight etc.

This business operates Aim property solutions, guardian property solutions, brissy carpet cleaners and I think a couple more.

They need to be shut down immediately.


These guys are perhaps the shonkyiest operation I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They use a fake website “Brisbane Bond Cleaners” to take bookings and a non-refundable deposit. Then the nightmare begins. They will say anything to get the booking. Then do not turn up at appointed time. They tell you that carpet cleaning is included, then charge it as an extra, and because you’re on the hook and out of time at the end of a lease, they know they have you by over a barrel. Avoid, AVOID, AVOID!


Hired for a bond clean. Paid in advance. Walls were still filthy windows dirty floors and carpets looked untouched, had to hire a second lot of cleaners to finish the job (whom did a perfect job). They could not even get my address correct in the morning!!

Very Professional

Showed up on time, courteous, professional and did a great job at cleaning the carpet. A very good service.
So job well done overall. Fair price too.

Excellent and professional experience

Moving into our rental the carpets were filthy and smelly. Clearly a vacate carpet clean was not completed from previous tenants. The results are brilliant! Stains, marks and smell, gone. The technician was on time, polite and professional.

These people are dodgey as - really expensive too - just had a nightmare experience having to deal w

I booked Aim to do an exit bond clean - they gave me the quote and told me how good they were and how they guaranteed their work, so I paid them in advance. Later that night I got SMS messages and a phone call from the cleaner who was going to do the cleaning. She complained that she would not be able to get there at 7:30 as agreed but could only make it at 5:00am or 9:15am. I said 9:15 would be fine. She complained that the quote I had been given was too low and I should pay more. The next morning the cleaners met me at the house at 9:15 and told me they were not prepared to clean the house unless I paid an extra $120 .. I told them they should take it up with their employers as I had already paid the quoted price for the job. The cleaners refused to start work. I rang the manager who told me the business owner had said unless I paid extra the work would not be done. They refused to put me through to the business owner. These scumbags had me over a barrel and were demanding more money before they would start work. I told them I thought it was disgraceful they would do that. The cleaners left. I had to ring around to get someone in at an hours notice and, luckily, I found a business called "We Clean" who sent a guy over in less than an hour and who did an excellent job working non stop for 8 hours and charged me $300 instead of the $400 plus the con men at Aim were demanding. Do not use Aim, they are unethical and dishonest. When I called Aim to ask why they would not honour the agreement we had, and that I had paid for in advance, I told the manager "you guys are shafting me" .. She replied "yes".

Waste $$$.

Nothing to recommend. Waste Money and time. Low quality and poor responsibility. My house manager Unsatisfied w their work!! Super expensive.

Worst customer service

Did not get to the cleaning stage with this company. After asking for a confirmation email on my booking twice and not receiving it i got on the phone the day before the booking and spoke with a manager who was patronizing and spoke over me. Refused to give me a chance to speak and tried to get me to pay for the service and ignored my concerns about their attitude towards customers. Ended up cancelling my booking and going with another company. I would rather go with a company who treat people with respect.

Pick these carpet cleaners! You won't be sorry!

This small business gives 5 star service. Prices are reasonable (with rewards for returning customers!) and the quality of the cleans exceeded my expectations. Both administration and cleaning staff are professional, friendly, knowledgable and responsive. Can't recommend highly enough for quality and value!

2nd time - still as great as first time

This is the second time we have used this company, an ill be honest, very happy with them. Staff was amazing and really easy to talk to and get along with, flexible and just generally good people. I have no doubt we will be back again and again.

Will never use again- complete waste of money

I arranged for a bond clean upon vacating my rental premises. The cleaner turned up early only to tell me it would cost an additional $200 on top my $500 as he would next a second person (who sends ONE person to clean a 4x2 house??). Then I was told it may not happen until Monday when I was to hand the keys back or face an additional days rent charge. The Cleaner told me that two people would take 6 hours a piece thereby charging $54 dollars an hour (I'm in the wrong job honestly). The job was shoddy, no SPOT cleaning of walls was done, windows weren't cleaned on the outside (they told me later this was an additional charge!!), the window tracks weren't cleaned, nor where shower screens. The Cleaner said they needed to get into the grooves of the sliding security door so we took off the fly screen to accommodate only to come back and find that the cleaner meant he was only going to clean the grooves at his eye level and leave the rest. The garage apparently doesn't come as part of the house becuase it wasn't touched. We had to return to fix the mess and they refused to come back and answer calls from me stating that because I returned after they had to, any other mess was my doing. How do you dirty the house again when you are just cleaning the garage?!?! I will never use them again, it was a complete waste of money and now I'm fighting for my bond.

Complete waste of money

Nothing about this experience was good. They were entirely inflexible with times, only saying we could book 'am' or 'pm', nothing more specific than that. All email communication was very brief and uninformative.
They arrived and for $100 so far as we can tell the vacuumed and poured some bleach on the top of one side of the mattress. Stains still entirely present, and when we asked them about whether they were going to clean the other side, they said it only needed the one side cleaned despite it being a flip-able mattress and being equally dirty both sides.
In future I'd set a $100 note on fire and clean it myself for better results


Bond clean was not completed properly and they had to renter the property to clean, they then charged us an additional $530 on top of the $450 bond clean, which I did not authorise them to do! I received an invoice from AIM, and I called up immediately to cancel the job which they said they would cancel. A week later I got an invoice saying I had to pay the full costs in 7 days or it's going to a debt collector (for a job they didn't even do!) they are now not replying to any emails we send. AND We had to pay another cleaner to clean the property again! we have still not heard back from them when we asked them to send an invoice that actually reflected the service that was provided. I am taking this matter further.

Very unreliable and lying staff

Do not use this business! Moving is already a stressful experience, trying to juggle removalists in between work & life. Organised to get a a clean a week in advance, received an email after making the booking which advised I would receive a confirmation text the day prior. The text never came. I called on the day to confirm and got the go ahead. I organised for someone to drop their schedule and wait at my place to meet the cleaner (because I was working). Some random girl who I can't even understand calls 1 hour & 10 mins prior to booking to tell me I need to bring my mattress downstairs because from the apartment block to have it cleaned. I tell her that can't happen seeing an elderly person is waiting at the unit and they can't lift heavy items. Then I get a call 1 hour prior to the booking telling me someone is knocking and no-one is answering (no-one is there because I organised for someone to be there at the time I booked). Then 20 minutes later I receive a text to tell me the booking is cancelled because they don't have the equipment they need to do the clean. Are you serious I organised it a week ago! So then I call the person who is already driving over to my place to meet the cleaner and tell them to turn around. I asked to speak with a manager to express my dissatisfaction and was advised the manager would call me. Didn't hear a thing. I wouldn't use this company if you want reliability. Get someone you feel comfortable with it's not worth the run around just to save a few bucks.

Terrible Customer Service

I organised them to do a bond clean on my property and hide a key under my house for them. The cleaner called me and said the key did work, which I knew it did as I used it to get into the house the day before. So I told him a different way he could get into the house. When I returned later that day to inspect their job, the cleaner had left a different key there with a key tag on it that had a different address written on it. So i rang and told them what had happened and they said they would get back to me. That never happened so rang back at the end of the day and they again said they would get back to me. Called again the next day and they said that was the key that was left, I said it obviously was a key for another job they had done so there is probably another person missing a key. They said you must of but that key there and we don't know what happened to the other key but they are not taking responsibility for it. There's no way anyone else moved the key as only the cleaner and I knew where it was and it was well hidden. Disgraceful Customer service and the lady on the phone was very rude and wouldn't listen to common sense.

Really happy with Service and results

Very very happy !! My mattress looks brand new. The guy was very helpful about what to do for stains in the future. Fast efficient service and very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend

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Hi :-) We need to get two bedrooms carpet cleaned for bond refund / end of lease. Can you pls provide costing? It would need to be done late in the afternoon of Monday 8th September or first thing Tuesday 9th. Thanks Kylie kyliemcpherson@gmail.com 0400822734 11 East St, Camp Hill Q 4152
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Hi Kylie, don't make this mistake. Hire any other contractor but Aim they are a fake company. Run!

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