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Had Booking weeks in advance to be called 2 days prior to cancel again.

Booked Lounge clean weeks in advance to take time off work to be available. 2 days prior received call in the morning to state technician will now be in another area and is unable to do on the day arranged, but could do following week on another afternoon. Why if booking is made weeks in advance will the technician now be doing another job? Pathetic customer service.

Electrodry or it's associates in Philippines obviously makes the assumption that their clients are not working people, have not arranged time off work which clear delineates it does not value it's clients time. Will take my business elsewhere. No phone number to lodge complaint - not surprising.

Thank you Nick

A very professional and trouble free experience. Nick is a very pleasant, friendly and efficient young man that anyone should be happy to share their space with for for a time.

Very Happy Electrodry Customer!

We used Electrodry recently for our 4 bedroom home and we were delighted with the job done by Troy! He vacuumed the carpets thoroughly first even though we did say they had been vacuumed thoroughly the day prior! The steam cleaning job done was excellent - our carpets were replaced with good quality carpet some 18 months previously but sadly the traffic areas in three of those rooms were quite badly marked between humans and pets - but after Troy left - BINGO - our carpets were returned to BRAND NEW! AND, they were walk-on dry in no time at all - FABULOUS!! I must add, I was also impressed with the booking service as well! I checked the internet for Carpet Cleaners - spotted Electrodry and remembered the TV Jingle - decided to give them a try with a quote - (I made a call as we are semi rural) - I was very impressed with the guy on the other end of the phone - his quote for the job was very competitive with two others I had obtained, but I liked the fact that this was a large long standing company, not a fly-by nighter should I have a problem! No problem with Electrodry - from my very first call on day one to the finished job on the 23 January my husband and I were more than impressed and have already begun recommending Electrodry to family and friends for any carpet cleaning, rugs, lounge suites - even scotch guarding - We will certainly be booking them again!

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Thanks for entrusting us with your carpets, Toni. We're glad you found our service satisfactory and look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Thanks for recommending us!

Professional and efficient service

We recently had the carpets in 2 rooms of our house cleaned by Electrodry and we were really happy with the result. Would recommend to anyone looking for carpet cleaning.

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Thanks for your awesome review and recommending us, RTregenza!

Nice job!

The carpets have never looked better! a brilliant job! The cleaner was very nice and attentive to the needs of the rooms, and floors were quickly dry and able to be used!

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We're glad you found our service satisfactory, 11thDoc. We appreciate the great review!

Not satisfied.

First time using this company and I will not be back. The job was quoted as $98.00. However when the service man arrives this was bumped up to $247.00. When have cream carpets that had signs of walk grime in 2 places. The walk grime is still there and we now have steaks of white throughout the carpets, So disappointed, I would not recommend this carpet cleaning company to anyone.. Stay away..

Poor quality product and expensive too

My carpets were steam cleaned average at best. Also had tile grout cleaned and sealed. Well the guy was on his own 8hour job with over 100sq mt of floors to do. And I wasn’t happy with the end result, as there was sealer residue all over the tiles( months later it’s still there) I called head office and they were ment to contact me and have someone come and look at the tiles and possibly redo the job. . 2 months later and after many calls and emails I still haven’t heard back from anyone at Electodry. Shame on you for charging so much money for poor results and more fool me for paying.

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Hi, Brenda. Thank you for your feedback. We apologise for the poor experience and we'd like to look into this issue for you. Kindly privately message us with your service address and contact number. Thank you.

Fantastic job

Had carpets cleaned when i was leaving a rental property.
Absolutely great job.
Staff very friendly done a great job.
Dry in no time and all stai s were removed very profesional job.

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Hi, Deborah. Thanks for your feedback. We're glad we could help you!

No stain was a problem

I was very impressed by the young man who came to my home. Firstly because he rang and came early. Stains on the carpet were identified and dealt with most efficiently giving me several hints on how to cope with accidents in the future. I happily added an extra room while he was here because of the good job he was doing.

Great job

Very happy with the job I had my carpets cleaned for an exit of rental very efficient and friendly and very well priced

Great job

Just had carpets cleaned and rugs and seats by sean he did a fantasic job i highly recommend electodry perth

Excellent results and prompt service

The person turned up on time and vacuumed the carpeted area. After the carpet cleaning, it was relatively dry and I was able to move the furniture back in a couple of hours. He also cleaned a small rug at no charge. Overall, excellent service and well priced.

Extremely happy with the quality and service:)

The contractor was very polite, and explained every process completely. My carpets look fantastic, would definitely use them again in the future, it was great to be able to walk on them in a short time:)

what a rip off.

Our first time using electrodry , and the last time, We are very unsatisfied with the method of cleaning the carpets . Using an orbital washing piece of equipment just isn't doing a good job. Took the man 30 minutes and cost $129. I feel the business is one big cash grab and a scam.. I will be letting everyone I know NOT to ever us Electrodry.. very disappointing experience......not impressed at all. my Carpets still look like they need a good clean..

Duped by a poor floor restoration quote!!

The quoting guy led us to believe that the job he was quoting for would restore our floors to beautiful condition and we accepted the quote. We waited a couple of weeks for the job to start and the day they arrived the polisher said the floors would get a light sand only followed by lacquer. When we realised this was not going to produce an appropriate end product we told him that is not what was discussed with the quoting person and sent him away. The polisher told us that what our floors really needed would cost over double the amount we had been quoted. I feel this was sneaky deceptive marketing to get a sale and has now delayed our project further by weeks. Do not use this company!!

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Hi, Greenscene. Thanks for your feedback. We can assure you this is an isolated case and does not reflect our business standpoint at all. We apologise for your bad experience and we will make sure to look into this.

Excellent from the inquiry to the service !

Really fantastic mattress clean and great service and personnel. The people on the phone were polite and helpful and the worker was prompt and on time as well as thorough and personable.

Don’t use Electrodry to refinish your timber floor. Expensive, sloppy, rushed and ruined all my skir

The electro dry quote was $1,653 and we now have gloss finished floors (we ordered satin), which were no cleaned so they have pet hairs and dirt and stains all under several sloppy coats of polyurethane. No masking of our white skirting boards, so they now have brown stains along their entire length. Our kitchen gloss laminate kick boards are similarly ruined. The promised color blending didn’t happen. It’s a complete disaster and will take ages and cost thousands to rectify. This job was done in a half day, so they certainly skimped on the time allowed for their exorbitant fee. I wish I’d read these reviews before I paid to have my floors ruined.

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Hi, Tracy. Thanks for your feedback. We apologise for the negative experience and would like to have this issue looked into immediately. Can you please message us with your service address and phone number so we can get in contact with you? Thank you.

Poor communication and service

would not recommend at all.
Was given a quote then on the day i was charged more and told i had to pay the higher price or they wouldn't not do the work, after complaining they admitted the error was on there end and offered a discount on my next cleaning. seeing this was part of a rental i was moving out of i asked for my money back as i didn't see any time soon i would need carpets cleaned. After many emails and several phone calls i was told i would be getting refunded. it took them nearly 3 months to give me my refund.

What a scam!!!!

Electrodry advertised timber refresh on TV for $258 for 2 rooms. They charge $30 to quote which you get back if you go ahead. Then when they came to quote I was charged $1200 for 3 rooms plus 3 passages. When I said that I would just have 2 rooms then at the advertised price, they refused to do it. They said either all or nothing!! and they still charged me the $30. FALSE ADVERTISING AT ITS FINEST!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, Julie. Thanks for your feedback and we apologise for the bad experience. We'll make sure to have this looked into straight away. To further help you, kindly message us with your service address and phone number. Otherwise, please call our customer service hotline on 13000 71 71 75.

Canberra Electrodry Disgusting cleaners

Very disappointed with Electrodry Canberra.Very pricy and does not practice what they advertise.Corners dirty,did not hover under the beds,paid additional for stain removal and many stains remained.Not worth it

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Hi, Mary. Thanks for your feedback. We apologise for the bad experience and would like to send a technician to re-clean your carpets for you. Kindly message us with your best contact number and service address or call our customer service hotline on 1300 71 71 75 so we can assist you.

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is electrodry in gladstone and rockhampton
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Had carpets cleaned approx. 3 weeks ago-very pleased with result. Unfortunately a full mug of tea with milk was spilled over carpet yesterday. Any suggestions?
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I had cleaning done today & ended up paying more than was quoted. I agreed to E Gard to protect lounge chairs (extra $125) and it was also suggested I get extra product put though the 2 air conditioners after cleaning as there was mould. This increased price by another $200. There is nothing on your website about this added air con service - was I ripped off? Also, I'd prefer to have these options discussed with original quote rather than have costs added on the day of cleaning.
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Hi, Cath. Thanks for your feedback. E Gard and Eco protect are supplementary treatments and are usually discussed on the day if necessary. We'll take your feedback into account to further improve our service.

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