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Great customer service, too many taskers.

Airtasker has great customer service. Also you can get plenty of tasks if you are constantly on the app. The downside is that there are too many taskers, which means you don't get paid enough for your work, even if you are great at what you do.

Using Airtasker was awesome.

Using Airtasker was awesome. We were a bit stuck in organising a delivery and the store involved wanted a very large amount to deliver a simple item. But in a few minutes we had someone who could help us at around 1/2 the price of the store !!

We will definately use Airtasker again.

Great site with lots of potential

I really like airtasker, and the idea to offer a job or except a job.
The only setting I am missing (maybe it exists) is that I would like to be informed about offeres and any conversation via email, so I can reply quicker, I don’t check airtasker enough to be quick in a response
Also as a first user I wish I would get the $25 first time user Rabat without using ,friend referral’, or a discount.
Otherwise I really like the idea

Great new app. First time and very happy

Just very easy and professional. This is the first time I have used this app and I am very pleased and happy how the site works. Would recommend it to anyone.

Awesome cleaning task.

Very appreciative task application. Able to help us earn money to provide in our daily needs. No racism, humble clients and good in communicating cleaners. Thank you air tasker. Godbless

Is soooo handy for just about anything

Great app just one thing... the dates for the job to be done could do with a flexible timeline or multiple dates instead of the only single date option that is currently available.
Cheers T !

Handy but not ideal

I use this service to find extra work when I am quiet, its a great idea but the amount lost to the service fee makes it hard to make jobs worthwhile, especially when people pay the full amount and don't understand that we don't receive it all. People who already have their own insurance should get a discount on the service fee.

Airtasker is great!

Airtasker has been a godsend!
We have found alot of good work on Airtasker and have met some great people.
We would recommend trying it out to anyone as it's a great platform and the review system keeps everyone honest.

Really useful application

I have always used airtasker for my urgent work and it’s really easy to use. I have already recommended airtasker to my friends and they are also currently using it.

Great thing when other services ask for way to much $$$$

It works for me in the future, it’s a great system and normal people helping each other out, financially and with needs, I’ll be back when I need this service again

Can get just about any job done easily

Great that I was able to arrange what I required but I found the communication postings online quite terrible. I had 2 offers for my task and when I wrote to one if them to ask a private question I soon learned it was published for all to see. Very ordinary Airtasker, you MUST fix your service to refrain this from opening.

So convenient

I always tend to go to Airtasker for anything I need done around the house. Always happy with the results. I would recommend this site to anyone. Great app and easy to use.

Great service

Great people oriented way of getting things done without having to buy the whole department store! Easy to understand and work the app, even for us oldies! This will be my go to helper for future tasks.

Great help

Airtadker gets job done very quick
Quick responses and jobs done perfectly.
Have been using airtaker for years and found site legal and protective...
Airtasker has all jobs under 1 portfolio... so great job .. fantastic


Really I’m happy to be here Airtasker is Iunderstand lot seen real honest here
Real feel like owne business then feel stress less work.forget our mistakes ,financially very helpful then thanks for everything .

Great site, I use it as often as I can.

Great site for new business, useful when u are starting a business and need cash flow, highly recommended. Easy to use and simple payment options make it seamless. Any one looking for an income should use this as a means to make some money.

Very happy

The whole process was much easier than I anticipated. Being a first time user I was surprised how easy the transaction came together. Will use airtasker again if I need something moved

Great way to generate new business.

Airtasker is a great way to generate additional work as an individual, especially when quiet. Would be great though if you could upload sample videos or links to websites, YouTube or Vimeo channels. This is especially important if the person posting a task is looking for a videographer...because just showing a still image doesn't really showcase previous work done.

Very happy

My first experience with Airtasker couldn't have been better. Looking forward to using it more in the future. I was a little unsure at first about what I was doing, but quickly got the hang of the website.


Love the freedom and the ease of picking and choosing what tasks to complete. Every task I have completed has been an awesome experience and also meeting new people who I have had no issues with.

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To Airtasker Hope u the understand how stressful my situation is I got no income for more than a month , the restriction as per Airtasker last email ends 15th of April ...why no one reply to my query to explain anything , I am I getting my account active again or is it deleted permanently ? I don’t understand anything what’s happening can u please reply ? I am so stressed and I need to have income ... please reply
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I have been trying for 3 Days to log into my account. I have emailed support numerous times and all I get told is to "clear my cookies" - from Indian support center that obviously does not have a clue. Rubbish The issue is I request a Password Reset, I am told an email will be sent, but no email arrives. Checked Junk etc. I have been in IT for 37+ years, I know what I'm doing. I need to accept jobs and pay people, You have my money in your account. I need to post new jobs, and I simply cannot get back in ??!! Airtasker Support is an absolute Joke. !! I make it clar in my emails what is wrong, and I get told, try a new web browser and clear the cookies. NO NO NO !! It is a Password Reset issue, my Password is not being recognized. Just get someone who understands ENGLISH and fix that damn thing PLEASE !!!
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hi, I am an international student in sydney and studying. Can I perform airtasker task? Or will there be legal action against me?
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Hi Sag, Anyone over the legal age of 18 is able to create an Airtasker account and start bidding on tasks/ posting tasks. However, our terms and conditions state that you need to have a legal right to work in Australia. You may wish to check if your visa allows you to work as an independent contractor and how many hours you are allowed to work. If you wish to find out more information regarding our terms and conditions please see the following link: https://www.airtasker.com/terms/

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