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Dodgy work, dodgy tradies

I placed a job to repair a convection oven whose turntable was no longer turning. I only had 3 responses. After looking up ABNs one of them appeared dodgy. Funnily enough, browsing through one star reviews here, if you look for a review by "Glen" he mentions the headache he had with a "Stephen Locke" - this guy is back on the site under a similar name still making quotes! Hah! So much for your quality control and vetting process.

I went with another guy. Seemed keen but communication became more challenging after I told him I'd selected him for the job.

My convection oven had a dead motor which he replaced, all good. Then he put the frame back incorrectly so he had to come back again to fix it.

Less than 2 months later it's broken again. When I tried investigating it appears like the turntable shaft is no longer securely attached to the motor. I took a mirror and tried investigating the part and it seems like the knob on the motor is no longer there, which is why the shaft is not securely attached. Either the wrong part was put it (which made it work for a while) or I was given a dodgy part which fell apart after less than two months!!

I even ended up purchasing a tray because I thought the tray was the problem because the grooves were a bit worn down but clearly that wasn't the problem.

Also, since the oven has been "fixed" it seems like it hasn't been placed back into the wall as securely as before.

I paid $300 for this nonsense. As part of my fee I was charged $135 for the part but a parts supplier online shows it is only $45 -- pathetic markup.

I wrote a review detailing my concerns on the website and it only showed up as "Could improve quality of workmanship". I'm going to file a report with Fair Trading tomorrow against both the tradie and the Service Seeking in hopes of getting some of my money back and so that hopefully some other sucker doesn't have to go through the same thing I did.

I'm going to find someone else to fix my convection oven -- and I'm NOT using this useless website with its dodgy tradies. I say stay away. You're better off Googling.


It's raining quotes

Requested a quote for a plumbing job. In a matter of minutes I received a lot of them with a good variety of choices . The service was prompt and efficient. Cheers

So many more responses so much quicker then other pages I have tried.

Yet to have them do the work as I only posted today, they are scheduled to come this week but I was so impressed with the responses I got so many i had to pause the ads after 5 minutes.

Finally, someone who gets back to you instantly

I tried this in desperation of getting some work done around the house. Within a few hours I had replies in my inbox and on my phone, with people who wanted the work.
Thank you for your service it is amazing.

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That’s great to hear Sam! We’re happy we were able to help you out.

Brilliant time saver

So many replies and quotes as compared to when you contact individual tradies when many never bother to get back to you . Also these tradies appear to be genuinely seeking work and offer competitive quotes .

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Thank you very much for your positive feedback.

Easy way to obtain quotes.

So easy. Received more than one quote. The firm engaged arrived on time and men were professional and pleasant. I recommend this ap. Instead of “fingers doing the walking” one point of contact so much easier.

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Thank you very much for your positive review. Until next time Natalie!

This is perfect!

Quick with responses and service seeking gives you options to choose from! I wanted a quick and no mucking around service to do my garners ASAP and service seeking pointed me into the right direction. I Highly recommend!

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That’s great to hear Sterling! Thank you very much for your positive review.

A great place to start if you want to do reno projects!

61 interested vendors in 2 days ready to come to provide free quote for my bathroom reno. Scheduled 2 inspections the next day, with written quotes within the same day.

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Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Service Thus far

On test the dishwasher last night it started to work again. Decided to defer doing anything as it is pointless in having a service person attend to a non-existent fault.

Time efficient and Easy to use

I have been looking for a tiler to check my property and fix some sealants. Within minutes I received quotes & tilers ringing me for more details. Made my life easier!

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That’s great to hear Elle! We are thrilled we were able to help you out.

Asbestos removal

Posted a small job and had a number of responses within the hour which was great. It would be good to say whether you wanted a phone call or email or not (maybe it does and I can't remember) as I was a bit overwhelmed with response. However that's great to be able to choose from. Would be good if there was a way of all the unsuccessful ones knowing they missed out as I feel obligated to let everyone know how...

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Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. Please keep us in mind for the next time you need a job done.

Excellent service

Within minutes of posting for a concrete quote I had 7 emailed quotes and two phone calls to choose from. I was very pleasantly surprised and will certainly be using this again.

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Thank you very much for your positive review. Until next Mick!

Great site

Came across the site by chance, after getting a great result and finding a and simple effective solution for my requirement i would recommend to anyone wanting fast and reliable service

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That’s great to hear Brody. We’re glad we could help you out.

excellent service

I am very impressed by this service. They put you in touch with quality trade companies at no cost. These companies offer very cost competitive services to meet a variety of needs.

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Thank you very much for your positive review. Please keep us in mind for the next time you need a job done.

A lovely neat job and reasonably priced

I received a call within a couple of hours the Carpenter arrived next day to quote and do the job he was very polite reasonably priced and did an excellent job. I am very impressed and would recommend.

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Thank you very much for your review. We are glad we could help you out. Until next time Lin!

Quick response from prospective Tradies

Requested quotes for the replacement of our boundary fence. Received 7 quotes within a couple of hours. Quick and easy way to find a Tradie. Now to sort through the quotes and arrange for the job to be completed.

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That’s great to hear Carol. We’re happy we were able to help you out.

Excellent service for gardening job

I received 4 calls within 10 minutes. One person visited my premises at 2pm the same day and another at 4pm and this is the one that got the job. He's coming at 8am on Wednesday to cpmplete the job. I'm extremely pleased with this service and I'll definitely be recommending ServiceSeeking.com.au to family and friends.

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Thank you so much Freddi. We're happy we were able to help you out! Please keep us in mind if you need any other job done.

What a wonderful way to get some jobs done!

I needed a plumber for a toilet changeover and quickly got 5 keen quotes from easygoing helpful people. Make sure that you have the job well described on the form and include photos or any must-haves.

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Thank you for your positive and wonderful review! We're happy we were able to help you out Rob.


Needed a plumber for installing a new gas stove. Hadn't used Service Seeking before. Simple form and three quotes received in half an hour - the first in 7 minutes! By the end of the day (when I paused quoting) I had another eight quotes. Accepted the third quote and had the job booked in for the following day. Very happy with the response and the job done. Will most certainly be using Service Seeking again. Well done.

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That's great to hear Ian. We are glad we were able to help you out. Until next time!

Fake advertise

I will not waste money again, i can't contact with Clients. They just post request for tradies but no one replay to me. Service seeking haven't any responsibility against of fake clients.
Service seeking always try to give me subscription offers, but whats the point for me? When i can't get a job since last month till now. There is no guarantee to win any job even your quotation is crazy cheep. I just won a painting job with unbelievable quotation $250 for painting and patching 2 bedroom and 1 bathrooms. Its really cheap for couple days job.
I think service seeking must just sent 1 lead to 2 or 3 tradies نو for more than

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Hi Sha, We never ever, ever post fake jobs - EVER. There are no fake clients. However, there is competition for work - so a customer not calling you back does not mean their fake, it means they are probably speaking to a competitor of yours. There are a number of key things you need to do to market yourself on an online platform. Its like going to a restaurant - which might have the best cook in the world, but if the restaurant is empty and there is no menu, no one will walk in. You need to market and sell yourself online so customers know how good you are. In most cases, the cheapest quote does not win. The tradies who win on our site are the best communicators, trusted and have reviews showing past jobs. I am happy to help you. I can show you what you need to do to improve your win rate. If you want to come back and I can personally help you - then email me directly on adam@serviceseeking.com.au I will give you a free membership of 14 days, provided you do the things I say, in order to better market yourself, so you can win. Hope you take me up on my offer Adam Sales Director

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Questions & Answers

My partner said his leads have all disappeared and the people he has spoken to about jobs. Why does this happen
1 answer
Hi Roxy - this shouldn't happen. Please email support@serviceseeking.com.au and we can look into this for you. Thanks Adam

I used a handy man that your company suggested the job is not done right I have called him to come back to fix the problem he will not call or respond to me at tall his phone number is [contact details removed] how does your company help with this sort of problem?
1 answer
We're sorry for the trouble that this business has caused you. It's certainly not the type of behaviour we expect from our businesses and definitely not something we will tolerate. Service Seeking has a 2-strike policy. We can either issue a formal warning to the business, record strike 1 of 2 strikes, or suspend a business account. We do however, also consider the business' side of the story. Please send us documentation to support your side of the story. We will contact the business once we have your documentation.

Just curious have used 3 times and ripped off by 2 elections , just curious the price is a lot higher if you want a receipt and service seeking don't take responsibility if the tradie doesn't finish the job after you have paid,hence you can't go to fair trading as no paper trail!!!!!! I'm surprised the ATO haven't had their say! Trouble is many of us have to pay cash due to lower price???
4 answers
I was happy with the price quoted and the guy did more than I asked.Hi Ann, ServiceSeeking is a marketplace and we try to get you as many quotes as possible so you can choose the best business for your job. The key is to choose a business that not only offers you a good price but has the credibility and trustworthiness to do the job you want - the way you want it. Check out their reviews, ask them if they guarantee their work and tell them upfront you want a receipt. The ATO absolutely have their say with businesses that take cash and don't disclose their income - its illegal and not something we endorse at all. The ServiceSeeking platform allows you the option to pay your tradie through our site if you wish (and they also agree) which will give you the paper trail you want. In terms of a tradie not finishing a job - make sure you let us know if this ever happens as we will certainly investigate - we don't want bad tradies on our site. If you hire a tradie with a lot of positive reviews and checked out their previous work this is less likely to happen to you. Also review their profile and choose businesses who are insured and have a police check. Hope this helps! Adam Pisk Sales DirectorI always do but it always backfires !i put in a complaint about David Lynch electrical, put was told there was nothing they can do and his reviews were perfect!!! A police check is useless as everyone even I have one , I appreciate your response but still have to pay another electrician to finish off his work.

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