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Scammed out of $2200 on hipages

Long story short. Used hipages, got three quotes, paid deposit, tradie disappeared stole my money, hipages said report to office of fair trading, i investigated the quoting company not licenced wrong abn, called hipages said trades don’t need to be registered to quote under $3300. What a joke never again. Buyer beware.

Cant even get a tradie to do work - willing to pay

I advertised for a fencing and flower bed job, had one company come out to discuss what I wanted done. Received no quote, no response to my follow up.
I don't understand... am I missing something!
Good customer, honest advertisement, willing to pay - no tradesman
I have tried putting up a small job and a big job - I have a lot that needs done and cant get anyone.
I ended up going to hire a hubby and got ripped a new one by their charges, but at least they turned up and did well some sort of a job because they are a handyman and not a tradesman, so will cut the guy a little slack - could I get a tradesman, NO
It makes me so mad that tradesman are being treated poorly by hipages from some of the posts, however honest customer here cant get tradesman - go figure!
I found hi pages could not put me in contact with tradesman - very disappointed

Not fair on tradies

There are always two sides to a story.... unfortunately for a tradie, hi pages don't contact a tradie to hear their version of events if their is a complaint against them. Hi pages put the trades account on pause, which means that the tradie does not get any leads. The tradie then has to contact hi pages, and usually their is a person who oversees the tradies account. And if this person is unavailable, then the tradie has to wait until that person returns their call as they are the only one who can reach activate the tradies account.....and believe me, the waiting for a response can be as long as two weeks! Yeah, they leave emails saying they have tried calling you but no answer, which is strange when you don't have any missed calls on your phone!!!. And good luck if you try calling on a weekend....you get done today call centre overseas and good chance you won't understand them anyway. About as useful as tits on a fish.

Hipages sucks!!

Hi - i'm a tradie who has subscribed to Hipages for over 10 years
over that time the quality and number of leads has dropped to the point where i now generate .001 % of my annual work from Hipages.
meanwhile the price of their leads and subscription has skyrocketed.
If you are a customer - you will get better service with some of the other job quote websites - if you are a tradie - please look for quality leads elswhere - Do not waste your money on Hipages!!

Tried hard but could not deliver

Placed a job on the service site and unfortunately did not receive any engagements with tradespeople. I saw lots of activity, the staff were promptly able to fix an error in my post, the engagements with me were quick, on topic and well worded, but I did not get in touch with enough tradespeople to make it a service I would recommend. So, for brickwork and home repair jobs, I could not recommend it after this one experience. Not giving up on it though, just not suitable in this area.

Awful service .

Very disappointed. Wait your time and money. They charged money very quick, and dont let u know about payment. Now im trying to cancle account and take my money back. Dont go with them , 100% f... company.

Rip off, Update.

Back on the 21st of April I posted a review. I have tried to contact Hipages for months to cancel my account. Can never get through to their dispute or account cancellation team and they never call you back. Hipages had my bank account details and deduct payment unless you notify them not to. Conveniently they are never available to cancel your account. My membership to hipages was due in July, my only alternative was to shut down my 30 year old bank account because you do not have the authority to stop a payment coming out of your OWN account. Anyway, Tradies, STAY AWAY. HIPAGES is a scam!!!

Absolute discussing.

I was looking for a sparky. Only 1 got back to me on the day. The second got back to me 11 days later. But not to quote only to make sure I wasn’t going to do a bad review. I was told from his person “Allah have mercy on me!”
Then they continued with harassing phone calls afterwards.
Absolutely disappointed with this experience!

Prompt reliable and informative service

Build Dev Steve Fraser attended next day, quoting on home renovations! Prompt, on time and informative on project details from beginning to end ! Highly professional and great service! definitely recommend

Great job ,lovely gentleman

I had Zane replace a toilet and despite it being a very difficult job he was always pleasant and was professional completed the job to my satisfaction I would recommend United Plumbing to friends. Thank you guys.

Feel scammed

I agree with other posts here stating what a waste of money it is to list with hipages
I was pushed into signing up for a year by pushy and smooth salesman. I have spent over $1,500 for only one job gained ( you get a lot of rubbish leads )
They lock you in for a year cause they know you’d leave after a few months as it’s a complete waste of money.
I’m locked in for another $1,800 knowing it’s going to be a complete waste.
This company makes you feel like you have been scammed.

Watchout, Scam Alert!

Watchout!!!!!! This is a complete scam !!! I have 4 separate accounts of businesses being removed with absolutely no explanation. 1 ok.. But not 4. They clearly make a huge profit from sign up fees. [Removed] is a complete fraud.. Being dishonest about calling back... And not giving any evidence to back what the company says or does . Unfortunately there is little we as customers can do as it states clearly b4 signing up that they can remove a business. Just be very careful b4 giving your credit card details. And remember... 4 business's that I know of..... Think of how many more people they have stolen from. Eventually they will be caught and brought to justice.. Until then...Beware!!! Hipages is a con or scam or whatever you want to call it...Its dishonest ... I and many others I know will never use this kind of business again ..And encourage you all to do your homework.

If your a tradie DON'T join hipages.

This company gives you "leads" which are jobs that people want done. That's what they tell you anyway. It can cost you up to $31 per "lead" you accept. But don't think only one tradie per job, oh no, 3 tradies all pay 31 dollars to get the same lead. When you pay for it the rest is up to you. If the person doesn't answer. Too bad, say goodbye to your money. If they just wanted to know how much it would cost, but they don't want it done (and this happens ALL the time) too bad, say goodbye to your money.
Half the time the so called leads are just bogus anyway.
Not to mention because multiple tradies are all vying for the same job the person who gets it is doing it for next to no profit.
This company will rip every tradie off. They prey on tradies when the work is slow. DoNT use hipages.


Hipages put me in contact with an unlicensed builder however they covered this fact by putting someone else's verified licensed on the page. I was inexperienced with building and didn't pick the scam. I ended up with unlicensed work so Fair Trading can't help. Worst of all is that Hipages acknowledge the misleading information but say its ok and its not their fault, even though they know.

Don’t go near these thieves

Hipages sign you up on 12 month contract I pay $599 per month which gives me $1000 of lead credits a month. Basically as soon as I signed up lead prices are going up 10 % permonth yet I still get same credits. Most leads are now $60 per lead meaning hipages rack in $180 per lead minimum they are greedy scum preying on tradies trying to make a living


First time was prompt and excellent! Today I have received COUNTLESS MESSAGES AND BEGGED FOR STOPPING THEM!! THEY ARE STILL COMING at 8pm,a FEW IN EVERY HOUR!!
What a shame,ruining an otherwise great idea!

Terrible leads and horrible service

The leads are terrible as the people all have no money, the jobs aren’t worth your time. Highpages just keep taking out your money and give you rubbish excuses as to why they can’t stop taking out payments. How is this company still running? Oh they keep scamming everyone that’s how

They are thief

HIPAGES are just scammed..they are to subscribe and pay for 6 months now when i told them i dont want to continue they are forcing to pay cancellation fee of $298 which i was never awared of at the time of subscription

Very bad

Very bad customer service and rude stuff are the two main reasons we're not using hipages anymore.
Not recommended to anyone.

Honestly don’t even try hipages if you can!

I have used hipages for 3 times .
Electrician: turned out to be just fine.
Painter : unprofessional and below average job.
Concreater: terrible job , uneven surface, water pooling and lost 50% deposit and now have to rip off old concreate and redo.
Hipages haven’t been helpful at all even though I have used them previously.
Always go with reputed companies who provide written guarantee of the work to be undertaken .
Might save money by hiring cheap and unqualified labour but at the end you will end up paying more.

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Why does Hipages not connect to internet today?
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How can I cancel my Hi Pages subscription? I am worried it will automatically renew for another 12 months?! I have been trying to talk to someone at HiPages but they said they will be in touch!
2 answers
After reading these reviews I came across your query, I would ring your bank and say your card is damaged, you will get a new card with a new expiry and then it shouldn't work for them to renew. Hope that works and also ring your bank and dispute the charge and try and ask them to block the transactions.Good idea Diane, but I am not sure if it will work. Rod, I had the same problem and I posted it on this site a year or two ago. I tried for months to cancel my account but no one ever called back. Had to cancel my card as you can't stop a payment coming out of your OWN account. Good luck mate.

In backyard, I have 3 garages. I want convert garages into a greeny flat. Now I wants to know what’s the correct procedure to make it happen? Whom I should contact?
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