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Useless -- you're better off Googling

Contacted one person who advertised being able to work on different appliances (for a few different jobs) and never heard back.

Since I didn't hear back after several days, I posted part of the job again hoping to get different tradies to handle the jobs separately. Hipages immediately marked my new job without a word as duplicate and removed it.

How am I supposed to find a tradie when the one person I sent a job to doesn't reply and I'm not allowed to cancel or repost it?

Not to mention they kept spamming me. What a headache.

Customer service is based overseas and is useless.


Sentup Kitchen Installers

After reading some of the reviews about Sentup I was quite concerned about using them. Thank goodness I spoke to Sofie who put me at ease and so I used them to plan and install my kitchen.
I am beyond grateful for the work they did. Right from Steve in Planning, Sofie in the office and the exceptional installer 'Nicola". What an incredible person- professional, courteous and what a fantastic job he did on my kitchen. I love it. Nothing was too much trouble He checked with me to make sure I was very happy (which I was) with each stage. As I am a visual person, when seeing some things that I didn't think would work for me as the kitchen was progressing I wanted to change them. Nicola happily looked into every change I wanted and worked out ways to make me happy and he did. He was an exceptional worker, prompt, efficient, friendly and made me feel quite at ease with discussing these changes and implementing them. He even came up with suggestions of what would work better than what was planned (even though it meant more work for him). I could not recommend this company and especially Nicola highly enough. They took all of the stress out of renovating my kitchen and made it so much easier than I thought it would be.
Don't look elsewhere for kitchen installers. These are the best people to use and you will be happily and gratefully appreciative of their work. I now have a fabulous kitchen that we all think is wonderful and it is all thanks to Nicloa and Sentup. Do it - you will definitely not be disappointed - believe me.


Dont Trust Hipages

I had a small job done for a bathroom to replace [name removed] he joined it instead of using one full piece and the 2 joins are so visible im 60 years old I could of done that myself, he charge a $1000 remember its not a big area then he got paint in all grout and taps no sheets put down when I found paint tin was not bathroom paint and would of been very old. I would not of paid him my daughter did hipages said they cant get in touch with him and for me to sort out never again will I used their pages.


Terrible service by money grabbing company

Absolutely terrible company to sign up with as a tradie. They are eager to take your money and overcharge. When you sign up you get to speak with someone in Australia that seems very helpful after this however you will only get a Phillipino call centre where apparently nobody can help you with anything to do with accounts. It is a drawn out nightmare trying to cancel your listing and receive any sort of refund they may owe you. They will not allow you to cancel your account via email or answer any queries concerning accidental overcharging via email. Instead you are told that someone from accounts will contact you in up to 7 working days. I am still waiting for money that I was promised. This company needs to be investigated. I will warn as many people as I can to stay away.


Don't trust the tradesmen reviews displayed on Hipages - they only include positive reviews on the site.

I engaged a tradesman based on the reviews on Hipages. He was rude and overcharged and I reviewed accordingly. When I checked back I found my review had not been published. I asked why and was told that Hipages "do not have the option of to leave negative feedback" and that "we deal with all complaints internally" and finally "someone from our Trust and Quality team will be in touch". It is now one month later and nobody from the Trust and Quality team has contacted me.

I believe it is fundamentally dishonest to show reviews when only positive reviews are included. I also think it is impossible for the Trust & Quality team to monitor the performance of the thousands of tradesmen on Hipages.



This company has no credibility , terrible for tradies , they lie , promise you the world and deliver nothing, they let anyone post jobs even when they don’t exist, extremely expensive to be on the website, cost tradies a heap to be on the site , don’t return credits when you don’t even get a chance to quote on the job , there system is to sign people up and offer no customer service


$5,000 Damage Still Not Repaired Since December 2018

Hi Dimity,
I sent my most recent message to you on Monday.
I was wondering if you could confirm that you have received it.
It may not be clear exactly how to proceed to resolve this issue yet but I would like to be reassured that the email has been received and Hipages will honour the trust and quality of the tradespeople they take advertising dollars from. As you know, I am severely disabled, bedridden. My home has been unsafe since December 2018 due to HiPages tradesperson destruction. Both lots of gating systems and my fencing has been rendered in effective by the Hipages tradesperson as well as lots of other damage. The site is dangerous and has been dangerous since December 2018. There is surveillance of the Hipages tradie doing the damage to my home. I need more Hipages support in regards to this issue. Obviously the $5,000 damages the Hipages did will not go away despite all my best efforts over the past 5 1/2 months. If anything, given my home has been left vulnerable from the Hipages damage, it is continuing to deteriorate since the quote 5 1/2 months ago. I really want to work with Hipages with this yet my phonecalls and emails are not returned. The area is unsafe and Hipages made it unsafe and I am unable to make it safe despite my best efforts, Hipages may be leaving themselves open legally should someone get injured with the degree of damage Hipages caused, not responded to and not repaired. I will cooperate fully with any fair, reasonable and legal resolution. I am interested in getting this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.


Customer service terrible

So many times I have paid to get a number and the client don’t answer so I’ve tried to get a refund and hi pages say no. Really Bad service.

Fencing Contractors

We highly recommend Zubair Azizi and Aman of Dunlop Fencing for fencing work around your property. Their work was very good, and they were always very obliging and honest. They give great value for money.

Will never us again.

I hired ATD Gardening as they were the only one supplied by Hipages and they had good feedback. Big mistake. I tried to leave appropriate feedback on Hipages so as to help others but could not. They would not accept anything other than positive feedback which is giving consumers incorrect information. Shame on Hipages.


Always fast service

i could not use yr.services for last times while the quotes were not combatible!
Why i have to write 30 words, if i have nothing more to say to cumplish your requirement!!!!!!


We have been offerd a $300 plan to try now after trying they mention we are in verbal contract all the leads they provide are not good such a big ripoff to small business


Be warned.

I received 2 abusive telephone messages from contractors after I did not proceed with the work. I advised all contractors within hours of them registering their interest. Circumstances change. They were charged $40 by hipages.


As a tradie

I have been with Hipages for 7 months now "Top Security Albury". There aren't many leads and if there is are cheap CCTV they purchased and expected installed for chips?
Advertising on any site in business is a risk.
But today day I had "Hipages" ringing me trying to sell me a 3 year package for $400, with better deal. I asked if I could transfer my current package to see if worth it? The supervise tried pushing me into signing up, I said he had big balls even ring me with the leads I have had and I wasn't going to sent $400 with them. [name removed] replied I am going to cancel your subscription. Well I'm not getting any work out of Hipage!
And if didn't get your slick sales team ring me today I wouldn't have done the review.
Well done Hipages keep up the good work? or be more reasonable with your tradies.


Electric Gate Problem

Placed a call with Hi-pages as per usual, waited a 3 days no responses came, so I contacted Hi-pages for further now urgent assistance, still no takers, ended up finding my own service provider.

Job well done.

We needed a renderer to repair our cracked cement in our front entrance.Gary from AGlow
was friendly quick to come over & gave us a quote as we were happy with the price he
started soon after & did an excellent job wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

This is perfect

After contacting Hi pages I was contacted by by Max from Starwoods timber flooring. He has done an amazing job laying our laminate flooring. I found Max to be polite, punctual and extremely hard working. He takes a lot of pride in his work and I would not hesitate to recommend him in the future.


Extremely frustrating

I placed an add for a tiler, to tile 50 square meters , I supplied the tiles , the eventual tiler I chose was not the cheapest but he seemed to know what he was talking about so he said I will start Tuesday, I asked do you have an offsider yes but he’s not reliable, the agreement was 7 days from start to finish he agreed, on the first day he was on the job about 3 hours the rest on his phone or at lunch this continued for the next 6 days , then on the 2nd day he asked if I minded him drinking on the job, I said yes I do mind so he went to the pub/club for lunch and came back intoxicated to a point of slurring words etc, and then started to sneakily bring beer with him each day , this guy almost drove my family and i insane , this guy told me the 7 day deadline was going to be tight of course it was tight when you only do 3 solid hours of work a day, overall I have never been so frustrated, he constantly intentionally interrupted me and mine with frivolous rubbish comments and conversation about how good he was and what a great job he was doing , the bottom line was just do a good job and tile the floor nothing else. Finally he did a good job but damn that was the longest 8 DAYS of my life, I honestly could not recommend this tiler to anyone unless they where aware of his ongoing behaviour before hand, at the start I told him do a good job and you can do the rest of the house, but no, not a chance in hell, [name removed], regards Derrek , p.s. during the job after quoting he changed the size of spacers he was going to use and asked me for extra $$$


Hi pages advertising company

I wouldn't recommend this company HI PAGES for tradies to advertise
Rip off merchants.... mentioning thousands of calls though these guys
and charge very expensive leads if you win job or not.
Disgraceful!!!!!! :-( :-(

Ultimate Painting Co. (Ballarat)

Keegan and team at Ultimate painting Co have done great work on repainting our place in Ballan .
Their work is very neat and the finish is nice beyond our expectations.
In addition they were time efficient, competitively priced
friendly, professional and reliable.


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