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4.7 from 1,360 reviews

The website was very easy to navigate.

I booked in a service and it was very quick and the prices appeared to be competitive. I haven't had the service yet but the booking process was very quick and efficient.

Professional service

Very thorough in assessing the car and letting us know what needed fixing. Fast and professional service. Rotated tyres as part of the service which other places have not been doing.


Excellent service

Very professional and friendly service, my windscreen was replaced while at work very quickly at half the price. Will definitely recommend auto guru and be using again in the future. Thank you


Excellent customer service

Replaced car windscreen. buisness was very easy to deal with. Done a great job. And they were half the price of there opposition. I will definately be using them again

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Hey Salty, Thanks for the awesome review! We're happy to hear one of our friendly and professional mechanics could help with your windscreen replacement. If you haven't already, be sure to leave the mechanic a review, we're sure they'd love to hear your great feedback. Check your emails for an invite to review them directly. Thanks again! - The AutoGuru Team

Nice service

A little reward would be nice as the girl was really helpful in getting me to connected to the mechanic .
So I gave five stars now it's up to mechanic and hopefully car is done

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Hey Amit, Thanks for the great 5-star review! We're glad we could provide such a positive and hassle-free booking experience for your car service or repair needs. - The AutoGuru Team

This is perfect. I did not know it existed until today.

This website saved me money! Although it was not easy to edit once you’d selected a garage etc I would definitely use it again and recommend to friends and family.

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Hey Ruth, Thanks for the recommendation and for providing some great feedback! We're always looking at ways we can improve. If you'd like to help us with this, please send more information about your experience to contactus@autoguru.com.au. Thanks again Ruth, we look forward to seeing you again! - The AutoGuru Team

So quick and easy

Love it. Was so happy I didn’t have to ring 50 different mechanics to get a quote they were listed for me. It was All done in 2 minutes and I could do it after hours when I have time and actually remember what I need haha.

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Hey Lia, That's what we're all about at AutoGuru; making the booking process quick, easy and hassle-free for our customers. We're glad you enjoyed the experience, thanks for the awesome 5-star review! - The AutoGuru Team

Quick and easy. Quote first thing the next day

Multiple quotes in a short amount of time. Once received followed the bouncing ball and I was booked in for my car service. Would definitely recommend. 5 star rating from me

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Hey Arran, Thanks for leaving an awesome 5-star review! At AutoGuru, we love making the booking process quick and hassle-free for our customers. We're glad you had such a positive experience! - The AutoGuru Team

Very happy customer

Mechanic was great, explained everything so I could understand and price was affordable! Highly recommend. So much easier having your car serviced at home, and comes with warranty! Will be using again!

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Hey Melissa, Thanks for the great review! We're glad to hear one of our friendly and helpful mobile mechanics provided such a great car service experience. We look forward to seeing you next time! - The AutoGuru Team

Always dependable

Appreciate how they are always on top of things.
Calls, sms and emails to get a hold of me for a booking that needed rescheduling due to power outage at workshop. Given new day/time for booking, and they were able to confirm it with ease.
They also suggested the more convenient and cheaper service, due to the age of my car - thank you!
Definitely lets me worry about other things happening around in life, instead.

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Hey Jaye, What a fantastic review, thank you! Our friendly customer support team are always here to ensure the booking process is nice and easy for our customers. We're glad you had such a great and worry-free booking experience! - The AutoGuru Team

Easy booking and efficient service.

Needed to get our car serviced before a long trip up North. Enquired on AutoGuru and got a quote instantly, book and pay easily. Competitive price, particularly for a mobile service!

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Hey Noisymooh, Thanks for the awesome 5-star review! That's what we're all about at AutoGuru; making the booking process easy and hassle-free, whilst connecting you to awesome mechanics. Thanks again! - The AutoGuru Team

Easy to use booking site

Easy to price and view local garages near me and simple to book a date and time to suit me. I will definitely use this site again to book my logbook services

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Hey Mel, Thanks for the great review! We're happy to hear you had an awesome experience booking a local mechanic for your logbook service. We look forward to helping you out next time! - The AutoGuru Team

Seamless booking experience

Loved how someone called me and was so helpful. Nothing was too much trouble everything was seamless
Very professional conversation and friendly interaction
Thank you
Great deal at the place I chose too.

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Hey Cheryl, Our friendly customer support team are always happy to help make the booking process, quick and hassle-free. Thanks for leaving the great feedback! - The AutoGuru Team


So easy to book, afterpay makes things so much easier and more affordable and I LOVE all the little free extras like car wash, vacuum and a $10 Uber voucher!

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Hey Ally, Thanks for the awesome 5-star review! We're glad to hear you had an easy and hassle-free booking experience, that's what we're all about at AutoGuru! We look forward to helping you with your next car service or repair needs. - The AutoGuru Team

AutoGuru is good but mechanics are still expensive

Providing atleast three quotes at once would make it more competitive. I mean to say something like hipages made for tradesperson. Need more improvement I believe. Hope will get the best in the market. Am giving 5 star with a hope you would improve and be the best and I Do not want to downgrade your stars

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Hey Dipen, Thanks for putting your faith in us and providing some great feedback. We're constantly looking at ways we can improve, so keep an eye out! - The AutoGuru Team

Not a bad service

They missed something and terry was more then happy to resolve it straight away.overall a pretty good service and very good with time nice and speedy good work from all.

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Hey Peter, Thanks for leaving a great review! We're happy to hear one of our awesome mechanics went the extra mile to ensure you had a positive experience. - The AutoGuru Team

So Easy to book

It was so easy to book and helpful
Had crappy ph line call me back as said have used auto guru before and always booking sevice grrrrrrrr mateeeee keep up the good work thanx

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Hey John, Thanks for the great review! At AutoGuru, we love making the booking process easy and hassle-free for our customers. We're glad you had a great experience and look forward to helping with your future car servicing or repair needs. - The AutoGuru Team

Car Service Booking

Really easy site to navigate and pick the mechanic you want. So easy to scroll down and look at the differing prices. Payment terms were explained in full and our confirmation was nearly immediate.

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Hey Brett, Thanks for using AutoGuru to book your car service and for leaving a top 5-star review! It's great to hear you had an awesome experience booking with us. Thanks again! - The AutoGuru Team

Customer service

The customer service I received from you guys was excellent, for the work you have done to get my car serviced using after pay , specially when you try to make ends meet.

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Hey Circe, Thanks so much for the awesome 5-star review! We're glad to hear you had a wonderful booking experience with our friendly customer support team. We look forward to helping you book your next car service or repair with AutoGuru. - The AutoGuru Team

Great app!

The app offered several options in suppliers for the job and with reviews and ratings from customers that made it so much easier to choose one to service my vehicle.

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Hey JeepWill, Thanks for the great review! The AutoGuru app certainly makes booking your car service easy and hassle-free, especially when you're on the go. - The AutoGuru Team

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Questions & Answers

Why are all the reviews dated 3 months ago? Also, what is the point of your service, if you don't bother finding mechanics that accept afterpay? Your quote to unhappy customers, who were denied afterpay, after work was done on their car: "As we are just the booking site for mechanics, they are free to choose the payment types they accept." Why promote a service you don't provide??
3 answers
Many happy customers dont leave a positive review which is difficult for the company. By all means the staff was more than helpful and took care of my individual needs. I applied for a quote on sunday then on Monday i received a call to book my inspection for Thursday. I cant be any happier!Hi Enquiring Minds, Cheers for the question! If you head over to our review page, you'll see a grey box that says 'Sort by', if you select 'Newest' in this box, you'll see all our most recent reviews! You'll be happy to see that we've got new reviews from happy customers coming through every day. Yep, you're right! Whilst a large amount of mechanics on our platform have taken up the awesome opportunity to offer customers Afterpay through AutoGuru, not all have jumped on board. At the end of the day our response stands true, businesses on AutoGuru are in complete control of the payment methods they cater for, and that's cool with us! But rest assured if you want Afterpay, our team will happily help find you a local mechanic that offers it. We do our best to help you identify which mechanics offer Afterpay before you book, but we understand that sometimes it doesn't always work, which we're bummed about. BUT don't worry because we are working on making sure similar situations don't happen in the future through the use of clearer messaging! Thanks once again for reaching out and leaving your feedback, it's awesome! - The AutoGuru teamSo the mechanics used by AutoGuru are not employees but contractors. This is explains a lot and confirms me fears. However fortunately it does not absolve AuroGuru legally.

Hi I need to go get my car aircon regassed but I need to do after pay is there any places in perth that provides these services
1 answer
Hi Mathew, great question and we'd love to help! If you'd like to give us a call on 1300 655 661 OR send an email to contactus@autoguru.com.au, we can definitely help you find a local mechanic that offers Afterpay. Thanks so much for reaching out.

Where is the closest garage to get my car service? I’m in kellyville
3 answers
Hey Sue, Follow this link to find mechanics close to Kellyville! https://www.autoguru.com.au/mechanics/nsw/sydney/kellyville Thanks for the message, - The AutoGuru team.Re-reading AutoGuru's website I now see all the old advertising tricks used such as : "Transparent pricing, no surprises." This is non-nonsensical as it just means the price is quoted when the mechanic inspects the car. Of course it's not a surprise- might be a shock though.Also- what is AutoGuru's hourly fee?