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Rhodes P.

Rhodes P.

  • 7 reviews

Focused Grease Buster


Ajax Spray and Wipe is the perfect product for household cleaning as it's anti-bacterial and rips through dirt and stains. Dissolves grease in seconds. Ajax Spray and Wipe is the best product i have used around the home, and I would recommend Spray and Wipe to everyone



  • 12 reviews

Can’t Live without this product


I simply love this product. Cleans the toughest grime and is simple to use. Affordability is the most information thing for me and Ajax is just that I can not fault this product I just love it.. highly recommended

Want to buy more


Can't find this anywhere in any of my local HB supermarkets. Where can I buy it??? Love the product, particularly the smell. Tried others but not as good. Only want Violet & Apple Blossom



  • 3 reviews
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Kills insects


Kills ants and mosquitos. Was wondering what in the ingredients did this and if it was harmful to humans?
Lactic Acid Natural antibacterial agent
Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate Cleaning agent
Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether Cleaning solvent
Alcohols, C10-12, Ethoxylated Cleaning agents
Ethanol Cleaning solvent
Sodium Laureth Sulphate Cleaning agent
Fragrance Pleasant Scent
Sodium Hydroxide pH adjuster



  • 2 reviews

This product does the job well.


I don't want my bathroom, laundry and toilet to smell like violets and apple or any other exotic aroma.
Just want good old fashion smell of 'Clean' Ocean Fresh suited extremely well. So PLEASE bring it back.

Poor quality


Wipes are so thin it is impossible to remove just 1 wipe at a time. The perforations mean every wipe breaks in two when attempting to get them out of the packet and as they break and tear so easily you waste a third of the wipes just getting started. Absolute waste of money and I will not be buying again.



  • 2 reviews

Very disappointed


I am a cleaner and I have always used this product and have never had an issue. I always buy it by the carton full. The last two boxes I have purchased the triggers have not worked on any of them. Have even started buying them from different supermarkets and still the triggers will not work. I have to squeeze the triggers several times and squeeze the bottle at the same time. Very frustrating and disappointing as I really like your product...



  • 7 reviews
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Cleans tiles smooth


It works well in kitchen and bathroom sinks and tiles are smooth and smells clean after spraying. It removes dirt, grime and moldy portions easily and leaves a clean smell. I just don't like that it leaves a sticky feeling when I spray too much of the product on tiles and other kitchen surfaces.

tanny south aussie

tanny south aussieadelaide

  • 4 reviews

Divine blends . Violet and apple blossom smells and clean is awesome


I always use the ajax spray and wipe line but this smell is amazing and it lingers, makes the whole room smell awesome for hours and cleans just as well as the others in the ajax range

Krystal P

Krystal PMelbourne

  • 5 reviews

Buyers Beware


I purchased to clean up kitchen and cooktop. this product smells fantastic but it rubbed off all my decals on my cooktop :-( I thoughts it was safe and mild enough to use but clearly no. I now only use it on hard surfaces.



  • 9 reviews

Leaves surfaces sticky and streaky


I bought this as a general purpose cleaner for my benches, table, etc. it leaves my benches feeling sticky and I cleaned my fridge and microwave doors with it and they were cloudy and streaky. Going back to good old hot soapy water! The only good thing about it is the smell.

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Simon J.

Simon J.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Citric Acid is contained in this Product - Will damage Engineered Stone Benchtops


Good Product for Cleaning though the Citric Acid will damage the Stone Benchtop Surface over a period of time

Great for General Cleaning of other surfaces

Dont use on STONE BENCHTOP especially Caesarstone Benchtops

K Kennett

K KennettWoorinen South

  • 3 reviews

ajax spray n wipe basin and toilet


Wipes get into crevices, but need several wipes to do good cleaning. Difficult to remove from package, like cheap baby wipes.Thin and tear easy when removing. Package states wipes are large, but each are small.


ANGIE CQueensland, 4124

  • 94 reviews

Gleaming Results


I became hooked on this product - Ajax Spray n’ Wipe 5 in 1 multipurpose, after a bottle was left behind by a friend. It works beautifully and economically, leaving no smears, smudges or residue, it leaves a fresh fragrance, has a refill bottle option as the spray nozzle works without replacing the whole item!

Even though I consider all these cleaning, anti-bacterial products gimmicky as they do not replace “elbow grease”; to rid surfaces of hidden built up grim, I do find Ajax Spray n’ Wipe useful ‘after’ a well cleaned kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc.
No smears, smudges or residue. Refill & Save

Ant killer!


I got home from work and ants had invaded my house for a speck of sugar lol I sprayed multipurpose ajax spray and wipe to try to break the fermone trail and upon touching the ants they promptly died! I have never seen anything kill amts like that! And it's a pretty good cleaner too!

Smell very strong...

Great multipurpose spray


I really like the citrusy smell. I find this a great general purpose cleaner and use it on most surfaces as a quick fresh fix. I buy it in a Triple pack from Costco - Its great on greasy surfaces when used with paper towel and leaves a nice fresh smell in the air. I also use it on the bathroom surfaces.
cheap, nice smell
not great for old/deep dirt.

Ajax spray and wipe stone safe


Im very careful with cleaning my stone benchtops and was pleased to find your product as it was the only one i found that listed it was stone benchtop safe. So far i am very happy with the product although finding it difficult to buy. If it is discontinued, what is the stone safe alternative ?
Great product, great fragrance
Cannot source in supermarkets


Judyd41Sydney, NSW

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Great product


I love this product for cleaning my stone bench tops but I haven't been able to buy it lately. Has it been discontinued? It cleans well and leaves the house with a beautiful fresh clean smell unlike a lot of other cleaning products I have tried. I also like that it was specially designed for granite.
The fragrance was lovely.
I can't find it in the supermarket anymore!


Dianna51North of Sydney

  • 5 reviews

A Cleaning Kit Essentail


Ajax Spray n' Wipe is an essential product in my cleaning kit.
Use daily as a wipe over cleaning product in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and I also use it to mop the floors.
In my youth/backpacking I cleaned an OutBack Pub, they used to get large 20L bottles of S&W delivered and I was amazed how it coped with Pub grime and smells, especially the bar room floors !
From that experience I've used it ever since in my own homes and would not be without it.
Cleans and freshens all hard surfaces, nice citrus smell



  • 42 reviews



This Spray n Wipe is a great product and I think its essential to have in your home for general cleaning. I use it daily to wipe down the benches and table but also use it for a more thorough clean. I like the smell, its not to strong and I find it cleans and disinfects quite well. It also makes cleaning easier as you will find once you spray and wipe the bench it just comes clean straight away.
great smell, disinfects, kills germs and makes cleaning easier. A must have in my home!
can be expensive but most good cleaning products are

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I have been told this cleaner can be used inside the fridge. I would have thought that would be incorrect.

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Is this product safe to use in a regular basis, everyday 3 times a day without mask and gloves. Thank you!

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Is it possible to bring back the white hard container that used to be available with the wipes? Even if just for a promotion. They are extremely good and reusable.

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