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All Suburbs Strata Management

All Suburbs Strata Management

3.2 from 50 reviews

Unprofessional would not recommend at all!

Strata managers are rude! Do not respond to emails, sent email to our strata manager and never received response back, few issues that needs to be rectified in our building which I believe is also OH&S issue.

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Hi Abby, Thank you for bringing your dissatisfaction to my attention. The satisfaction of our clients is one of our top priorities, as is the safety of the residents who reside in the Owners Corporations we service. I would like to assist you by investigating the issue and trying to help resolve. If you could please email me the details to glenn@assm.net.au I would appreciate it. Regards Glenn

Worse Service Ever

We have been sending an emails to ASSM All suburb strata management [name removed], Calling them to followup, we do not get any reply for couple of weeks sometimes months, I have been complaining about bathroom leaking for months and months now. bathroom leaking were fixed first time after that it started leaking again now, I asked strata to follow up they came to me saying they does not get any reply from plumbers, I called plumber directly, he said he ha already informed strata so i need to contact strata, Everybody throwing balls to each others. They need to build a general rubbish bin bay for all units, everything has been approved and nothing has been done, it's been more then 6 months now.

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Hi Snehal, Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this problem to our attention and the subsequent conversations/correspondence that you have had with Matt to help resolve. I really appreciate the feedback and I am sorry to hear that we have let you down on this occasion, please accept my apologies. Matt will continue to assist in resolving these issues to your satisfaction. Regards Glenn

Jorge Gonzalez from ASSM

I am both and owner and an investor. I have dealt with many strata managers in the past 15 years.
The strata management industry is a tough one and it often receives a lot of criticism.
However, strata managers like Jorge Gonzalez from ASSM is part of the group that does give the industry a good name.
Jorge is a true professional who works hard to always work in the best interest of the Owners Corporation.
He is prompt in attending to issues, particularly when emergency repairs are in question.
Jorge is also very good at handling difficult situations and is very well versed in strata law.

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Hi Goran, Thank you for much for your feedback, we appreciate your support and loyalty. Regards Glenn

Professional, Prompt, Proactive well resourced.

I am a Landlord with three investment properties , two are apartments manged by ASSM the other a stand alone house.
My history with ASSM is a positive one, so positive i that i have convinced the owners from my positive dealings with ASSM on another building with which i own an apartment, to have ASSM manage!!
Tenants can be demanding, thankfully ASSM is extremely knowledgeable with legislation and able to handle delicate situations and keep all parties happy.
Secondly, when things do become sour, i find ASSM well prepared and able to resolve amicably the drama's at hand in a timely manner and again making it as drama free as possible.
Remember like cars, some buildings can be a lemon, undertake your due diligence of WHO the builder is, their history and even check the Builders ASIC status. ASSM is a strata company NOT a building repairer.
ASSM also have a good contractors base at hand to sort out the odd jobs and repairs at reasonable fair rates and thus far i cannot fault the workmanship to date.
Everyone is busy in this city and i find at times, time poor...though i find ASSM in particular Jorge Gonzalez deliver on the dates he promises and when you have a tenant knocking on the door to NCAT i find ASSM delivers on the dates requested and provides a status update to keep the wolves at bay!!
I seldom use people at random as i've been burnt many times before, hence you have to earn your stripes with me BEFORE i speak positively about you and refer you to colleagues and friends. ASSM were the incumbent strata manager on my first apartment acquisition with which performed with distinction for many years before i convinced the strata owners of my second apartment.
Nothing is drama free regarding an investment property, though ASSM thus far have managed all these dramas in a professional and timely manner and more importantly have never let you second guess or left you high and dry without a status update. People generally realise and accept these dramas and there is a time deficit to resolve them. All that anyone wants is an update and knowledge when a resolution is in sight!!
No reward, no back hand payment, good people and organisations need to be acknowledged.

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Hi Marco, Thank you very much for taking the time to rate us and share your comments, they are greatly appreciated. Do not hesitate to ever let me know if there is any assistance I can provide or suggestions on how we can better serve our valued clients. Regards Glenn

Professional service

Friendly knowledgeable staff. We recently had some issues with problem tenants and their diplomatic advice resolved the problems before they degenerated. Repairs too have always been dealt with promptly.

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Hi Robbie, Thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it. I will share this with the team, they will be delighted. Regards Glenn

Extremely poor service

So many issues with this Company that I would never recommend anyone to go with them. If you read all the reviews in past history you will note so many others are unsatisfied and appalled by their service. I am still waiting on responses from months ago and the property managers/directors obviously don't care even though they will reply on this site with positive responses to look good.

Hi Rose, I would like to assist in helping you resolve your problem. If you could please provide us with some more details of which property and the problem by emailing either matt@assm.net.au or glenn@assm.net.au that would be great. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards GlennEmails are being ignored! After 6months of asking the same questions, we are still waiting for a response. Emails should be attended to in a timely fashion and residents shouldn't have to constantly chase up emails. Very unprofessional and show NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. Disgusted by ASSM's approach. They take your money and don't care about anything else. The truth will be revealed shortly! Matt, as the Director, maybe you should communicate with your staff better so you would know the issues and how your employees are handling things.

Service is Excellent

I have been dealing with ASSM for over 15 years. The staff always go above and beyond in particular Rose. Her service is amazing.

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Thank you Vinny for your great comments! We sincerely appreciate your support. Rose will be delighted. Regards Glenn

Very Poor Service

I have been complaining about some repairs needed in my unit to the Liverpool office of ASSM but so far haven't had them repaired. It looks like the company doesn't take care of their staff properly - that may be the reason staff don't care. After many phone calls and e-mails for the last six months, the repairs have not been attended to. My next step is to complain to the Fair Trading Dept, NSW.
If you have a choice, don't use ASSM for your property.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out regarding a problem with repairs. I would like to help to resolve the problem, can you please email matt@assm.net.au with your address details so we can investigate your specific issue to enable us to assist? Regards MattThanks for finally contacting me and responding to my concerns. Hopefully, as you promised the repairs will be done soon. If you check your e-mails, or talk to your property managers they will be able to give you my address details and specific issues. I will keep you copied with all e-mails as I have done in the past and also let you know once the defects are rectified.

Rude, uncaring, unresponsive

I inform the strata manager face to face about a repair issue - a disdainful attitude in response, whatever.

Issue is ignored despite her having said “she’ll look into it”

Follow up with email - I’m told they will not communicate with me in future, only with owner. Fair enough, but the wording was harsh, curt, and lacked basic customer service friendliness required as part of the job.

If you want attentive, friendly, and timely services, go elsewhere - you won’t get it here. (This is corroborated by all other tenants AND the owner).

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Hi Kroma, Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy. I would like to help resolve the matter and would ask that you email glenn@assm.net.au with your details so I can investigate the matter. Thank you, Glenn

14-day period for obtaining a strata report

Strata report was provided within the statutory 14-day period; the alternative: pay an extra $85! Worst service ever in my 32 years of practice in the industry! Appalling!

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Hello Vince, Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear that you feel you experienced poor service. It is important to note that the Section 184 certificate is issued by the Owners Corporation (Strata Plan 9853) in accordance with their agreement; in full compliance with the laws that govern Strata Plans in NSW, the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, that allows a 14 day delivery; and, as you expressed was actually delivered within the statutory compliant time-frame. However I was interested to understand the reason behind the poor review further. Upon investigation I found that following your initial request for the aforementioned report, our office responded in 3.5 hours confirming payment options and the processing time frame including an option to pay an additional fee to obtain the report within 24hrs, should the matter be time sensitive. A reply was received by you thanking our office for the prompt response however the urgency option was not acknowledged or undertaken and upon confirmation receipt of payment, our office again confirmed with you, the report due date. Following our confirmation email, our office received a response from you with an ultimatum to either send the report by COB that day or the matter will be reported by you to Fair Trading. I feel it is prudent to point out that one of the main reasons behind the allocation of a 14 day time frame is due to the importance surrounding the accuracy and extensiveness of important information required to be completed on the report; and for this reason, is why a large majority of strata organisations request an additional urgency fee, to issue the report within a shorter time frame. Notwithstanding, in an attempt to avoid any dissatisfaction in future, feel free to contact matt@assm.net.au or glenn@assm.net.au

Worse Service

Worse service, would not recommend them as a strata manager. Be aware of this company and dealing with them. Thanks.

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Hi Greg T, I would be happy to assist is resolving any issues that you have and would appreciate if you could please email me your contact details to glenn@assm.net.au Regards Glenn

Satisfied with the service

ASSM exceeds my expectations as a Strata company. The manager of my estate goes beyond the call of duty by seeking out and following up on additional information for the benefit of the estate.
Disputes and complaints have always been handled in an efficient and timely manner.
All requested tasks and required responsibilities have been dealt with promptly. Existing rules within my estate are implemented across the board with no special privileges given, whether you are an owner or a renter.
Everyone is treated equally. When our Strata manager is on leave the assistant acknowledges all correspondence.
Management of ASSM work in collaboration with our Estate Committee members to ensure residents expectations are addressed.
After dealing with a copious amount of issues with our previous Strata, the move to hire ASSM has proven to be the right choice.

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Hi Tom, Thank you very much for taking the time to review our service, your comments are sincerely appreciated. We strive to deliver a professional service to our clients built on strong ethics and integrity. Regards Glenn


I have found Christine Freels to be a very knowledgeable, highly experienced and professional strata manager in my dealings with her. She is also very easy to work with.

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Hi Mike, Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your feedback, the excellent rating is sincerely appreciate, Christine will be delighted! Regards Glenn

Rude, nasty, expensive

ASSM is a horrible business. As an owner within an estate, which ASSM manage, it is appalling to see how this company, our strata manager in particular treats myself and other owners within the same estate. The rudeness and sheer disgusting behaviour this company prides themselves on is utterly disturbing. I no longer get answered via emails or phone calls, as our manager believes that 'I am too rude' I find this interesting she can judge someone so clearly by only words. This woman has never met me, nor even spoken to me or my husband, she goes on to tell other owners that she will not speak to me because of my rudeness. So, she is saying I am rude and judging me towards others...great person she is...Well, I don't want to pay her or her incompetent company because of their rudeness. How dare a company refuse to deal with issues within the estate, which I and others continue to bring up, just because she doesn't want to. Not one of my many emails have been rude, I have never sworn at anyone, told anyone off; I am just a very frustrated owner, because the strata company, ASSM, refuses to email me back. I have multiple emails that have never received an answer, and my husband, who called late 2017, just after this company took over, has yet to receive a phone call back. He was screened and told our manager would call back...5 months on, we are still waiting for that phone call. That's just plan wrong. She takes these members words for things, without seeing the bigger picture. An estate, which she is meant to be managing is crumbling. Great managerial skills...
This behaviour is disgusting, wrong and shouldn't be tolerated.. Pull your head out ASSM and keep a close eye on your managers, because this one in particular needs to go back to the books and learn how to get people skills, and deal with problems properly. Not just not answer complaints or issues.

Hi Juliette, I have looked into your comments and it would appear that a trigger in part for your review is that you are upset over the Community Associations direction, according to the By-laws that govern it, that it is not permissible to have a caravan in your front yard. The role of a strata and community manager is to assist associations in the day to day running of their scheme and take direction from the collective owners pursuant to general meetings and the Executive Committee on a day to day basis. We do not make the decisions, we assist the owners in executing decisions and complying with the law. It is disappointing that adults can not discuss matters calmly, agree to disagree, reach an agreement on the issues at hand without having to resort to bullying or intimidating tactics. It is not part of our role to be abused, bullied or intimidated by anyone and we can not stand for that type of behaviour being displayed against any of our team. We value the relationship that we have with the owners corporations and community associations that we manage and we do pride ourselves on providing excellent service. Regards GlennHello Glen I am very confused as to what caravan 'trigger' you are talking about, for some reason you and the manager think we have a caravan??? We do not own, or have ever owned a caravan. But this is a prime example, of the break down in communication with this company...we have been ignored by your manager, because she believes we are upset with a caravan letter???? Again, we never recieved a letter, because we don't own a caravan...so all your managers decisions to ignore my emails about things within the estate that need management have been ignored because your company has no idea who they are speaking to. Even though on multiple occasions I have given my name and lot number. Regards JulietteHi Juliette, Thank you for your further comments. If you feel as though I have not addressed your concerns, please email me at glenn@assm.net.au and provide me with more information as I would be happy to assist further. Regards Glenn

Lack of Communication

I have a unit in Western Sydney, I have had issues with maintenance within communal areas. I have sent several emails to your office with few responses, and there is nobody available to speak to therefore I don't have anyone to converse with to solve my issues. there is a lack of communication within the company.

Hi Louise, I would be happy to assist and would appreciate if you could please email me your contact details to glenn@assm.net.au Regards GlennHi Louise, Unfortunately I still have not heard from you and can not locate you in our customer database. Please contact me so I can assist. Regards Glenn

Strata Managers

ASSM has been the Strata Management company attending to this complex since we purchased here. They are trustworthy, competent, responsive to our requests, prompt to act and good communicators. We are appreciative of their efforts.

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Thank you JPM! The feedback is really appreciated, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Regards Glenn glenn@assm.net.au

Strata Service

Very committed, proactive and extremely patient in difficult circumstances. Has a great deal of knowledge of rules & regulations regarding strata law. Always willing to help, keep up the good work.

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Hi Mick, Thank you for your great rating and comments, the team will be delighted. We sincerely appreciate the time taken and should there be any way we can better serve you please let me know. Regards Glenn glenn@assm.net.au

Great company

My strata manager had been very cooperative with me and always tries he's best to help sort out issues on our property. Keep up the good work Andy!

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Good Morning Hien, Thank you for taking the time submit a review. I am delighted that you happy with our service. Andy will be really pleased to get this positive feedback, it really makes the dedication and hard work worthwhile. Regards Glenn

High Recommendation

ASSM have been my strata managers for 9 years and they have been helpful, communicative and organised to ensure the building runs smoothly and enjoyably. they have also gone above and beyond to facilitate a complex and highly technical process for the owners to maximise use of the building. I highly recommend this company for any building.

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Hi Jay, Thank you so much for taking the time to provide these great comments. We really appreciate the feedback, the team at ASSM could not be more thrilled. Regards Glenn glenn@assm.net.au

Highly recommended

I have dealt with a few Strata Management companies and ASSM are by far the best. Extremely patient and go out of their way to assist. Nothing is too hard.. just remember if you want your Strata Management company to help you take the time to get to know your Strata Manager and that will tell you everthing you need to know. Looking to get ASSM onboard with my other property too.

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Nathan, Thank you so much for your praise, we sincerely appreciate it! Do not hesitate to let me know if we can ever assist further. Regards Glenn glenn@assm.net.au

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Questions & Answers

It blows my mind how you are still in business? We live in Fair Water Gardens Estate, I think we should change the Name of the Estate to Andrew and Igors concentration camp , Also the Strata Company name should change to No Suburbs Strata Management !!
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Hi Planning to buy a property, linked with ASSM. Based on reviews it is apparent to me, when there are some expenditure ASSM is fast and helpful, but when when it is just matter of implementation of law ASSM is slow and hesitant and rude in handling telephone manner. How can I be assured they are great in service?
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Hello Saima, Thank you for the opportunity to provide you a response to your query. As you would understand, reviews can be very useful for the consumer, however often the whole story is not always portrayed. Our office deals with thousands of clients each month and we take pride in the service that we provide to them. Our role as strata managers is to take direction from and assist in enforcing the decisions and rules that the Owners Corporation has determined, in compliance with the laws that govern strata living. At times this does put us in the middle between an individual and the Owners Corporation. You will see that on reviews posted we always respond to a review (Good or Bad) and in circumstances where there is an issue, we will always attempt to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Unfortunately in the majority of circumstances when I respond to a review, I rarely receive a response back nor any further information to assist with rectifying the issue, of which the customer has brought to my attention. We are a family operated business and we have been operating for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on all aspects of customer service. We are a company that believes in building strong relationships with all of our clients and our business continues to grow on the back of these principles. Owners Corporations make their own choice to employ our services to assist them in administering the strata plan in accordance with the agreement we sign with them. In the event that a rare occurrence occurs where they are not happy, then we work to resolve the issue. I understand that businesses can always state how wonderful they are, but either myself or one of our team are always happy to discuss any concerns over the phone or in person. I hope this assist you. Regards, Glenn

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