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Great service

We had a lot of issues with the original builder and our previous strata manager before. Netstrata helped us terminating our contract with the previous strata manager and also helped us sort out the mess the previous manager left behind. George always gives us useful advice and he is quick with response and action. Switching to Netstrata was the best decision we made and we are very happy with their service.

Fast service

We made a request for a section 184 Certificate with Net Strata on Monday and were provided with the certificate via email by Wednesday - very efficient. Very prompt service from Melissa.

Outstanding service

Always a pleasure to deal with & always receive outstanding service and help from my strata manager (George. H) at Netstrata. Thanks again for all your help, time and for following through with all.

Thank you Sailesh of Netstrata

Sailesh has been very responsive and helpful with managing our new building and strata scheme. From small to big issues, he has been of great assistance helping to resolve them as soon as possible.

Recently after months long process, through his persistence and determination he helped to effect repairs for a building design fault under builders warranty. The fault wasn't insignificant in impact and otherwise costly to remedy outside of warranty provisions.

Melissa is 5 Star

Melissa has been a contact for quite some time and she has always been professional, pleasant and helpful. I love her work. Thank you for being wonderful, Melissa May. You are an asset to Netstrata.

Keep up the good work

If ever you are looking for a strata company to manage your property I would have no hesitation in recommending NetStrata. The main reason for my recommendation is my property manager George. Always responsive and gets the job done , nothing is ever an effort .He is a problem solver.

Extremely efficient

I deal with Netstrata on a regular basis as I am on the committee of my Body Corporate. Dealing with George H is always a pleasure, he is responsive to my calls and a good problem solver. He is the best Manager we have had since we started with Netstrata 20 years ago

Professional and Outstanding Service

Dealing with Netstrata on a constant basis, I have found their service to be very prompt and of high regard.
Especially dealing with George H and Suzi B has been an absolute pleasure over the last few years.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Netstrata to anyone looking for a strata company.

verbal update

Melissa was very friendly and solved my query in a minute. At my last minute call she sent the written confirmation very quickly. Thanks alot Melissa and keep up your good work!

Great Customer Experience!!

Melissa, you are Awesome, thanx for all ur help and support, it was a great professional service experience, u have made my startup process so simple. Thanx, a lot again and really appreciate all ur efforts.

Excellent customer service - George Hatzigeorgiou

I am so glad to write this review for George our strata manager.
I feel very lucky to have him looking after us as he goes above and beyond for his clients.
He is always empathetic, efficient, prompt and helpful with attending to our various issues and providing us with useful options in a very professional manner. His help has reduced so much of our stress around our property and area.

I am very impressed with his excellent customer service.

Great customer service - Liesl Biles

I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service provided to my Strata Scheme by Liesl Biles.
It never matters if an issue is big or small, Liesl is always available to assist and handles all matters professionally and impartially.
Liesl is quick to respond to any query and is always friendly and happy to assist.

First class strata management service

We had a lot of issues with the original builder and our previous strata manager before. Netstrata helped us terminating our contract with the previous managing company and also helped us sort out the mess the previous manager left behind. George always gives us useful advice and he is quick with response and action. Switching to Netstrata was the best decision we made and I am very happy with their service.

Thank you!

Quick transaction. Melissa May made things easy. There are a few more steps down the road, but I am not expecting any complications. Thank you again for the promptness and diligence.

Finally we have the right person to manage our apartment complex

Was thinking about switching to another strata company, however George our new strata manager who came aboard back in Jun 2018, he has been putting lot of effort solving problems which the previous strata manager couldn't. George keeps deliver his service at very high standard, our email enquiries get turned around a lot quicker. Doesn't matter if its small or big issue, George will handles professionally.

Very Efficient and Helpful

Melissa was very efficient and helpful. She responded quickly to my query and assisted me. She also is very accurate with the information she provided to me. I appreciate how she comes back to us with an email update on the s184 Certificate. That way we have it in writing.


Melissa is fabulous to deal with!
Melissa is always quick and efficient, nothing is ever too hard. Melissa is an asset to Netstrata and ensures everyone's needs are met within a quick timeframe. Pleasure to deal with.

Great service - Liesl Biles

I have been a part of a strata plan for 7 years that is managed by Liesl Biles. This was my very first ownership so over time I have sure had some questions (and sometimes random ones) about issues that arise within the apartment and building in general. Liesl is very efficient and response at all times, no question every seems a silly one with her. Whether it is via email, phone or in person she is always friendly and happy to help you. I really appreciate having someone so approachable and happy to provide you with the right building guidance.

Very Helpful, Sorted Out the Problems!

My elderly mother has recently taken over the responsibility of managing my parents' financial affairs. She hadn't realised that their strata levy payments were 2 quarters in arrears! I phoned Chris Lagana at NetStrata and he was both understanding and VERY helpful in sorting out their overdue levy payments problem.
I really appreciated how he quickly attended to the matter and helped to take the stress away. Mum & Dad have always been prompt with their payments before and this is another area of life where assistance is required.
Chris explained the payment cycle, amounts and when invoices are sent out, so now I can help her to set up a plan to keep everything up-to-date.
Many thanks for all your help, Chris!

Unparalleled Service

As a member of a Strata Committee for many years I have come to realise that apart from the daily routine necessities of managing the Strata... it is when something unforeseen happens and the "chips are down" that separates a good Strata Manager from an excellent one. Ryan Hewit from Netstrata has given our Strata scheme unparalleled service and Ryan and his team have the breadth and depth of knowledge to navigate efficiently and professionally through any circumstances or situation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a "top notch" Managing Agent.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Net Strata, We live in the 140 Church Parramatta building. Why is it that one of the two lifts has now been broken for over 2 weeks and there is no notification by on its status and an ETA on its repair? When do you plan on doing that?
1 answer
Good afternoon RMPM, we were notified last Monday afternoon that Lift 2 was not working and after contacting Schindler we were informed that the pit for lift 2 was flooded. A quote was received last Thursday evening and approved on Friday morning to pump remove the water and carry out the repairs. At this stage we have no confirmation of a completion date as the lift pit and lift will need to be examined for cause and damage and repairs carried out once Schindler is back in touch with us. A notice was sent last week to inform residents re this and had been placed on the lift by the cleaner. I will follow this up with them and have the notice reissued. Regards, Paul Kingsman.

Netstrata, in your recent push to raise your rating here, why didnt you ask all your clients? Or did you only pick the ones that you knew would vote well? Deliberate interferance to improve your score?
11 answers
My personal experience has been extremely positive. Christine is very helpful and an exceptionally good manager. She takes the time to personally respond to any of my queries and she is always courteous, affable and good humoured even under pressure. I have a lot of respect for her and she is the best manager I have encountered. It's also worth noting that the vast majority of people who take the time to write reviews are usually disaffected or irritated. Of course there are also people like myself who are particularly happy and want to share their positive opinion in a forum. Everybody should consider that before being unduly influenced by comments on an online forum. However, I would like to restate that my experience of Christine and Netstrata is extremely positive.Thanks James, your response seems to be a blanket 'yay netstrata' one as per their recent drive (some of which are almost identical by the way, even though they are apparently from different people). Your answer isn't really an answer as it doesn't deal with the question. This website acknowledges that Netstrata asked their clients to review them. It wasn't all their clients and I was asking why despite regular contact with our building (massive works underway) we were not part of this drive?Yes, you are correct I was asked by Netstrata to undertake this feedback, which I have also done in the past on a number of occasions. I am very happy with my current manager, Paul and as stated it all boils down to the Manager you are appointed to look after your properties. In the past, Netstrata has had some managers that didn't really cut it. In the past when I have undertaken surveys for Netstrata and were not happy with the managers performance, I definately conveyed my thoughts.

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