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Alpha Finance
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Dont use this company!!

Everyone please this company is not good I'm warning you...
Supervisors speak to people in an utter disgusting way, will always Turn to Immobilising your car if they don't get there way...READ the real COMMENTS below....BEWARE Of this company I warn you....also if you get into a car accident and it wasn't your fault you still have to pay 2500, and if there paper work comes out right you may get back 1000??? Which isn't right..
Not happy with this place and will soon 've going to the ombudsmen..

Customer Service
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Customer Service

I was impressed by the customer service, the costs are great, the Alpha team were spot with my needs and I didn't get any hidden extras added upon my contract

Not impressed with the after service

At the start the staff where helpful and the first 3 months where going well, it took them a while to finally decide who the case manager was, then i was told that they audio record you when you go and pick up the car and sign the contract and use it against you, a when they want to communicate with you about a couple of days late payment because staff at the depot ticked the weekly payment box instead of the fortnightly repayments you will end up paying $50K for a used car, from what the mechanics at there the kmart service centre location stated that the car looked liked it was crashed and repaired, to top it off when you finance a car from Alpha car finance they do the American tactic and threaten you that they will immobilise the car which they are all fitted with as this has happen to a few people so all there cars are on demand locked, the good thing is that the car is in there name and if you do your research right you can find other car finance providers with better deals no matter your situation.

Customer Service
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Loan TypeFixed Rate
Loan Start DateDecember 2018

Probably the worst experience I have ever had with a company.

I pay $219/week and over 5 years which is the length of the contract I will end up paying $56940 + the missed payment fees which are $35 each time one is missed so on average due to them being unfair so far it's around 20 of those a year, also at the end of all this I have to pay a lump sum to keep the vehicle also this vehicle was received in 2015 not 2012 so have it's life was already gone before I got it this is how they scam the crap out of everyone.. I have been a customer of there's for almost two years now and and last October my dad was diagnosed with cancer so he has been forced out of work.since then I have struggled with my payments to alpha falling behind a few times but always catching up. This last month I rung this company to see if there were some options I could take as in extending the contract bye a few more weeks so I wasn't in arrears as they immobilize my vehicle on a weekly basis now/ in fact this week was twice in three days and I was not even called, they emailed me so I'm thinking this is on purpose, 3 weeks ago I found out that my dad was terminal and dying so I have been trying to work through depression and anxiety as well as work and help my parents pay bills. Tuesday this week was my dad's birth day and I took him and my mum to hospital for dad's appointment and upon leaving the hospital I realised that they had immobilized my car once again due to being 3 payments behind so I asked my parents whether I could $100 off them (last of there money for the week) as I had $300 and I rung alpha and paid $400 to get my car going they happily took the payment and then proceeded to leave my dad and mum and me sitting in the hot sun for over two hours even though I had rung them numerous times saying my dad had to get home as this was so traumatic for him.. I mean he's dying of cancer and this is how they treat a cancer patient and me and my mum.. Upon talking with them I told my case manager that I was getting some super soon and I wanted to clear the arrears owing once it came in but until then I would still try my best to make my weekly payments to which his reply was they could help me out bye giving me two weeks to pay another payment and also some extra to which I thanked him and I have also learnt now to record all these calls with them as on three other occasions they have tried to blatantly add extra figures to my arrears one which was $600 more that appeared out of no where which once questioned about it they deleted that figure again I have a recording of this call,anyway after the car was immobilized two hours later we went home rather unwell from the heat to try and celebrate what B-Day we could with no money for my father.. Then today the Friday 3 days later I'm waking up because I'm working nights for a friend I decide to check my emails and there is one email there from them saying they would like me to do what's right and pay another payment I'm thinking OK I can do that but I will have a shower and get ready to go to work first as I wasn't to worried as per the conversation from 3 days earlier they had told me about the two week payment that I could do.. As soon as I'm out of the shower I get another email notification( not even a phone call or text as this is how they like to trap you I believe) your car has been immobilized this is only ten mins later. Now I can't get to work at all.. If this is how you want to be treated bye a company then go with these guys..

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Car ModelToyota HiLux MK7.III (2011-2015)

Amazing and friendly

The customer service experience was amazing from alpha, I am definitely 100% satisfied and all staff are amazingly friendly and talk you through everything you need to know and answer all questions you ask or have regarding your loan

Customer Service
Application Process

Best service, fast and easy

I have bought 2 cars through alpha now and both times the staff have been an absolute delight to deal with. Extremely efficient and helpful. Would Highly recommend to anyone!!

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeFixed Rate
Car ModelKia Sportage QL (2015-Present)

Super quick to get on the road!

These guys are amazing. I have been taken care of since the moment I applied. Highly recommended!! I've had only a minor problem with a dead battery but that was fixed really quickly with no fuss.

Customer Service
Loan TypeFixed Rate

This is great!

.Customer service was astonishingly great and I will be recommending anyone looking for finanace to you

.there was no unexpected cost or issues with my loan.

.im very satisfied with my rate

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan Start DateFebruary 2019

Stuffing me around. And i am a currwbt customer

I was sent an email offering a second vehicle. Applied online and got pre approval. Sent through all the documents alpha requested and confirmed they all went through. Was told sorry you need to be a. Customer for over 2 years i said well that isn't stated on your marketing offer. Then they said no problem will put the application through. Then i was emailed requesting supporting documents. Sent them through. Then again 1 day later i send them via reply email. Now 2 days later they asked me we cant proceed as you have not sent through your documents. Would you still like a car.
Wow just wow what a circus act this is becoming. Just made me angry and upset. I responded no thank you i don't want a car as i will now take my business elsewhere. Thanks for nothing alpha.

awesome service from a great team

great service arrived and greeted straight away, sat me down ran me through the paperwork withing 40 minutes i left with me car. What more can you as for


I'm very satisfied with the affordable repayments.. And the kind of car.. Although there a few things on the car that needed to look at.. But all good..

Absolutely amazing

I am now on my 2nd lease with alpha finance and they are absolutely amazing. Always very friendly and helpful I would recommend them to everyone.

Feb 20th 2019 Update: Absolutely amazing

Great customer service. Always willing to help with anything. I have been with alpha for a few years now and I have never had an issue with them. Absolutely amazing

Customer Service
Application Process
Loan TypeLine of Credit
Car ModelNissan

Fast and great service

Very helpful, great customer service easy to apply and approval process is very quick, I’m glad I went with alpha

Excellent service

I have today finished my finance with Alpha. They have accommodated me when finances were difficult, notified of changes and answered questions for me.

Very professional

Very good very helpful thanks
No it's the right one I was looking for
Very affordable I didn't expect it


Absolutely amazing.... thank you again, you have no idea how greatful i am. YOU HAVE ME AND MY KIDS VERY HAPPY!!

Absolute crooks

Getting the car was easy and all seemed great untill i find out they didn't set up my toll properly, 2 years into the loan i get a huge toll bill out of the blue from a debt collector, after talking to alpha they tols me they would fix it and nit to worry about it then 2 months later i start getting more letters from the collection agency because the bill is still there so i call alpha back and they tell me that they never said they would fix it and its my fault.
Also they have on a few occasions taken far more out of my account they was due and after calling them they told me " it will take 5 business days to come to us and then 5 business days for us to transfer it back to you..
These guys are crooks avoid at all costs..

Amazing team

Thank you for working with my company Alpha, your team members are amazing and could not fault their professionalism. We will definitely be a returning customer.

Completely happy

Whole experience was faultless, staff were nothing but helpful and we absolutely love our new car! Would definitely use Alpha again

Really excellent service

We are satisfied and its really affordable.
The service were great and the team are very friendly and helpful .

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Questions & Answers

how would one go to break the lease? Been offered a job overseas and am seriously considering it.. Thnx
3 answers
I would be very careful how you word this to them. I also don't like you're chances. Money hungry grubs likes this company lock you in to these contracts so you can't get out of them without destroying your credit rating. I recommend calling the finance ombudsman first mate and seeing what your rights are.Easy say you can’t afford the payments they then will immobilise your car come pick it up( because the car is in there name and it’s insured under them) and then you might get a default on your file, which at first might harm your credit rating, but if your overseas it doesn’t matter plus these days defaults and marks on your credit file don’t matter you can pay people to remove them, plus they didnt give you money they gave you a busted up car an ex-rental, that’s what I would have done., if they say to me we will immobilise the car I say, sure why not come and collect it as well.Probably won't seeing as they put there payments up.... When I first applied for the car which I wish I didn't do, the Lady at Tullamarine said to me, if I wanted to cancel my contract after 1 year the total I would be looking at repaying will be around 15,000...crap I know....I've had my car coming up 3 years now, when I asked how much it will cost me to cancel my contract they told me 16,000 I would have to pay???? Don't know how it got to that price when a car value goes down not up??? Go to the ombudsmen.. because I'm thinking of doing the same

Hi. I recently got a vehicle from your guys...2 weeks ago actually. It was smashed into by another driver, car was legally parked in front of my home. What happens if the car is declared a write off? Do I get another car? To similar value of the one I first had? Thanks Hev
5 answers
This is very similar to any insurance situation. Your contract includes an excess of $2,500. If deemed by our insurer that the other party was at fault you may be entitled to receive $1,000 back. Alpha Finance endeavours to process the accident claim as efficiently and effectively as possible but there could be a delay of up to 13 weeks. Should the vehicle be written off and the damage covers the value of the vehicle, we would need to enter into a new agreement with you for a replacement vehicle. For more information please call our claims team on 1300 257 426.I am in the same boat why the fuck should we pay when its not our fault not paying a fucking centoh your website states $250 witch one is right you fucks

Just wanting to know is the vehicle under your name with qld transport so if i get pulled over by the police and they ask whos car it is am i saying mine or alpha and i want to know when my rego is due how so i find out that?
No answers

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